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The Magical World of DND pt.1Category: (general)
Friday, 19 May 2017
10:24:09 AM (GMT)
Hey guys! so if you read my profile you know that I am DM for my group of friends, I
have the first leg of their adventure set up and would like to know what people think
before I send my friends through it...


World: Sangral
God of creation: Iwfc 
Four minor Gods: 
•	Arid- God of Wind 
o	Sign: Three vertical wiggly lines
o	Represents Balance and Prime Numbers
•	Belbezar- God of Fire
o	Sign: Triforce
o	Represents Heroism and war 
•	Ganalf- God of Earth
o	Sign: Star with curved tips
o	Represents Growth and Life
•	Lolth- God of Water
o	Sign: Crescent Moon
o	Represents Knowledge and Healing

In the world of Sangral magic is almost strictly forbidden. In many villages magic
users are put to death immediately.
In recent years abnormal natural events have put many lives in danger and caused fear
to spread among people.
In addition there are several records of previously unknown beasts attacking
individuals and sometimes entire villages. 
As the five kingdoms struggle to maintain peace within their kingdom they often argue
with each other and are seemingly preparing for an all-out war between the five

Five kingdoms of the realm
•	Great Hawk
o	Location: The center of the map
o	Capital: Avada
o	King: Albarous
o	Allies: Eberron, Mystura
o	Enemies: None
o	Poor nation compared to its counterparts but it has lots of power and land.
•	Eberron
o	Location: Top right of the map
o	Capital: Snowfox
o	King: Prinstin
o	Allies: Great Hawk
o	Enemies: Dragon Lance
o	A rich nation of noble knights, they have controlled the old kingdom since the
great war
•	Dragon Lance
o	Location: Top left of the map
o	Capital: Oborne
o	King: Darago
o	Allies: Mystura
o	Enemies: Eberron
o	A barbarian kingdom that want the riches of the old empire in order to rule the
•	Mystura
o	Location: The coastline starting by Faywn
o	Capital: Aelwyie
o	King: Kanail
o	Allies: Dragon Lance, Great Hawk
o	Enemies: Dormodia
o	A peace keeping kingdom, Dedicated to eradicating the sorcerers to the east
•	Dormodia
o	Location: Bottom Right of the map
o	Capital: Fallham
o	King: Raziel
o	Allies: None
o	Enemies: Mystura
o	The last kingdom that allows magic users to reside

When the world was created the realm was in chaos, Monster and demons ran wild and
war was a common way of life among the people of Sangral. To bring peace to realm
five great knights came together and worked together to find the God of creation
Iwfc. These knights traveled far and wide until they found a city in the clouds. In
this city they found the great god asleep, when he awoke he looked upon the world
that he had once created with sad eyes. The five knights begged Iwfc to help them
bring peace to the land and end the slaughter that has plagued their people’s
lives. Iwfc looked down on the knight and smiled, for their concern for the people
they protected touched the old gods heart. Iwfc raised his hand and said words that
were unknown to the five men, then the castle in the sky bust into a glow that could
be seen all across the globe. Once the light had dimmed the five knights saw in front
of them four strange individuals. Iwfc looked on and said in a booming voice “The
task to bring peace to your world is too much for five mortal men, so I give to you
these four demigods of peace. They will guide the men of this realm with wisdom and
kindness, they will control Sangrals natural powers and keep the great creatures of
the realm at peace. With that the five men went out with the four demigods of peace.
Together these knights went on to bring peace to the entire plane. Once their task
was finished the four demigods brought the five knights together and said in unison
“Brave knights, you all wanted to bring peace to the realm, it has been a long
quest and you all have sacrificed much. But today look onward with happiness for your
goal had been achieved. From this day fourth you and your decedents will rule this
land. Fear not brave knights, we the demigods will also be among you, helping to keep
the realm at peace. With that the group parted ways and created the five kingdoms
that exist to this day.
That was a story that mothers told their children, you wish that the world was still
like the way your mother told it. As the years passed the world was like that of your
childhood stories but recently the weather of the plane has been running rampant and
wild creatures have been known to attack defenseless villages. There have also been
rumors in the town of Avada that several of the other kingdoms are preparing for war.
The Rumors appear to be true for the king of Grey Hawk has made orders to double the
kingdoms standing army. Today you are all in the pub drinking together, preparing for
the next draft announcement in the square this afternoon. As you drink you see a
stranger telling stories to a large group of soldiers, you hear him say “I am
telling you there is a tower that appeared on Ivo Isle! It is rumored that there is a
great treasure in the structure!” the soldiers laugh and brush the old man’s
stories and leave. The man sees your table looking at him and he approaches the
Old man in the tavern:
He knows that the tower has appeared and believes that the person who finds his way
will gain a treasure that will grant them the power to find the four gods. He tells
the part of the story that is unknown to you. He says that the five knights had
conquered hundreds of dungeons in their quest to find Iwfc. He knows of an ancient
place under the church that has the complete story.
(If group chooses not to follow the old man there will be a storm and attack from 13
banshees PAGE 23 that will force them to run into the church.) If by some miracle
they win 39 PP

Under the Church:
The cavern under the church has a large room with a Clay golem (Page 167 inside 210
SP) once golem is killed the room has artwork of the story on all walls. On the back
wall the art work is that of Iwfc holding out his hand to the knights. If they touch
his hand a secret wall opens revealing a book. The book is a diary from one of the
knights. The diary says “Udlof” on the cover and inside the book describes the
hardships of his life and the war that plagues the land. Much of the details are hard
to read but you can make out the line “Today I have had enough! My friends and I
must find the God of creation and have him end this mindless bloodshed” The book's
pages are old and worn and the next few pages you cannot read but on one of the next
pages you read “We have done it! We have found one of the towers of the gods and
conquered it! We now have the power to save the world!” That is all you can read
for now.
When the group come out of the caverns the vanguard is calling all able bodied men to
join the army, the old man from the tavern sees you croup and pulls you to the side
“boys, I saw you come out of the cavern. Do you believe me about the tower? Good.
Now the army is calling all men to join the army, if you want to escape and get to
the tower you’ll have to go now and use the secret tunnel under the tavern to
escape outside the city walls. From there you need to travel north through forest
until you reach the city of Benchmill. There you should be able to meet up with my
friend Captain Roulph He should be able to get you across Valburn Lake to Ivo Isle.
Good Luck!”
The group must sneak into the tavern and find the secret passage downwards. The
tavern is a large open room with a several small tables and a bar. Behind the war
there are three large kegs. (One with sign of a crescent moon, one with a leaf, and
one with a symbol that resembles fire.) On the back wall behind the bar there is a
door. The bar tender is cleaning tables and asks you to please have a seat while he
gets some supplies from the cellar, the bar tender opens the door behind the bar and
goes down a flight of stairs a few minutes pass and you hear a scream from
If the group goes downstairs they find the bartender dead with a shadow PAGE 269
hovering over him. (If they kill the beast they gain one Luck Blade 179 and 17 CP.)
If they remain in the tavern for too long the militia will knock on the door
attempting to find new “volunteers” if they choose to stand and fight they will
end up in the army with the goal to escape and find their way out. 
Inside the keg with the crescent moon symbol there is a tunnel as the old man said.
Have member in front roll a perception check. If they fail they fall in a Simple Pit
DC to spot 10. If they see the trap no penalty otherwise 1 D4. They run into 12 bats
(PAGE 318 120 Xp. They drop a rock (The magic boar slaying pebble of craterous)) 
Once they reach the end of the tunnel they come out to a large plains covered in
Boars (PAGE 319 50 xp for each boar). 
As they venture forward they see a man riding a wagon, the wagon is being attacked by
a bear (PAGE 319 200 xp) if they defeat the bear the strange man will thank you and
offer you to stay for dinner. During dinner he will inquire about your journey and
offer you some wine and strange meat. If they drink the wine they will ingest
midnight tears (PAGE 258 DC of 17 to escape unharmed). The man is a bandit (PAGE 343
25 xp) inside the wagon there are several crates and chests. On one of the chests
there is a symbol of a crescent moon. Inside there is an antidote.
The next day the group should appear at the town of Benchmill. The town is in ruins.
People are working together to clean the streets of rubble. When they ask what is
going on a villager responds “I’ll tell you what’s going on those blasted fire
snakes have been attacking our village every night for a week.”
If the group inquiries about the fire snakes the villager will direct them towards
the center of town. There they will meet Captain Roulph. Captain Roulph then informs
the party that he cannot take them to Ivo isle until the snakes are taken care of.
The group is lead to the well in the center of town. The snakes come from the well
every night. Inside the well is a vast tunnel forward. Moving forward the group finds
a break in the path one right and one left. Above each door there is a symbol. Above
the right is a symbol of a sun, on the left is a symbol of a crescent moon. 
If the group takes the right path they finds a Fire snakes (PAGE 265 200 xp). If they
defeat the creature the path will lead forward till the tunnel turns to the right.
There they will face 2 fire snakes (PAGE 265 400 xp). Once the creatures are defeated
there is a wall with what look to be a statue of a fire snake above the door is a
elvish inscription. If the group can read the riddle it states “Give me water and I
die, give me food and I will survive”. The answer is fire. If they open the door
there is a very large room with two fire snakes (PAGE 265 400 xp) and a salamander
(PAGE 266 1800 xp Drops Flame tongue PAGE 170.) The Fire snakes are defeated.
If the group turns left they will find a large room which appears to be a shrine. On
the walls there is a prophecy that states one day the demi gods will die. There are
four walls and on the floor there is a symbol of the sun and moon. If the player
touch the sign of the moon a secret passage will open and reveal a tunnel. The tunnel
goes on for what seems forever. It is extremely dark and damp, as you walk you find a
dead end with nothing but a statue of the four demi gods each god has his hand
reaching out towards the players. Once the players touch the hand of one of the gods
the eyes of the statues glow red and they hear a voice “Why has thou come here?”
If the group answers they want to bring peace to the realm the gods the gods eyes
will return to normal and a secret passage will open to the left. Inside the room our
group will see an old set of Plate Armor PAGE 145 and the giant slayer PAGE 172 (this
item is cursed) the voice from the other room now echos in this chamber. This armor
set belonged to one of the five knights, Use it to bring peace to the realm, but be
wary not to use this weapon for personal gain, or the consequences will be… dire.
The voice fades out and that is the end of this dungeon.
Last edited: 19 May 2017

wayunder says:   19 May 2017   423008  
This is amazing Randy...
pharoah44 says:   19 May 2017   630261  
Thank you very much this of course is only enough material for three
weeks max lol 
‹Crisp Autumn Air› says:   21 May 2017   722696  
Admittedly I haven't read the last block, but these descriptions
remind me of a few novels I've read. (See- Continent of Erilea- Throne
of Glass series, Game of Thrones, and the Dragonlance Chronicles.) I
just giggle because I believe Lolth is also the name of the Drider
goddess in the FR setting. This idea is absolutely amazing though, and
I wish your party the best!
pharoah44 says:   21 May 2017   906237  
To be honest I have never read any of the novels that your mentioned
XD but I'm glad you like the story so far! 
‹Crisp Autumn Air› says :   21 May 2017   973588  
I compare them purely based on some descriptions- the five kingdoms,
the magicless realm (which I compare to Erilea- Throne of Glass is a
very underrated series,) and Dragonlance is actually a D&D novel


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