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June 22nd 2014Category: (general)
Monday, 23 June 2014
12:45:01 AM (GMT)
I don't know what this place is or if I will even like it, I just joined so
whatever, I will give it a go. I guess if anything I can use this place as a diary.
Seems interesting enough. Maybe I can even 'wake" a few people up. I don't really
care if your comments are bad, I'll say that much. Each and every person has a right
to their opinion good or bad. Trolls are dumb and I've dealt with my fair share of

Now, with all that said, I guess... I'll start on some other shit.

I'm really worried about fukushima. The amount of radiation that is leaking and how
much we are being lied to about everything is very scary. Radiation in no dose is
good for you. I keep seeing stories of mass die off of animals and fish. The poor
things and the way they keep suffering because of mankind. Radiation is one of those
things that should have never been invented. Right now there is a mass die off of sea
stars, starfish. They are ripping their limbs apart and they are turning to goo. It's
sad to think that this generation doesn't care and that in the next few there may not
be anything left. Everything in the food chain is out of whack and all people care
about is their iphones and the stupid shiny shit they are blinded with. I wish people
would wake up and realize how in danger they are, how in danger we all are. How it's
not going to go away it's only going to get worse. 

For some reason some times my mind goes off on it's own... ok a lot... it does that a
lot. I think back to the pictures I've seen floating around the web of people and the
"time travelers" If all that stuff is real, I mean what if they are going back each
time to redo things to make them turn out the right way. What if the Deja Vu we are
living is something we've already lived and it's something that has been reset? I
used to get Deja Vu a lot and some times I still do. I don't believe everything in
the world is about money. I never have. In the end when there is no one left, money
will be useless, there's no need for money. It's man made and it's retarded. There
HAS to be something else, there HAS to be a reason why people want to destroy mother
earth and use up all her resources then hide it from us.

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