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My First Love... A Girl!!Category: Sexual
Wednesday, 9 April 2014
03:53:09 AM (GMT)
Ok so it was either the very first day of school or sometime the first week of 7th
grade. Look I know you're all probably thinking "how in the hell could you not
remember such an amazing day like this??" Well just let me tell the story ok?? Haha

It kinda sucked because I had just moved to this school so I don't even know anyone,
I actually even thought it might be hard to make friends. It was almost too easy it's
unbelievable but it is 100% true. I guess I had to wait until my first class to
actually talk to someone. I'm in the advanced classes just saying so at least for a
dirty blonde I'm pretty smart haha. There were a few cute guys in my class but it was
kind of weird because I didn't seem to be as interested in guys as I thought I would
be. I noticed when we were told to take a seat anywhere and choose wisely because
that would be the seat we would be for the whole year unless we were moved. And just
my luck,(this was when I realized I was either lesbian or at least bisexual) I say
next to probably the hottest girl in the whole school I'm sure. She had wavy dark
brown (almost black) hair, blue eyes, dark, sexy, tan, smooth skin (I think she's
Mexican), the cutest tight purple and black top, a perfectly sized pair of tits, she
was as tall as me, wore really short shorts like me!! This girl was slutty I could
tell but I'm sure we were thinking the same thing, in the same situation, except she
actually had the balls to make the move that told me that she wanted me, bad! So as
everyone took their seats we introduced ourselves and I told her I was new. Her name
was Sarah. She said she definitely like forward to being my friend and I said the
same thing. We instantly became best friends but damn was I unaware what she would do
to let me know that she wanted to do it with me. Each double desk was grouped into 2
and there were 6 of these, so there would be 4 people in each table group, so. Our
teacher just started blabbing about the new year of school, about us being in the
honors class, etc. Then she passed out paper to each group with directions that was
basically asking us to write what we did over the summer. She luckily didn't mind the
class talking so as Sarah and I were writing we talked about our summer. She suddenly
said she wished I was with her the whole summer, but she actually said it kind of
sexually like someone was fing... Wait, holy shit she was actually fingering herself
right next to me while we were talking!! We were in the back corner if the class so
no one saw but damn, I think she even wanted me to see her. I didn't say anything,
but of corse this got me really really horny and I got kind of wet and it was barely
visible thru my shorts. Somehow, I'm just guessing but, she must've seen because she
started to skin an brush her leg against mine, like what a boy does when he likes
you. I went along with it because of corse I liked it. Her legs were so muscular and
smooth like mine. Then she started to purposely rub her leg against mine as she was
fingering and writing. I got a little more wet then. Until finally she stopped
writing, put down her pencil, hooked her leg around mine, then grabbed my leg and
started squeezing it while she stroked and felt it. Then she got softer and it
started to tickle, until she finally, but slowly got to my soaking wet pussy, and
fingered it hard.... I had to bite my lip to keep from groaning loudly. But to my
surprise, none of the other classmates noticed a single thing, except for her one
friend who kept looking over, smiling and probably even fingering herself too. Sarah
did this for at least 10 minutes as I did the same to her, until I just couldn't take
it anymore. I told her to stop and wait until break so we can at least finish in the
bathroom. If she continued I would've squirted so good, the sweet aroma filling the
room, my shorts with a big ass wet spot and same for her. So we just did our work
normally until just before class was going to end, she asked me how was it? I looked
at her wide eyed and said it feels better when someone else is doing it, and she
agreed with me. Break finally came and we both walked fast to the bathrooms, my heart
racing, I've never done this with a girl before but I do watch lesbian porn so I
would know what to do. Luckily we went to the bathrooms no one ever goes in and no
one saw us. We had a good 15 min to do whatever the hell we wanted, and that's just
about what we did. Instantly once we locked ourselves in a stall, we made out, and we
made out hard. She was so aggressive, both of us trying to be the dominant one, both
of us sticking our tongues in each others mouth so hardcore yet so passionately, at
the same time feeling each others ass, going so far that we fingered each other's
pussy from behind. I lifted her up by her ass, then she wrapped her legs around me as
I was standing, Sarah hanging comfortably on me as we never broke our kiss,
constantly moaning and crying out. Our tits were pressed against eachother, making
both our nipples very hard. I lifted her shirt and started to suck on her beautiful,
perfect perky titties, my tongue playing around with her hard-ass nipples. As I was
doing this, she sat on the toilet and I positioned myself on her lap. She enjoyed
this so much, she was jerking her hips forward, into me so hard and aggressively, she
was so fucking horny and I knew she wanted my pussy as badly as I wanted hers. As I
was done with her upper body I began to take off her short shorts but she stoppe me.
She said she wanted to suck on my tits too. We switched positions and she got what
she wanted but I did too! I think she might've done a better job than I did because
her mouth was really wet and got my tits nice and soaked from her watering mouth. She
said so neither of us had to wait, we should do 69. And yes there was room because we
were in the large handicapped stall. We each only pulled down our shorts half way
because we didn't have much time left. We both ate eachother out extremely well I
would say. I was screaming of pleasure into her pussy as I ate her
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XxTyraxX says :   24 June 2014   737265  
Im so horney 

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