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Another stupid girl fightCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 4 June 2013
04:17:18 AM (GMT)
I know I shouldn't post all my problems online and expect others to fix it but since
I have no one else to tell or ask I'll do it just this once. Also someone once told
me that I should write out my problems.
Anyway here we go *deep breath*
I have 3 other friends in my group we'll call them A, B and C
I thought that A and B were mad at me and C because they wouldn't talk to us and
always just hung off to the side with each other. I became closer to C as a result of
that. So over the weekend I invited C to ice skating with me and not A and B. We
decided we wouldn't tell A and B but back at school they said all cards on the table
whats the problem? We found out that B was telling A things that C said that wasn't
true. And that they thought that we were excluding them coz we always hung out
together while we thought the same about them vice versa. In the end we tried to put
everything behind us. But then A said anything else you've been hiding from us? C and
I looked at each other and admitted that we went ice skating with each other over the
weekend. A and B got super pissed and guilt tripped us by saying that they should've
invited us and friends don't do that etc. Then A said you guys should've left that
out and not said it even though she was the one who said to say tell everything. Now
we are all split up and won't even look or talk to the other party. Me and C really
want to make up saying sorry and everything but A and B wouldn't take any of it.
That's the end.
I know that me and C were at wrong and we should of invited them but I really thought
that they were pissed at us and inviting them would make it worse and super awkward.
I really want all of us to go back to be good friends again because hostility and
bitchiness isn't me. If you maybe have a solution or suggestion please help or if you
agree or disagree. Whatever your answer is even a bad one I will be super grateful.

crazyhot says:   4 June 2013   556778  
Your friends are idiots A and B that is
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   7 June 2013   375683  
I had a similar situation a while back, actually.

I think that it's good that you are willing to be friends with them
again, despite all that had happened.

To be honest I don't think that A and B should be mad just because you
and C hung out together. I mean, you can't do everything together.
Also, I think that in the future, instead of excluding them straight
away, try to talk to them about it first. This is kind of like
fighting fire with fire and so far it isn't the best way to deal with
this problem, right?
It's hard to fix things when not everybody is willing to listen. What
I think you should do is to talk to C about it first and make you both
genuinely want to make up with A and B. Then you should try to arrange
some time to talk to A and B. Do your best and try to get them to
listen to you, but make sure to let them have their time to talk as

Both 'sides' of the situation have something in common, so maybe you
can try to talk about that if ever you guys get to talk. You both
thought that you were excluding each other, when that wasn't really
the case. Try to clear out that misunderstanding and then you can work
on things from there.

If that doesn't work and if you can't find the time to apologize and
make up with each other in one go, maybe you can do things like, give
them time or try to let them know you're sorry in small ways. Take one
step at a time. If you all really want to get together as good friends
again then a misunderstanding or a situation shouldn't be enough to
separate you from each other, because friends shouldn't let something
like that get in the way of each other.

I'm just giving you some suggestions, I can't guarantee that what I
say will help you, although I hope it will. ^^ Even if it just gives
you a little bit of inspiration, then I'll be glad. I hope you all
will get along soon, and good luck!
moronfayo22 says :   7 June 2013   461516  
Ur frynds are pointless


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