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Tuesday, 8 January 2013
12:08:55 PM (GMT)
Chapter 5: A World Between and Eternal Flames

Solaris and Dius shut there eyes as a pulse of darkness radiated outward causing many
of the soldiers to be thrown into each other. The dark sphere shrank further as the
wings covered it on all sides. The clouds and lightning suddenly stopped and
everything got quiet as the wings vanished and the sphere shattered. Descending down
into the center of the temple remains was a man clad in black and crimson armor,
cloaked in a black aura that seemed to extinguish all light around it. Sol opened his
eyes and gripped Dius hand tighter.” Sol calm down it isn't real remember. What’s
gotten into you?" Dius said watching as Solaris's aura began to glow brighter.” Who
are you and where did you come from." King Solaris said as he prepared his blade.
King Endymion also prepared himself as the man turned toward them."
All...must...vanish into oblivion." The man said as a sword crashed into the ground
from the sky. "Your energy...I sense nothing but destruction coming from you. You are
an enemy of the light." King Solaris said as he dashed toward the man in black armor
and slashed down at him. 

The man in armor glanced at King Solaris and grabbed his blade with his bare
hands.” You are.... of them... I can see him in you." The man said. He then grabbed
King Solaris by his arm and slammed him into thee ground. Then without hesitation
pointed his hand toward him, darkness emanating and growing. "Where brother?"
He said as he released his attack. The explosion created was almost as big as the
temple as it reached beyond the entrance. The soldiers near by retreated as fast as
they could but some could not escape and were obliterated on contact. When the blast
finally dissipated both King Solaris and King Endymion was next to each other both of
there armor's almost completely destroyed.” His power is not of darkness King
Solaris. It’s more menacing then that." King Endymion said as he struggled to stay
on his feet.” Looks like for the time being we have to fight together if not all is
lost." King Solaris said using some of his light to heal himself. King Endymion did
the same as they both nodded and faced there new enemy. They rallied there soldiers
as the next war began. Solaris could barely contain himself as the two armies
attacked the man in armor.

“I have to stop him." Solaris said gripping his sword in his hand. Dius quickly
grabbed him as the scene changed again. As they looked around a sudden flash of light
erupted from the planet and warp everything around them. As Solaris and Dius opened
there eyes they were shocked to see that the entire planet had been shifted to an
alternate dimension. Everything including the light and darkness were being sucked
into the planet itself." What’s happening?" Solaris asked." Where are we this place
is different from one of you pocket dimensions." Dius said as they were transported
down onto the planet. They watched as both armies were now fighting what appeared to
be shadow beings of themselves. In the distance the man from before was gathering
energy from the dimension itself creating more shadow soldiers. Dius spotted the two
kings from before as they battled there shadow versions of themselves.” Is this all
my shadow has to offer Chaos." King Solaris said as he clashed swords with his shadow
self. King Endymion seemed to also be enjoying himself after sending a dark bolt of
lightning toward his shadow that did the exact same thing.

“This is where they came from the Chaos army was created to find the Light."
Solaris said watching the fight. Dius looked around but didn't recognize anyone they
knew." The legend says that the Light came to fight Chaos and in the end sealed him
within itself to save the universe." Dius said looking up into the endless black that
surrounded them now. They watched on as the fight continued until a pillar of light
shattered the dimensional barrier. Chaos watched as someone in white and black armor
descended from the shattered dimensional wall. Everyone on the planet including the
chaos soldiers watched as the man stopped right in front of Chaos hovering in place."
Brother you've come... but you must vanish as well." Chaos said bringing his sword to
his side." You aren't my brother, they did not create you. You should....not exist.
Luna help them out." Omni said gripping his sword. Luna suddenly appeared behind him
and nodded and flew down to the battle field." So Luna was apart of this war. Why
didn't she tell us." Solaris said watching the Light and Chaos square off against
each other.
The battle on the ground and air resumed as Luna began firing multiple arrows toward
the ground and air creating small explosions of light and darkness killing the
shadows instantly." You created her didn't you is she your daughter then." Chaos said
getting into a offensive stance." Yes I did create her but she is my little sister
and my only sister I have no brother.” Omni said also preparing himself. 
The two stared each other down and in the blink of an eye began fighting each clash
of there swords sending out waves of energy that shook the dimensional barrier around
them." This battle is intense. I wonder what happened toward the end." Dius said
looking at Solaris. “Yeah and knowing this book we'll find out soon enough. They
watched on as every possible power they could think of manifested itself on the
ground and air. Through all this the planet did not seem to break apart and light and
darkness seemed to still be being pulled into the world itself. In a burst of light
and darkness the event changed once again. This time things were quieter all around
with the only fighting seemed to be at the ground where Luna was still fighting along
with what little soldiers from both armies was left as the chaos army began to expand
and grow. King Solaris and King Endymion could be seen now helping out Omni as they
had somehow managed to defeat there shadow selves." We may have been at odds before
but let us kill this monster once and for all this war has gone on long enough." King
Endymion said creating a powerful beam of elemental energy and firing it at Chaos.
Chaos easily dodged it and created a tornado of chaotic energy that sucked up even
his own soldiers. King Solaris held his sword in the air concentrating all his energy
then slashed at the tornado disrupting it and causing it to destabilize and disperse.
Omni dashed through the dispersing energy and clashed swords with Chaos." Everything
must vanish into oblivion brother. They must all die nothing must be left to
exist.” Chaos said blocking Omni's attack then countered with a point blank blast
to Omni's chest. Omni was pushed back a little then warped in front of Chaos.” No
they must exist everything I've created is to benefit the universe and they will live
on to create there futures. Gigaverse Burst! Omni yelled as space and time around
Chaos distorted as to mini suns appeared then went supernova. The explosion expanded
but was contained as Omni created a barrier around it keeping it within a certain

As the light dissipated nothing seemed to be left of Chaos and Omni and the two kings
relaxed a little. But in that instance Omni could sense one of the kings powers begin
to slowly slip away. He quickly turned to see King Solaris gasping for air and
looking down at the blade that had pierced through his chest." Your light irritated
me." Chaos said removing his blade." Destiny Destroyer." Chaos said slashing at King
Solaris, a sphere of concentrated black energy hurtled into his back sending him
rocketing to the surface where the explosion created another massive crater in the
ground. Several soldiers that were caught in the blast were either killed or thrown
far from the battle field. Deep within the crater the battered body of King Solaris
could be seen almost lifeless as he laid there. His sword was still glowing with
light but only faintly indicating he was still alive but barely." You monster ill
kill you for this." Omni said. Enraged, Omni charged at Chaos the light and space
around him distorting as his body moved through the air to quickly for the naked eye
to see. He attacked Chaos this time not holding back his godly powers. Each clash
seemed to break a dimensional wall and the planet began to crack under the power of
the two beings fighting. King Endymion hurried to the wounded King Solaris.” You
mustn't die on me yet we still have to settle who the rightful rulers of his Universe
is. We were born with the right to choose our fate, are you going to lay here and let
Chaos choose it for you!" King Endymion said punching King Solaris in the face. As if
responding to his words the kings blade began to glow bright and the wound in his
chest healed but not completely. The king steadily arose and thanked King Endymion. 

Solaris and Dius were amazed at that fight happening before them and before they
could blink once again everything changed this time though there were no sounds of
battle just an eerie silence as everything had looked as if time had stopped. Once
again they were brought to the temple where four figures stood. Two were bloodied and
seemed as if there very bodies were about to vanish. The other two were Omni and
Chaos with Chaos now at the center of a symbol that laid across the ground." With
this I will seal you away forever within me and with there help we will both drift
forever in the nothingness asleep till the time comes where we can finally destroy
you.” Omni said taking his blade and pointing it toward Chaos." Where is..."
Solaris started to say but as he did Luna flew toward the four but only met a barrier
that kept her from going further.” No brother you cant leave me please don't go.”
Luna begged as she pounded at the barrier. She flew back a short distance and began
firing arrows at the barrier to no avail. As she floated back onto the barrier tears
began to build up in her eyes. Omni could only look down as he avoided looking
directly at her. He turned to Chaos who was smiling and had begun to laugh.
"Hahahahaha do you think this will hold me forever brother. I will break free of your
wretched seal and destroy the Universe when I do and there won’t be anything you
can do about it." Chaos laughed as he released more of his energy trying to escape. 

The two kings nodded at each other then took there swords and pointed them at
themselves saying in unison." From Light to Darkness then into Nothingness we give
our power to the Seal and our life to protect the Universe." As they finished both
there swords glowed with a different kind of energy which was neither light nor dark.
It was a clear and empty color but it emanated a far greater power then there own.
The two kings plunged there swords into themselves and within a few seconds the two
kings had turned into a glowing ball of light and darkness that began to circle the
seal. Omni then stepped forward with his own sword in hand." You must find a new home
Luna one where you will be able to live your life amongst others. I'm sorry but maybe
someday I will see you again. Seal of Infinite Nothingness. Omni said speaking in a
low voice as the symbol on the ground began to glow brighter and brighter till
nothing could be seen but a white light. “Dius I think this is the end look where
back in the Dimension of Nothingness." Solaris said after opening his eyes. Dius
looked around as well and noticed the same thing" What does it all mean then are you
connected to the Light in some way if you are then we cant tell the others. If they
get caught by the enemy and have this knowledge it could spell trouble for everyone."
Dius said looking around for the exit." You must go now and help your brothers and
sisters. Without them you can not reach your true potential." Said Omni voice as
Solaris and Dius looked around. Before they could respond a dimensional rift opened
up in front of them." Why did you show us all this?" Solaris asked but received no
answer. After a brief moment the two agreed to talk about it later and jumped through
the rift.

Once through the rift they landed in the small bedroom within the Guardian Tower.
They both agreed to tell the others the story once they found them and find out what
there next plan was. Mean while in the library the spell on the book and reactivated
just as the guards who picked it up got to the throne room where the leader of the
Chaos army was. They dropped the book and it vanished back to its original spot and
the guards forgot what they were doing." Were back Brea, did you find out anything
about Kairi yet." Solaris said as they walked into the main room. Sam and Borea were
speaking with Bianca when they came in and breathed a sigh of relief." We were
worried you wouldn't come back but so far nothing yet from Kairi and we got a call
from your brother not to long ago." Sam said. Borea pressed a button on the
holographic display and a video message popped up with there brother on it. He had
flaming red hair and was built like a machine but his cloths did not reflect what his
body implied. His attire was like that of a noble, a katana strapped to his side. It
was very long and was about half his height it seemed.

"Borea and Dius I hope you get this message soon. I have something to ask of you if
you see Sol. Ask him to come here as soon as he can we found something interesting
but its blocked by a dimensional barrier. We need his power to open it so that we can
determine if this is what they were looking for. Hope to see you soon." Kasai said as
he waved goodbye. Big brother Ka wants to see you huh I guess our next step has
already been decided so get going to Planet Ardor we can take care of things here and
can we borrow Sam." Dius said looking at Sam then Solaris. Solaris looked at Sam and
she agreed to stay for a bit longer, besides there were things she wanted to learn in
this futuristic city. Next was getting Kayam to come with him as Planet Ardor was a
volcanic planet and this would amplify his powers and Solaris thought he could learn
something from his brother. After getting everything ready Solaris gave Bianca the OK
to send Kayam and that he would meet him there. Once ready Solaris opened a rift in
the main room and said goodbye to Dius who made him promise to contact her as soon as
he found Kasai, Sam also did the same but gave him the evil eye warning him if
anything happened to Kayam that he would have to deal with her. He laughed nervously
to himself and jumped through the rift.

As he floated through rift space Solaris thoughts returned to Luna and Omni. He
wasn't a hundred percent sure but there was a possibility he was the one they sought
seeing as Luna grew attached to him when he was little." But how did she escape that
place and why didn't she say anything to us." Solaris said to himself getting
frustrated then his thoughts went to the eldest sibling Kairi. He always looked up to
her since her powers were close to his. He began to worry more since they had not
made contact with her yet. But knowing his brother Kasai, he was sure if anyone knew
anything about her whereabouts it was him as they we only a year apart and grew up
together. Without realizing it Solaris had passed through the dimensional gate and
was now falling down into the mouth of a giant volcano. As soon as he saw it he
smacked his forehead." Damn you Kasai I hate your pranks!" Solaris yelled as he
stopped himself a few inches from the boiling lava. Being able to move the
dimensional gate of a world was easy but Kasai loved moving it to random places
whenever family was visiting. After sighing he flew out of the volcano and looked
around for signs of either his brother or Kayam. 

He watched as several trains under him pulled out of a tunnel that lead from the
volcano. If he remembered correctly everyone on this planet used the lava and heat as
energy to create the cities which were deep underground where it was cool. Various
creatures lived on the surface but did not attack the trains or facilities scattered
around the planet. Finally he spotted what he was looking for it was a giant steel
structure that looked like an elevator. Once there Solaris put his hand on the
scanner located on the door. After identifying him the doors opened and he stepped
into a room with only a machine at its center. It was a teleporter that linked the
outside world to the underground city. Upon entering the teleporter started up as an
unknown light began to swirl at its center. 

As the machine slowed the light at the center expanded to reveal the rift had opened
to another room but this one had people in it. Solaris walked through and looked at
the men in uniform who gave him a salute. He nodded at them and walked down the hall
where he could hear arguing. Solaris opened a set of double doors and on the other
side was Kayam and Kasai. "I’m telling you if you fill marshmallows with enough
color dye and fire it at someone with a white shirt the spot design it leaves behind
looks cool." Kasai was saying." And I’m telling you that using ping pong balls
instead of marshmallows is better." Kayam said. They argued for a few more minutes
before finally 
noticing Solaris. 

Solaris shook his head to them then gave an evil stare at his older brother who was
now looking everywhere but at him. As Solaris went to speak Kayam spoke up." Now that
were all here we should get to that barrier right." Kayam said trying to change the
obvious subject of where the dimensional gate was. Solaris sighed and sat down."
Speaking of that I never thought there would be a barrier you couldn’t get through
Kasai I mean you were the flame titan during the war." Solaris said. During the Great
War Kasai was a captain under one of his uncles. He earned a reputation for breaking
down all defenses put in his way.” Well this barrier is weird it reflects anything
we throw at it and if you try to pass through it you simply get turned around. "Kasai
said motioning them to follow him as they headed toward the cavern where the barrier
was found. Kayam looked excited as they walked through the city watching as a train
under them passed by with one section filled with lava. 

The city was powered by thermoelectric power plants located on the surface and with
the planet itself. They continued walking deeper into the city until they reached a
set of elevator doors. Kasai placed his hand on the scanner located on the left side
of the doors and it opened up." What do you think is behind the barrier anyway?"
Solaris said staring out the small window within the elevator. "Don’t know but the
chaos army wants it. After they infiltrated the city this is where they came but we
pushed them back and they fled. They weren’t after me even after what Bianca and
Borea told me about the Light." Kasai said leaning against the wall. Kayam was
slightly confused as he was not told everything. Noticing this Solaris explained
about the legend and his family as the descended deeper within the planet.

When the elevator stopped Solaris could feel a familiar presence coming from deep
within the cave. When the doors opened he began walking toward the energy. Kasai and
Kayam followed him wondering how he knew where he was going. Upon reaching there
destination Solaris seemed to snap out of his apparent hypnosis and looked at his
surroundings." Is this the place?" Solaris asked scratching his head. Kasai walked
slowly toward the barrier and put his hand through it only to have it pop out a few
feet away from him. "See what I mean nothing can get through. I was hoping you could
do it." Kasai said but as he turned around Solaris was already walking to the barrier
and passed through it. This time he didn't come out in the cave like Kasai's hand but
was on the surface of some desolat

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