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Phoenix Genesis: Armageddon Chapter 2Category: Story
Monday, 31 December 2012
06:58:19 PM (GMT)
Chapter 2: The Light
And The Ice Princess

"All of you will be a great help once you have mastered your power." Solaris began to
say then stopped and looked at the hologram. Something didn’t feel right so he
zoomed out to view the system, then he saw it. A mass of dark clouds were heading
there way and at a very dangerous speed. It could only mean on thing, someone told
them where he was, a guardian." You guys have to stay here and practice as much as
you can till I come back. If more then two weeks passes by here then return to Earth
and prepare yourselves." Everyone was confused, what had happened that they needed to
rush. If they had a week in Earth days it would be almost a month in this place.

"Wait what’s going on Kevin, what did you see?” Gina asked. Gina had not gone
back to the others so she was closes when he saw it.” There coming sooner aren't
they, that’s why your leaving." Gina said.  Everyone looked at Solaris, he knew he
had to buy them time but facing down an entire army on his own was suicide.” I have
to go, ill be alright and you guys have the power to enter this place at will.”
Said Solaris. He walked away from them towards a portal that had just formed.”
Solaris please don’t, if you die who will protect us.” Sam asked with a sad
expression on her face.” If I die they will probably leave Earth alone but I
won’t go down that easily.” Solaris said. He gave them a small smile while
walking into the portal.” How are we supposed to train with out you?” Kayam
asked.” Luna will take care of you so don’t worry, good bye.” Said Solaris and
with that he vanished into the portal.

Solaris appeared on the moon and stared into space. They would get there soon so he
needed to do something first about the Earth. He summoned his two blades, one had the
sign of beginning the other had the sign of end. He summoned all his power and
through one of his blades into the North Pole. “I must protect them at all cost."
Solaris said as he muttered a few words in his people’s language and the sword on
earth shot out a beam of light. After the beam reached outside of Earth it spread its
light over the entire Earth creating a barrier.

The whole Earth saw what was happening and no one could explain it. But NASA
confirmed that a mysterious entity on the moon did this. The whole world watched as
NASA revealed a dark cloud mass 

moving toward them all. It was just past Saturn and head toward them fast.

Solar watched as the massive cloud slowed down and surrounded the moon. The cloud
gathered on one half of the moon while Solaris was on the other. Slowly the cloud
began to separate into individual dark soldiers each looked like someone from
Solisian. Solaris watched as one cloud in front of the rest began to take shape. It
slowly condensed till the human figure appeared in dark armor. To his surprise it
wasn’t anyone he knew but someone different, he looked at him with confusion then
saw his parents." What do you want with me and where are my parents?” Solaris
asked.” We want the light of the universe and your parents are fine there in a
dimensional rift, trapped there till we feel like letting them go. As for you tell us
where it is or the Earth is done for." The mysterious man said. Solaris wasn’t
taking any chances, he held his sword out ready to fight." I don’t know what
you’re talking about and your not going anywhere near the Earth." Said Solaris.

Mean while on Earth the others were just discovering what Luna really was.” Nice to
meet you all, I’m a shape shifter from the planet Solisian and Solaris wanted me to
help teach you. I can use most of the elements so I should be able to help most of
you. As for the others ill teach you what I’ve learned from Solaris." Luna said.
The once ball of light transformed into a woman with shining armor and a bow on her
back. The others were kind of freaked out but knew they had to hurry.” So who are
you going to train first, we don’t have much time." Gina said. She was a bit
impatient and wanted to hurry and help Solaris and so did everyone else. "Yeah we
need to hurry or he might not make it.” Arthur said. Luna walked back a few steps
then summoned a door.” First is Abbi and don’t worry he'll be fine. He knows his
own limits and will return but remember time passes differently here so calm down."
Luna said

"The light of the universe is said to be the key to the balance between light and
darkness. If one were to destroy it then chaos would reign over everything. But it is
said the light resides in someone from Solisian. We asked your parents but they gave
us nothing." The man said. The man walked back and forth not bothered by Solaris
sudden stance. Solaris was a little confused then remembered the story his mother
used to tell him.” The light is everything in this world and the universe. Without
it chaos would 
rule all and people would turn to darkness. Solaris remember always to seek the light
inside you when in danger."  Diana said.

It made sense now, he always thought his mother ment the light that was in everyone
but now he knew the real reason behind her words. That was why they sent him to
Earth, they knew this day would come so they hid the light on a planet that would be
safe. "The light is on Earth." Solaris whispered to himself then realized he had no
time to waste." So what about it, the light isn’t here so you can leave Earth
alone.” Solaris said. "Oh no, you see we know it’s inside a member of the royal
family but we don’t know who. We are searching for your brothers at this very
moment but for now were going to check about you.” The man said. Suddenly the dark
army began running toward Solaris." Then it’s not me, if my parents wanted to hide
it they would trust it with a stronger family member." Solaris thought to himself.

He was ready, Solaris sent a shockwave of light the blasted the first advance
backwards. But it wasn’t over yet, they quickly surrounded him and one by one
attacked. Changing his stance once again he began killing the shadow warriors one by
one. Two came from behind and blasted him forward, he quickly got up and blasted the
two with a fire blast. "Interesting he's stronger then he's leading us to believe."
The mysterious man said. Solaris summoned a giant dust tornado and took out a large
number of the shadows." I hope there preparing for what’s to come."

Mean while on Earth the others were each getting trained by Luna, Solaris guardian.
So far each one had done well to control there powers. Mitsuki was the last one to be
trained. "Ok Gina your last but you should know what to do by now. Your power comes
from your kindness but also from your anger. Both will help you control the light.”
Luna said. "But why do I need to have this element?" Gina asked. "Because something
is about to happen and he needs you to do something for him." Luna said.

When the dust had cleared Solaris was standing alone. He was getting tired but he had
to give them time to train. He readied his sword as the dark army moved back and let
there leader in. They formed a circle around them both and waited. "Come on Solaris

you really think you can keep this planet safe by yourself, just tell us where the
light is." The man said. Solaris began to build up his own energy waiting for an
attack." Why should I tell you anything, you'll just destroy Earth anyway." Said
Solaris. "That’s true, so you don't have much of a choice now do you. Now tell me
where it is!" Said the mysterious man. The dark soldier who flew at high speed and
slammed the handle of his blade in Solaris stomach sending him tumbling across the
floor and into a crater. Solaris managed to get up a coughed up some blood. "This guy
is to strong for me but I cant give up yet" Thought Solaris.  He got up and readied
his sword again.” Its pointless to resist just give up and I may spare you.” The
man said. His voice was coming from all over, he was moving through the shadows.
Solaris noticed a shadow moving across the floor coming toward him and sent a shock
wave of light at it. The shadow vanished and the shadow soldier appeared behind him.
"Now you will die along with this planet." Said the man. 

Solaris was sent flying into the air with the shock of the attack was too intense and
stunned him. "I can’t move is this the end?" Solaris thought. Suddenly the warrior
was above him and carved a seal in the air. "This will destroy you and then your
pitiful planet is next, say goodbye. χάος αστραπές" Said the mysterious
man. The dark army had formed a halo above the seal as the blast hit. The shear
intensity of the attack sent Solaris into the moon. The moon ruptured and split
apart, the whole Earth watched as the moon burst into pieces. "What was that, did you
feel that?” Mitsuki asked. Everyone watched the hologram of the Earth and moon and
saw what had just happened. They tried to convince themselves that it didn’t happen
but it was there. The chunks of the moon began to hurtle toward the Earth but in a
single burst of light the pieces disappeared.” Is this the light?" Asked the man.
As the light faded Solaris body began to float back to Earth. The dark army began to
spin faster and faster building up energy high above the remains of the moon. "This
will end you miserable existence and this planet. Chaos Lost!!" Exclaimed the man.
The beam of energy came down with immense power and Solaris had barely enough
strength to protect himself but he had to save them, the barrier would not hold up
much longer. He dashed in front of the beam and created a giant shield, the blast hit
and cracked it. "I can’t hold on much longer." Solaris thought to himself. 

Then in a burst of light the shield was destroyed and Solaris took the full blast of
the attack. He was then slammed into the barrier surrounding the Earth which started
to crack." I only have to hang on a little while longer." Solaris said. Solaris put
all his energy into a small aura which surrounded him. It would minimize the damage
of the attack and might keep him alive long enough to protect earth. The attack was
too intense and smashed his aura and the barrier around Earth. But Solaris was still
taking the attack and as he was hurtled down toward the Earth he tried to stay alive.
A second later he hit ground creating a large crater in the floor. The residents of
Earth watched as Solaris stood there not moving at all and the dark army was about to
enter the barrier." No I won’t let you." Solaris said. Using his last bit of energy
he reestablished the barrier around Earth.

"Damn you Solaris this isn’t over yet, we will return for you after we get your
other brothers." The man scowled. With that the army vanished leaving Solaris in the
crater barely alive. "Oh no we have to go and help him Luna." Mitsuki said. "Yes we
must help him before he dies." Said Luna. So all of them left the dimension and
headed for the crater. When they got there Solaris had already begun to fade away.
Quickly using her own powers, Luna covered him in healing light and lifted him out of
the hole. All of them watched as he didn’t move or speak. "What’s going to happen
to him now? We need him to lead us when they come back." Arthur asked. "Well we just
have to believe in him and hope he pulls through for us." Sam said. Luna opened
another portal and they all headed back to the other dimension.

Instead of practicing there powers they all waited for Solaris to show some sign of
waking up. Luna was still using her powers to heal him but he had taken more damage
then they had thought.” Lets see what’s on the world news do you think people saw
that and us." Kayam said. "Most likely everyone is freaking out or there looking for
us." Said Abbi. Luna silently changed the hologram and synced the two dimensions
together.” Today we witnessed a strange phenomenon in the sky and scientist can’t
figure it out. What appeared to be a large dark mass in the sky has left space and
the strange barrier around Earth is still up. The group of people that suddenly
appeared to aid the one who created the barrier has turned out to be residents of the
U.S and are under investigation." Said the news castor. The news went on to tell them
that there parents were being questioned and that Kevin was being searched for now.

As they watched the news Solaris was still knocked out with no signs of waking.
Everyone watched as the news casters had discovered that there were no files or any
birth records of Kevin. The friends walked around the dimension wondering what to do
next. "Well we know one thing for sure they'll be back for Earth soon and also there
after his brothers." Gina said and she was right, they would be back for them but
what would happen to the others stationed around the universe. "Everyone he's finally
waking up!" Sam yelled.  Solaris had finally woken up but he looked drained. "Please
stay down you need rest prince." Luna said but he ignored her and got up anyway only
to fall to his knees. Everyone hurried to him and helped him up." We have to warn my
sister she's going to be targeted next, she was sent to the ice planet." Solaris
said. He stood up on his own and took a deep breath. Solaris knew they had to get to
as many of his siblings as possible if they were to have any chance.

"Looks like we have to go, the planet will be ok the barrier is connected to me so as
long as I’m alive it wont break. First looks like Bianca is the closest and she was
stationed on Glacious." Solaris said seemed ok now but the others weren’t to sure.
He walked over to the hologram and touched it, when he did it changed from Earth to a
white planet with what seemed to be covered in nothing but snow. On the other side
was a giant ocean filled with ice. "Were all going there but how and what if the
barrier doesn’t hold?" Mitsuki asked. "Yeah and that place seems really cold should
we pack some cloths or something." Asked Kayam. Solaris chuckled a little then held
his side, it was still hurting." No don’t worry I only need Abbi, Izzy and Sam for
this mission. There powers are magnified by the environment so I need them the most.
You guys can practice some more or go back home and rest for awhile." Solaris said.
They all looked at him and Abbi and Izzy both looked worried.

“Don’t worry you’ll be fine, if we can find my sis before they do then we will
have one extra person in our group." Said Solaris. He moved toward the back of the
hologram and touched a button. The planet shifted and changed into a portal leading
to what appeared to be a small home. Solaris put one foot in and looked for Abbi and

others. "Come on it wont hurt and your bodies are immune to the environment so you
will feel warm in this place." Said Solaris. "Well if you say so but I’m still not
sure about this." Abbi said. "I don’t think we have much of a choice, if we don’t
the planet could be in danger like before." Sam said as she walked toward the portal
and jumped into it and Solaris waited for Abbi and Izzy. "Well are you coming we
can’t finish this mission without you." Solaris said. They both looked at each
other then nodded in agreement. Solaris smiled and jumped in himself while the others

They all landed on a small metal platform, the wind blowing and snow swirling around.
The planet was covered in snow and various mountains could be seen. When they turned
around, to there surprise there was ice and water. Apparently the planet was split
between a snow sector and ice sector. The water had several glaciers floating around
and the water itself looked crystal clear. “Wow I haven’t been here in ages I
wonder if the snow penguins are around here." Solaris looked around the platform on
which they stood hoping to see something. The wind finally died down and they could
see better, on the mountains and in between them were buildings and homes. At the
base seemed to be various smaller buildings." The town looks the same and looks like
he hasn’t come here yet." Solaris said. “This feels weird, my body doesn’t feel
cold at all and the crystal is brighter." Sam said her body warmer then what she
expected. "Yeah same here." Izzy said. “Here too." Said Abbi.  “That’s because
your powers absorb the elemental energy around them and this place is usually hit
with a lot blizzard or a Blizacane."

They looked a bit confused so Solaris explained." A Blizacane is like a hurricane but
with snow and no it’s not a blizzard either. The snow doesn’t fall the same way
like in a blizzard and the wind is a lot worse. They even have snow tornados here
there great to ride on." Explained Solaris. Now they looked scared, they knew he
would protect them but saying a tornado of snow was fun was not helping." So where do
we go from here, where is your sister?" Sam asked." If I know sis she should pop up
right about..." Solaris began saying then in a burst of snow and light a giant
crystal blue dragon popped out of the snow." RWAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!" Roared the
beast. The roar blew back Solaris hair and Izzy, Abbi and Sam grabbed onto each other
in fear." Hehe nice try sis you know that doesn’t work on me." Solaris said not
phased by the beast.” Ahh 

poopy you’re no fun at all." The dragon said. In an instant the dragon disappeared
in a flurry of snow revealing a young girl sitting on the ground.

"Come on you’ve done that to many times to me its worn off already Bianca." Said
Solaris. Bianca like most members of the royal family specialized in one or more
elements which also was reflected in there appearance. She had white hair and crystal
blue eyes and always wore a white dress. "Yeah I know, guess your not here to visit
and who your friends are." Bianca asked. Solaris stood next to his older sister and
pointed at his three friends." That’s Abbi, Izzy, and Sam there helping me, I’m
sure you’ve heard and by the looks of it they haven’t gotten to you yet." Solaris
said. "Not yet were preparing to evacuate everyone but we don’t know where to put
them, I don’t specialize in special rifts." Bianca explained. Solaris smiled at
what she said, he could do it at will and could make them as big as he wanted an
ability only he had. "Well I can do it but we have to hurry lets get to the capital
already." Solaris said and in a swirl of wind changed into phoenix but he was a light
blue color." Well get on I don’t expect you to fly yet so hope on." Solaris said
gesturing them with his beak. 

They got on slowly and grabbed onto what ever they could grab. Solaris slowly lifted
into the air as his sister transformed back into a dragon. “Ok guys hang on the
capital isn’t to far from here." Solaris said. "Hurry up already we don’t have
time." Bianca said and in a flurry of snow flew off toward the capitol building
located in the center of a giant lake. Solaris followed but knew where he was going.
He had visited his sister on a few occasions with his parents when they checked up on
her. "Slow down my hair is becoming a mess." Sam said moving strands of hair from her
face. “Oh pipe down Sam you’ll be fine and don’t worry about your hair." Said
Solaris. He flew through several mountains maneuvering around them until they came to
a wide open space with a large castle in the center.

"This is it Glacia castle the center of this world." Solaris said as they flew across
the frozen lake, under it they could see various animals swimming and following them.
Snow birds flew in formation around them chirping a melody." Let’s hurry Bianca we
don’t have much time." Solaris said. They hurried into the front entrance both
transforming back. "Come on everyone was summoned around the 

castle a

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