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tues. aug. 14 2012Category: (general)
Tuesday, 14 August 2012
01:24:10 PM (GMT)
back to i was before to pretendin my life is great in my house and releasin it all
when im out. feels good to type this. helps me just a little. anyway time to type
somethin else that comes to mind. this page should be messed up. so here it is. when
i try to talk about my feelins it hurts her so ive stopped tryin to talk about them.
but she insists on me tellin her. and when i tell her y i wont her smile goes away.
now i try to change the subject. every now and then she says somethin that gets me
frustrated and i burst into words i that i dont want to come out but they do and her
smile goes away. i guess thats why she broke up with me. i wish i knew. were friends
but i wish we were more once again. i was actually happy. or maybe its because i was
clingy remindin her of wat she used to be before her friends told her she was clingy.
its funny how things change in a few months. i told i was comin back before christmas
we kept in touch till she told me she was datin someone then i was miserable. later
in those weeks my brother asked how i felt about a girl and i told u know wat he does
he tells her the next day and she asks me out later. i couldnt just say no i told her
bout me goin back but she didnt mind. if it wasnt for my brother i would fully
dedicated to the girl i promised of my return. arrive like i said i would and now
regrettin that i was ever born. i kept my promise. does she not see that. you know
when she broke up with me the next she was datin someone else already. she could at
leats cover her tracks. like come on. that was uneccesary. and this dude was
definitley under me and heres proof. she is asked if he has broke n up with her she
says no cause he hasnt. but later that day she asks him if hes gonna break up with
her. he says no that would be messed up. surely the next i had a feelin to go to the
school she goes to. and she sees me and start shed a tear tryin to keep it hidden
from everyone else. then i know wat has happened. i had gone to the gas station onmy
way there to buy her her favorite arizona i buy three for the heck of it. so i tell
to drink it right away and offer to switch bags with her since she had a lot of
things to take home and i had barely anythin in my bag. later she tells me how it
went. hes actin casual tells her he loves her and dumps her right then and there.
post comments and help me out.

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