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100 truths - SophiaCategory: (general)
Thursday, 23 February 2012
06:01:04 PM (GMT)
1. What's your name? Kelsey

2. Age? 13

3. Birthday? November 8th

4. Height? about 5 feet

5. Weight? about 110

6. Shoe size? 7 1/2

7. Hair color? Redhead - blonde and black highlights

8. Eye color? Hazel green 

9. Orientation? straight

10. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? I wish!!

11. Are you in love? I think so <3

12. Have you ever been in love? Not 100% sure

13. Do you drive? no :'[

14. Do you have siblings? Alot

15. Pets? dead or alive?

16. What's your favorite color? Green

17. Do you have a job? Waitress

18. Have you ever gotten fired from a job? nope :P

19. What's your favorite fast food restaurant? Texas Rhoad Hous

20. What's your favorite sit down restaurant? Olive Garden

21. Dogs or cats? Kittens

22. Ferrets? O.o??

23. Can you play any instruments? the piano, guitar

24. Are you smart? ....yes?

25. Do you own an iPod? no :[

26. Last book you read? Sunlight and Shadow

27. Last movie you watched? Madea Goes To Jail

28. Do you have any irrational fears? ?

29. Do you like our president? YESS!

30. Do you smoke? ...No

31. Drink? Sips of beer here and there but nothing big :P

32. Do you sleep with anyone? No

33. Who was the last person to call you? My friend Kennedy

34. What color is your cell phone? Blue

35. Do you like sparkly things? Depends on what is sparkling

36. Are you using a desktop or laptop? desktop

37. Is your room clean? Never

38. Is there any movie you can recite all the lines to?  Yes

39. Can you cook? Only Ramen

40. Do you exercise regularly? Nope 

41. What state do you live in? NY

42. What state were you born in? NH

43. Do you see yourself getting married? Maybe

44. Having kids? Dunno

45. What is the last really expensive thing you bought? Kindle Fire

46. Do you care about your appearance?  ...yes..sometimes

47. What are you currently worried about? Love

48. Do you like celery? no

49. Do you wear your hat forwards, backwards, or sideways? Don't really like hats
unless it's gotta do with red sox or anime

50. Can you speak another language? Romaji japanese

51. Have you ever been camping? not anymore, never will never liked it

52. Do you like roller coasters? yes 

53. Would you ever wait tables at a restaurant? Yes

54. Do you take a lot of pictures? No

55. Are you happy with your life right now? Not really

56. What kind of mood are you in? Eh...

57. Do you cry a lot? yes, im sensitive

58. What is your favorite shirt that you own? LMFAO 
59. How about shoes? I only have a black pair of fake vans that i can rip the bottom
of off. In other words i do not have any favorite shoes 

60. What are your thoughts on rainbows? OH MY GOD :D HOLY CRAP THEY DA BEST 

61. Do you like long car rides? No, cars piss me off

62. Are you a fast typer? I guess :P

63. Do you make smilies like this  or this (: ?  Always 

64. Are you a good speller? I guess so :P

65. Can you run fast? No lol i fail xD

66. Pirates or ninjas? Pirates! :D

67. What's your favorite YouTube video? Double Rainbow dude <3 Hes my hero

68. Have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural color? Nope :D

69. How long do you take in the shower? 10-25 mintutes

70. Do you like hot or cold showers? warm, im sensitive to heat

71. What is the closest black thing to you? My pants.... (<-----NOT SEXUAL IN ANY
WAY!!! ....Unless u want it to be  

72. Green? My phone<3

73. Red? Blood

74. Orange?...ORANGE.

75. Purple? Plums

76. White? Your mom

77. Yellow? EWWW

78. Blue? Happiness :D

79. Brown? wood

80. Do you have a trampoline? I WISH

81. Are you afraid of heights? YES, but not always lol (Makes no sense??)

82. Do you miss someone right now? Yes but i shouldn't

83. Do you have any piercings? I just got my ears pierced 7 days ago for the first
time :D

84. Tattoos? Not yet

85. Have you ever shaved your head? no... thank god!!

86. Do you put up Christmas lights at Christmas time? Of course

87. Are you religious? Nope

88. What is your most favorite home-improvement project you've done? .....blankity

89. Do you like waterparks? <3 them for ever!!

90. Do you like how you look in a bathing suit? Not gunna lie: NO

91. Ok, who is the number one person on your top friends? My cousin

92. Why is that person your number one? Cus shes my BBF (Best Buddy ForEver!!)

93. Have you ever dated them? ....INCEST IS NOT BEST.... most of the time

94. Have you ever kissed them? not directly

95. Hugged them? Always! But she hates it.... ='[

96. Seen them cry? Yes =/

97. Seen them in a bathing suit? Yes 

98. Seen them naked? Not 100%

99. Been out to eat with them? Yes all of the time

100. Slept with them? Yes <----UNSEXUALLY!!! GOD WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!?

101. Been on a walk with them? No because her parents don't let her :P

102. Physically hurt them? All of the time :D I only wished she liked it

103. Are you honestly a good person? yes

104. Do you volunteer for anything? depends

105. If you give money to charity, which one do you usually give to? My Stomach

106. Republican or democrat? Neither :P

107. Do you like nachos? WHO DOESN'T?!?!?

108. Have you ever bowled a strike? Yes cus im so G!!!

109. Have you ever been out of the country? Yep

110. Are you overweight? not for my age :D

111. Do you smile a lot? yes, more then i probably should but thats okay

112. Do you talk a lot? I never stop =]

113. Where is your favorite place to go? My special corner

114. Have you ever found a really great place that you kept kind of secret so only
you can enjoy it? No 

115. Have you ever been to Virginia? lol?? no

116. Have you ever ridden a 4-wheeler? no

117. Do you hunt? no 

118. Are you a vegetarian? Haha meat is the best thing eva!!

119. Do you have allergies? Nope

120. Who is someone you admire? The <3 of my life

121. Who is someone that inspires you? My father

122. Have you ever met anyone famous? No

123. Have you ever been to Hollywood, CA? no

124. Have you ever ridden in a taxi? yes

125. Have you ever flagged a taxi? no

126. Do you wear socks with your sneakers? yes otherwise they gets all smelly lol

127. Can you tie your shoes more than one way? no

128. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? yes

129. Made out? yes

130. Have you ever slept with someone of the same sex? no

131. Is there anything in your house that glows in the dark? no

132. What is something you need to do right now? chores

133. Are you going to do it? I just finished =P

134. Do you drink enough water? does flavored count???

135. Have you ever done one of those "win free stuff" things? I tried once.... it
lying ='[

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