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Angeras' Journey (Continued)Category: (general)
Friday, 6 January 2012
08:02:32 PM (GMT)
"Uh, excuse me?! What?! Now you're just going to ignore me?! Who do you think I AM?!" She yelled in outrage. She froze, her skin prickling. He was laughing! "WHAT THE HELL??!! YOU-" She was cut off abruptly as the man suddenly spun around and slapped her in the face. She reeled back in shock, holding her hand to her cheek. "W-w-w-what did you do-" She began to sputter, a painful sting in her cheek. His face was red with outrage, and his brows arched much more than before. He stared her down hard. When he spoke, it was like a deep rumble, and Angera opened her mouth in even greater shock at his words. "Those words will NEVER leave the mouth of an Angel. Especially, The Mother. Not on my watch." The Beginning: END OF PART 2 (FREAKEN FINALLY!! I AM IN THE ZONE!!!!) PART THREE Angera was frozen in shock. He.. knew she was the Mother Angel..? "Y-you..... h-how do you know that...?" She whispered, her eyes wide with horror. Had he brought her here to use her? Was he an Evil despite his appearance.. just like Jack used to be? She took a step away from him, panic and fear rising inside her. The man still stood there, clenching his fists, his jaw set. After a few moments of tenseness, his growl cut through the the silence like a knife. "That isn't for you to know. It isn't important. What IS important, is your weakness." His voice was calm, but hard as stone. She gaped at him, his words not registering. "I.... I'm not we-" "Yes you are. You're very week. Pathetic actually." His eyes narrowed more. She felt a pang in her chest. It hurt... his words hurt. They poked, and pricked her heart, touching nerves, and twisting her emotions. She clenched her fists tightly, and stood taller. Taking a step forward, she shoved her fear and confusion aside. The man seemed to see her confidence rise. "An Angel does NOT speak like that. Like a sinning mortal. You are not disciplined in the ways of God at all." He spat. Another pang exploded in her chest. She let it fuel her anger. "I HAVE NOT SEEN "GOD" SINCE HE THREW ME DOWN INTO THIS HELL!" She bellowed back at him, widening her stance. His face grew red. "I AM NO LONGER AN ANGEL OF GOD! FOR HE HAS ABANDONED ME!! AND-" She choked on her words as fat tears streamed from her eyes. They came unwelcome, and this angered her even more. " .. A-AND GOD DAMMIT!! I'M NOT GOING TO BE HIS LITTLE PUPPET ANYMORE!!" She screamed this at him, leaning forward. She didn't stop to see his reaction before she ran. She ran so fast out of the door, she thought she might trip on her own feet. She sprinted blindly into the cold night, sobbing and coking. She ran and ran until her legs gave out from under her, and she fell into a heap on the ground. Curling into a tight ball, she screamed into her knees. "GOD DAMMIT GOD DAMMIT GOD DAMMIT!" She screamed at the air over and over again. Why?! GOD DAMMIT WHY??! WHY had God DONE THIS?! WHY wasn't she in Heaven?! WHY couldn't she access her powers?! WHY was she forced to roam the Earth with no known purpose?! WHY COULDN'T SHE HELP JACK??!!!WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY???!!!!! She screamed until her voice grew hoarse, her cheeks chapped with tears. Than she bit her lip so hard she was sure it had broken open. A metallic taste filling her mouth. When she felt her body was to exhausted to do anything any longer, she just lay there. Curled up in a tight fetal position. Not even wanting to sleep. Yet somehow, she managed to drift into a dreamless sleep. ~ Everything was heavy. She opened her eyes slowly. Why was everything so dull? No, she didn't care. She let her eyes close once more. ~ A shift. She was moving. It would be a bother to open her eyes. Yet, she still opened them a little. Light. There was so much light. It hurt. Her eyes closed. ~ A dull thud, footsteps... ~ Her face itched. No matter how hard she tried to ignore it, her hand flew up anyhow and scratched her cheak. With a sigh, she cracked an eye open. Fire. She was staring at fire. But she wasn't hot. Why? Who cared, it didn- "Ow!" She cried, curling up tighter. Her stomach reeled, and twisted inside her. She clenched her teeth in pain. "You should get up and eat something. It'll make it better." She heard the familiar growl of a voice and froze. The man.... "Really. You need to. You're going to starve if you sit around moping like that." He sounded dismissive, as if it really wasn't that important. Like he had to say it. She grumbled something, not really knowing what it meant herself, and closed her eyes. ~ SPLASH Angera jerked awake, and jumped to her feet. She was soaked from head to toe in freezing cold water. Shivering she wrapped her arms around herself. "That should do it. Now get your but over there and eat." The man towered over her, holding an empty, dripping bucket. Her face twisted in anger. "YOU-" "Don't even start. Now get over there before I drag you out of this house and toss you into the river. I'm sure you'll sleep fine as an ice cube if that's what you want." He smirked, and lumbered over to the fireplace that she had been laying next too. She glared at him, as she slowly made her way over to a small table with a plate of meat scraps, and what looked like a bowl of vegetable soup. Angera wrinkled her nose in disgust. She had to wake up for this? "That looks gross." She muttered, glaring down at the food. A mocking laugh was her only reply. She glowered, and fell into her seat, still eying the food as if it would bubble and turn to mud at any moment. Eventually, she lifted the wooden spoon from the table, and dipped it into the soup. Lifting it to her lips, she took a tiny sip, but it was to little to taste. Curling her lips, she put the whole thing in her mouth.... only to spit it out immediately. "This is disgusting?! What did you put in it?!" She raged. She was suddenly spun around, and clamped tightly around the chin. The mans scolding face looming before her. "Eat. The. Food." He spat, saying each word with emphasis like she was a small child. She squirmed in protest, ready to spit out insults, but the spoon was shoved into her mouth. The man was feeding her like a baby. She glared daggers at him, refusing to swallow. He glared right back. "Swallow." He said harshly. She smiled sweetly, and spat the soup out in his face. ~ An hour later, she was sitting at the table, eating her cold soup quietly. Two fading red marks on her lower chin. She didn't think he'd actually sit there for an hour waiting for her to eat... She glanced over at him, and watched as he chipped away at a small piece of wood. It looked as if he was carving a star. Looking down at her soup bowl, she could see the traced of the bottom. So she quickly lifted the bowl, and quietly sipped the rest, munching on the meat scraps afterwards. She turned in her seat to face him. He was sitting in a cushioned chair with its' back to her, facing the fire. "I've.... finished my dinner." She said cautiously. She awaited for an answer and found none. An idea popped into her head, and she lifted the bowl, carrying it over to the basin, and washed it with cold water, scrubbing with a rough sponge-like ball. Drying it with a wooly cloth, she set it on a pile inside a thick wooden cabinet. She wondered if everything in the house was made by the man. Turning again, she slowly approached the chair. "Uh... I've eaten and cleaned up my mess...." She waited again for an answer, and still found none. Her eyes caste downward in sadness, she stood in silence for a few minuets, watching him chip away at the wood with a small knife. Finally, she broke the silence. "I...... I'm very sorry.... for what I did..." She began, her eyes glancing up at the chair, and the part of the mans face she could see from her angle. "P-please...... if you would.... c-could you maybe forgive me..?" She lowered her eyes even more, and froze. Waiting for an answer. When once more, she heard no reply, her face reddened, and she began to turn away, when she heard a light chuckle. Facing the man quickly, she saw a small smile on his lips. A strange look in his eyes. What was it..? "All you need to do.. is ask." He said quietly his deep voice, that didn't seem so much like a growl once you listened close enough. A smile slowly formed on Angeras' face. Her eyes filled again, and she wiped them quickly away with a small squeak of a laugh. END OF PART TWO I know, no Cliff-hanger this time just in case it gets to late to read the last part! (Which I will work start to work on as soon as I post this one in the RP page xDD Sorry you had to wait so long Softie!!! <33 Part Four:
Last edited: 7 January 2012

‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   6 January 2012   964732  
Man... If somebody slapped me.. That would be the end of this world,
I tell you. LMAO
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings :   6 January 2012   142272  
LOL the scary part is I totally believe you XDDD


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