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I was fucking bord alrightCategory: (general)
Sunday, 27 November 2011
04:01:32 AM (GMT)
Full Name:                           Echo Lee Montana Marie
Eye Color:                            Ocean Blue ( but they change)
Hair Color:                            Natural redhead but died it blonde
Height:                                 5'6
Shoe Size:                            7
Heritage:                              1/8 british 1/8 dutch 1/4 german 2/4 american
Zodiac Sign:                         Libra

Sky Dived:                                     Hell NO
Bungee Jumped:                           Hell NO
Gone out of the Country:              Yes
Beaten Someone Up:                    .... maybe
Gotten Beat Up:                            Yes
Killed an Animal:                            No 
Swam in the Ocean:                      no
Broke the Law:                              yes.
Smoked:                                        yes.
Chewed Tobacco:                           Nope
Drank:                                            yes.
Been Kissed:                                  Yes.
Been In Love:                                 No
Dumped Someone:                         yes.
Been Dumped:                                Yes
Broken Someone's heart:                Yes....
Had Your Heart Broken:                   Yes... 
Liked Someone:                               yes.
Broken A Bone:                                Yes
Had Surgery:                                    twice
Had an X-ray or MRI:                        X-ray
Failed a Class:                                  No

Color:                            Purple.
Food:                            Mashed Potatos
Drink:                            Mountain Dew
Snack:                           Snack bars
Cereal:                           Captian crunch 
Ice Cream:                    Pineapple Sherbert
Candy:                          Twix
Restaurant:                  Cheddar's
Fast Food Place:           McDonald's
Store:                       Old Navy
Animal:                         Monkey
Quote:                          Life is an easel, paint as much as you can on it.
Sport To Play:              Soccer
Sport To Watch:           Baseball
Movie:                          Annie
TV Show:                      CSI Miami
Type Of Music:             Punk, Metal, and Rock
Band:                            Evanesence, Metalica, Lady Gaga ect.
singer:                          Amy Lee
Song:                          My Immortal
Pepsi or Coke:                       Pepsi
Vanilla or Chocolate:              vanilla.
Cake or Ice Cream:                ice cream.
McDonalds or Burger King:     McDonald's
Love or Money:                      Love
Music or TV:                            music.
Cat or Dog:                            dog.
Mom or Dad:                           Mom
Truck or Car:                           Truck
Ocean or Lake:                       Ocean
Yahoo or Hotmail:                    Hotmail
Google or AJ:                           google.
Light or Dark:                          light.
Country or City:                       city.
Rain or Sunshine:                    Rain

First Thing You Notice:             Eyes
Personality or Looks:               Personality
Hair Color:                                Doesn't matter
Eye Color:                                Doesn't matter
Short or Tall:                            Taller than me
Romanic or Spontaneous:         Romantic
Sense of Humor or Sweet:       Sweet
Hook up or Relationship           Hook Up

Feeling:                    Tired
Listening To:            Call me when your sober
Wanna:                    Finish this
Doing:                      This, Texting my bff Lexi
Thinking About:        My Crush
Wearing:                  Evanesence T- SHirt, Gray sweats, black slippers
In Love:                    No
Single:                      Yes
Best Friends:            Lexi Harper , Logan Harper, Lilian Harper , and Jessie

Career:                     Vet
Marriage:                  Yes >.>
Kids:                         6 or more
House:                       Big

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