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Beatles Survery. ♥Category: (general)
Thursday, 11 August 2011
10:38:16 AM (GMT)
To those of you who are wondering, yes I do like something other
than Harry Potter. That would be the Beatles. I love them, and I'm
a complete Beatle freak.

When did you get involved with the Beatles?: I think it was something
two years ago, maybe? I can't really remember. I just remember that my first
ever Beatles song was Hello Goodbye. That song got me hooked.

Do you remember when John was shot?: If you mean as in the date, then yes. I do.
But if you mean, what I was doing, where I was...all that noise. Then no.
I wasn't even BORN, yet. 

What Beatle song is your favorite?: Please don't make me choose. ;o;

Is there ANYTHING you dislike about the Beatles?: No. Why would there be?
They were all gorgeous, and made lovely music. Why would anyone dislike them?

Do you like Yoko?: Yep. Yoko's okay. She's actually my favourite Beatle wife.
Plus, she made John happy. And John was my favourite Beatle. (:

Have you ever seen the Beatles perform?: In YouTube videos, yes.
For real. Sadly, no. In fact, my DAD was still a baby when they were
around. Rofl.

What album was your first one?: I believe it was either Sgt. Pepper's, or Yellow

In your life has the Beatles helped you out in anyway?: Well, whenever I was really
sad one time, I listened
to Let It Be, and it cheered me up. 

From a scale of 1-10 do you think you know the Beatles well?: I'd say about a low 7,
or high six. 
Somewhere in that range. 

Do you only listen to Beatle music?: Pfff, no. I have a lot of music I listen to. I
would be sort of a 
boring person if they were all I listened to. O:

What other music do you listen to?: Let's see... NevershoutNever, Lady GaGa, Rihanna,
Avril Lavigne,
Taylor Swift, BOTDF, Lily Allen, Kerli, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus...just a lot of

What is your favorite kind of music?: I'd have to say indie, rock, or pop.

If you could meet Paul and could ask one question, what would it be?: I honestly have
no idea.
I'd probably be either just staring at him, or passed out for most of the time. xD
Or possibly babbling like an idiot.

Do you still miss/mourn John & George?: I miss John, dearly. Same with George.
I wish I could have met both of them. Especially John. He's like my idol. ):

Have you seen Paul in concert?: No, but I would love to. 

Have you ever wrote stories about the Beatles?: Nah. I'm a decent writer, but I'm
really that good. 

Have you ever gone to sleep listening to the Beatles?: Yeeeeees.
I fell asleep listening to I'm So Tired, once.
Ironic, right? 

Which is your favorite, the early Beatles or later Beatles?: I'd say the late
That's when they started making songs that were more about their feelings,
instead of just catchy love songs. It was also when they started experimenting
with stuff. And in my opinion, some good songs came from it. Lmao.

If you could change anything about the Beatles what would it be?: Nothing.
I love them way too much to ever change anything about them.
But I would possibly change it so they wouldn't have broken up.
If that happened, then John & George may have been alive, today.
And the Beatles could probably still be making amazing music.

How many books have you read about the Beatles?: Two, I think. Don't remember the
title, though, sadly. One was for a report. The other was just out of pure interest.
But I did still like reading the first one though, even though it was for educational

Have you ever dreamed about the Beatles?: Yes, I have. All the dreams they've been in
always been the strangest, yet most fantastic ones. They were younger in the dreams.
Like, '64 younger. C:

What do you think of today’s music next to the Beatles music?: Most of it's not
bad, but some of it is just
fucking terrible. Like that little fag. I'm not gonna say his name, though.
Shouldn't be that hard to figure out, people.

Which is your favourite, and why?: John. I just adore the way he seemed so
rebellious, and didn't care
what anyone else thought about him. He could just be a smartass, no one really ever
said anything
about it. To me, it was funny how he would sort of make fun of people in interviews,
and they
would have no idea he was doing it. Plus, he was all for peace. And so am I. 
I just loved John. ♥

Favourite Beatle wife?: Hmmm...I dunno. I sort of favour Yoko. But I don't much have

a favourite. I don't know much about their wives. But I guess if I had to pick, it
probably be Linda, Paulie's wife. They just seemed so in love, and it was so sweet.
But when she died, it was just oh-so sad. </>HEY MISTER, CAN WE HAVE OUR BALL BACK?! 8D

Have you seen all of their movies?: Not all of them. I haven't seen Let It Be, or 
Magical Mystery Tour, yet. I have my reasons for not having seen Let It Be
yet, though. It basically shows the band in their later years, right before
they broke up. And I honestly don't want to watch my four favourite boys
in the entire universe, arguing. What Beatle fan would?

Favourite Beatles quote: I'm not sure about this question...
D'you mean like a quote from an actual Beatle, or a quote
from one of their songs? O:

Best Beatles year for music: I'm not going to pick. I love all the Beatles
music, equally. All of it's great in its own right. 

Best Beatles year for looks: 1964. They were adorable, then.
Especially Paul. <3

If you went back in time would it be to Beatlemania?: Well, fucking DUH.

Were they the best band ever?: Of course. I honestly don't know if any other
singer/band will ever top them. 

Name your favourite song from each album:

Please Please Me: Do You Want To Know A Secret.
I just LOVE George's voice, in that song.

With the Beatles: I Wanna Be Your Man.

A Hard Day’s Night: Can't Buy Me Love.

Beatles for Sale: I'm A Loser.

Help!: You've Got To Hide Your Love Away.

Rubber Soul: Run For Your Life.

Revolver: Eleanor Rigby.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: Within You, Without You.

Magical Mystery Tour: I Am The Walrus.

The White Album: I don't know. There's too many good songs
on that album.

Yellow Submarine: Hey Bulldog.

Abbey Road: Maxwell's Silver Hammer.

Let it Be: Dig A Pony.

How many posters of the Beatles are in your room?: If you count the pictures of them
I've cut
out from the CD album books, then A LOT. O__O 

How many shirts do you have?: Like...five?

Any funny Beatles stories?: Not that I can think of, no.

Ringo Starr or Pete Best?: Ringo Starr. I'm sorry, Pete.

Brian Epstein or George Martin?: Brian Epstein.

Linda McCartney or Heather Mills?: Linda McCartney.
I have no idea who Heather Mills is. Wasn't she the bitch
Paulie had Beatrice with?

Yellow Submarine or Octupus’s Garden?: Octopus's Garden.

Hey Jude or Julia?: Hey Jude.

Why did the Beatles break up?: After Brian died, they had no idea what they
were doing. They argued a lot, and drugs were problem with one or two of them.
Plus, I think the Apple Store got bombed. I think creative differences can also
be added into the mix. 

Was it because of Yoko Ono?: No. How can one woman break up a band?

Do you ever cry about them breaking up?: No. But I do wish that all of them were
still alive and together, and making music, today. 

Do you ever cry about John and George?: No. I wasn't even born when John died.
And as for Georgie, I was probaby like six or seven when he died.

Do you believe in a love at first sight?: Yes, I'm certain that it happens all the
Last edited: 11 August 2011

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