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Dark RomanceCategory: Fantasy
Sunday, 7 August 2011
01:40:47 AM (GMT)
“SERENA” Hugh yelled. ”What

Hugh” said Serena appearing behind Hugh. ”Serena I wish you would stop flashing

around you keep scaring the tar out of me” laughed Hugh. “Fine” sighed Serena

as they both walked into the front door of Blood Wood High. ”Hey Serena how do

you move around so fast anyway?” Hugh asked. Suddenly out of nowhere the class

bell rang and Serena took off before having to answer Hugh’s question. Hugh

stood there confused for a moment before heading off to class. As Serena was

running down the hall she ran into someone else going the opposite way. As

Serena was getting up she realized she ran into her little sister Olivia Black.

“OLIVIA” Serena yelled “what are you doing your first class is down the hall

are you ditching school again to go hang out with Willow!” ”NO gees, I’m just

going to the principal’s office to give him the note from Mrs. Raven” “oh
……. Ok”

said Serena as they went their separate ways. The day went on as normal and
Serena, Olivia, and Hugh walked home to Serena’s house.



                                Later That Day


      Hugh has always been scared of Serena and

Olivia’s house. It was always so dark and muggy. “Mom, Dad Olivia, Hugh, and I

are going up to my room to study” yelled Serena. As the three of them were

walking up stairs you heard Rena and Quentin (Serena and Olivia’s Mother and

Father) shout their approval. Upstairs Olivia, Hugh, And Serena worked on their

math of course Serna and Hugh having to help Olivia at some point. “So Serena

you never did tell me how you move around so fast, now will you tell me?” “Um

Hugh you need to go home I am not feeling good I don’t want you to be sick”

Serena exclaimed. Silently Hugh went downstairs and out the door. ”UGH!!! I

want to tell him so bed he is my best friend and I’m starting to fall for him

which makes me even madder!” screamed Serena. But Serena got so furious she

blew her top, she broke a few things and shattered others. After her outrage

Serena broke down into tears asking why she had to be an immortal Half-Demon.

Every night after that Serena cried herself to sleep, just to dream a dream that

she thought would never be real. A week after Serena’s break down she decided to
tell Hugh what she was and What her real name was.





                                Next Day


      Today as Serena saw Hugh she ran up to him

and pulled him aside and said, “Hugh, Do you want to know why I have been acting

so weird?” “YES, for one million time YES!” Hugh responded “I Serena Black am

Half-Demon Half-Human Immortal.” “Wh-what…………. Oh my god I get it oh my

After that he ran back to his house, or so you thought. For the next few days

you didn’t see Hugh at school which of course upset you, the odd thing was your

father seemed more happy than usual. The next day you went to school with no

sign of Hugh you decided to ditch and go home. When you got inside there he was

Hugh but Half-Demon and it turned out Hugh asked your father to give him some

of his blood so Hugh could be a demon with Serena and they could be together
forever and just like all happily ever after’s that exactly what they did.

Copyright ©-2011
Last edited: 7 August 2011

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