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Sleepover Fun !!Warning Mature Content!!Category: Sex story
Sunday, 17 July 2011
02:05:41 AM (GMT)

Hailey and Georgia were having a sleepover. It was a breezy autumn evening, and they
were bored out of their minds. The girls decided to prank call people in their
school. They had already called the nerd of the school, and set her up on a blind
date with some made up guy in a made up place. Still giggling from their last prank,
the girls dialed the number of their crush, Damen. He picked up on the second ring.
"Hello girl," his smooth, deep voice said. They gasped. How did he know? "You looking
for some pleasure?" he continued. The girls flipped. Of course! Trying not to seem
desperate, Hailey replied in a seductive tone, "How did you know, babe?" Damen
chuckled. "What's your address, I'll be right over." The girls recited Georgia's
address silently almost as if they spoke too loud Damen would hang up. Instead, he
chuckled. "Oh, there are two of you. This will be fun. And exciting." The girls could
feels themselves getting wet just thinking about it. 

They sat on Georgia's couch, unable to wait for Damen's arrival. They couldn't
believe this was happening! Soon they heard his heavy footsteps followed by a firm
knock on the door. They squealed and raced to the door. Throwing it open, Hailey
greeted Damen, who looked especially hot in his tight long sleeved shirt and long
black slacks. He was carrying two blinfolds, handcuffs, and a vibrator. The girls got
even more wet. He smirked and walked in. "Where to?" he asked. Unable to speak,
Georgia grabbed his hand and led him to the guest room, which housed Georgia's secret
stash of vibrators and a California King. Damen threw his items on the counter and
grabbed Georgia. He kissed her passionately before taking off her shirt. He let her
go and did the same to Hailey. Damen then took off his shirt and nodded at the girls.
Obediently, they took off the rest of their clothing, til they both stood there,
naked. Damen smiled and grabbed his blindfold and handcuffs. "Who's first?" He asked.
Hailey jumped forward. Damen smirked and blindfolded her, then put the handcuffs on

Damen then undressed completely, standing gloriously naked in Georgia's own house.
She couldn't believe it. He made Hailey kneel in front of the bed. Then he sat in
front of her. Damen told her, "Find my dick, lovebunny, with only your mouth." Hailey
grinned and began searching. She licked his whole left thigh before finding one of
his testicles. She then traced her tongue up to his dick, and she sucked on the tip
of it, playing with the flaps with her tongue. Damen then shoved his whole thing into
her mouth. Hailey gagged, but held on. Damen grabbed the back of her head and pulled
her back and forth, so his dick slid in and out of his mouth. Finally, after cumming
straight into the back of her throat, Damen motioned for Georgia to lie on the bed.
He picked Hailey up and put her next to Georgia he removed Hailey's blindfold and
handcuffs, and told her to turn over, butt in the air. She obeyed him. Damen then
went over to Georgia and spread her leags. She tensed, longing for what was coming.
He sat on her lap, his thing erected almost straight up. Slowly, teasingly, he slid
it into Georgia's vagina. Georgia felt herself get wet. Then he lifted his fingers
and stuck them right up Hailey's butt. She gasped in pain and pleasure. He began to
fingerfuck Hailey, and fuck Georgia. They both moaned loudly, as did Damen. After
Georgia cummed, Damen stopped.

Then he surprised both of them. "Georgia," he said calmly, "eat Hailey. Lick her
good, til she almost cums. But, Hailey, don't cum until I get to you." Both girls,
shocked, refused. "Then I'll just leave," Damen threatened. Immediatly, Georgia stuck
her head in between Hailey's legs and began to eat her. When Georgia felt Hailey
tense and cry out, Georgia called Damen, who watched intently the whole time. But
before he reached Hailey, she cummed hard. Her juices were everywhere, all over
Georgia's face and the bed. Furious, Damen told Hailey to lick it off of Georgia's
face. Hailey, scared, did it. Damen then cleaned all the cum out of Hailey's pussy.
Damen then told Georgia to suck his cock, while he played with Hailey's breasts. HHe
did the same thing to Georgia, thrusting his thing into the back of her throating,
and going in and out til he cummed right into her. He did this as he pinched and
sucked Hailey's breasts. This went on for awhile, til he calmed down. "Now, my slut
kittens," he said, "try these on." He went to his discarded pants and pulled out two
identical kitten outfits. The bottoms were hardly more covering than a thoong, and
the top was an ultra thin furry string bikini top. They both had cat ears to match. 

Once the girls changed, Damen's things went straighter up, if possible. The girls
felt wet, and it dripped down Georgia's leg. Damen eagerly licked it, from her ankle
all the way up to her hardly-covered pussy. Damen layed down on the bed and said,
"Girl's, hump me like you've never humped anyone before." Georgia, this time, went
first. She humped him so hard she started forming a bruise. He sighed in pleasure.
Hailey went up next. She humped him til her kitten outfit fell apart. When he said
enough, she was panting. "Which one of you want to ride me?" Georgia, already having
been fucked, let Hailey go. Damen sat down and patted his legs. Hailey jumped onto
his lap and guided his large penis into her vagina. She gasped as soon as it went in
an inch, and let go. Immediatly, Damen thrust his hips forward and shoved his dick
all the way inside her. She screamed. Hailey just lost her virginity. Damen motioned
for Georgia to come over to him. She sat next to him, and he eagerly grabbed her
breast, nibbled it and sucked it. Hailey sat, riding Damen, until she cummed. Damen
then removed her from his lap. " Each of you, take one ball and suck it good and
hard," Damen whispered in their ears. They got down on their hands and knees and did
so. Damen then told then to lick his dick, so Hailey licked to top and Georgie licked
the bottom. They did so til Damen cummed. Then they licked the juice from eachother's
faces and sat, waiting. 

To their dismay, Damen dressed and walked out the door. Before leaving, he paused and
said, "Both of you, my house, every Friday. 100 dollars an hour, each." They realized
what had happened. Damen used them, instead of them using Damen. Both felt played,
but looked forward to Friday still.


‹(>^.^)>meep-me-ish-fluffeh› says:   17 July 2011   645211  
it was a good sex story
i_write_sex_stories says:   17 July 2011   757503  
You think so? Thanks!
‹Jameson Tokes› says:   17 July 2011   864843  
You're an author, I tell you. Why focus on sex stories? You should
definatly consider Romance, or actual writing.
‹(>^.^)>meep-me-ish-fluffeh› says:   17 July 2011   773750  
your welcome  
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   26 August 2011   832941  
my name is Hailey ....
MassMurderMckayla says:   14 November 2011   767857  
These are really good! You should deffinately expand it alil and
right a romance nov I read those all the time and this would be great
one of them((:
jaroheartz says:   17 June 2012   301330  
brookie1011 says:   3 December 2013   725554  
wow i LOVE all your stories i wish i was you‹3
DirtyGirl says :   6 July 2016   861466  
Wow I love all of your fuck stories! Are you still writing them?

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