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Thursday, 30 June 2011
08:58:04 PM (GMT)

How come whenever I go on dA or something there's always some art related to this
stupid show on the front page?

Ok, for those who may or may not know, MLP:FIM is a animated show based on, what
else, My Little Pony. I am shocked to realize that this show was not intended for
little girls, as previous installments have, but instead for the adults and parents.

Even so, why on EARTH does this stupid show have so much attention??
I've watched it, it doesn't even seem like it's for adults. It still feels like it's
for kids, just not as incredibly stupid as some other shows nowadays. And, heck, have
you seen the advertising? They're making TOYS, and they're so OBVIOUSLY targeted for
the children! If the show is made for adults, make it more obvious, because it just
looks like another stupid kid show. (I'll have you know I can't STAND MLP and you
can't stop me.)

But even for the older toys, why do grown adults have such a fascination with them? I
see what people have done to mod them. Some of them look really amazing, but I have
one problem. IT'S MY LITTLE FRIGGIN' PONY. That's the kind of thing you should be
doing to nice Dollfies. Things that AREN'T plastic and meant for children.
And it's really disturbing when I'm just looking at fanart of something and come
across one of those mods by accident and getting scarred.

...Don't even show me that again.

But yeah, stupid show. Even though it was APPARENTLY made for adults, that doesn't
mean adults have to love it!

branches says:   30 June 2011   784459  
tl;dr for the third paragraph but
I heard something on the weird radio a few weeks ago about guys who
have a really big thing about My Little Pony. They call themselves
I nearly wept.

I don't even do anime but the Ed Elrich thing is disturbing. :C
‹✜Garry-Ib✜› says:   30 June 2011   515754  
Despite the target demographic of young girls, My Little Pony
Friendship is Magic has become an Internet phenomenon with many fans
of the show being males from 15 to 35.[13] The response from the
Internet is traced to cartoon and animation fans on the Internet board
4chan. In October 2010, shortly after the show's premiere, Cartoon
Brew published an essay entitled "The End of the Creator-Driven Era in
TV Animation", which criticized the brand-backed show and cited "today
networks clearly prefer established properties over original ideas,
and dislike dealing with individual artists who have a clear creative
vision".[14] The members of the cartoon "/co/" board of 4chan, having
not yet seen the show, considered the alarmist nature of the essay and
began watching the show, and quickly warmed up to the series for plot,
characters, and animation style. This reaction soon spread to the
general forum, "/b/", of 4chan, where elements of the show quickly
caught on as recurring jokes and memes on the site, and themselves
spread as memes to other forums around the Internet.[15]

Since then, the fandom for the show has grown among a large number of
forums and message boards. Fans of the shows have taken the name of
"brony", portmanteau of the vernacular term "bro" and "pony"; though
originally implied for male fans, the term has become gender-neutral
in describing any older fans of the cartoon.[16] In a promotional ad
prepared by the Hub for the show, using a parody of Katy Perry's
"California Gurls" entitled "Equestria Girls", the lyrics acknowledge
the word "brony" as part of its lexicon.[13]

Sorry if I copy pasted too much of it, but does that help?
Kirti says:   30 June 2011   410594  
I recently found out that my girlfriend and many of my other friends
are "bronies". I was alarmed. Still am.
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   30 June 2011   918562  
'Cause it's a good show. Unlike most "girly" shows, the characters
have individual personalities and humor than anyone could laugh at.
That's how I see it, anyway. There's just something fun about it.
Also, Pinkie Pie is the biggest troll I have ever seen on a little
girl show.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   1 July 2011   949874  
BRONIES? Oh my gosh, it's almost like they're becoming Twi-hards,
only...My Little Pony.

Yes, that was very helpful.  Thanks.

D: I don't think I have any "Brony" friends, but I just hope they're
not hiding it in their closet or something.

Yeah, I wasn't necessarily saying the show was bad or anything. I'm
just not in love with it and I don't know why adults should be either.
It's just another kids show to me. 
‹SqueeneyTodd› says :   1 July 2011   856468  
Adults can enjoy kids shows. Look at the fan-following of Invader Zim. 


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