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Chapter one.Category: (general)
Friday, 27 May 2011
09:48:27 PM (GMT)
*MMMMEEEH. MMMMEEEHH. MMEEEHEHEH.* The alarm clock screamed in Cole’s ears. She
slammed her hand down on the old radio/clock so she didn’t wake her parents. She
stared at the digital numbers, trying to decipher their message with her blurred
vision. Cole reached for her rimless glasses and rested them on her face. She could
see clearly, now. The clock read 1:02 am. Good. Cole thought. I can leave now, and
the guards should be switching shifts. So if I stay in the shadows, I should be fine.

	Cole Johnson, a new member of Club14, pulled off her pajamas and changed into a pair
of dark jeans, a lime colored tee-shirt, and a black hoodie. She stealthily stepped
down into her kitchen to grab a small snack. Cole hadn’t eaten dinner. She just
wasn’t up for cooking it. Her parents had been working late so she really didn’t
want to have to cook a lot. So she threw a few packs of instant Ramen noodles into a
pot for her brother and sister and went to a friends’ house. The twins know how to
cook Ramen. Cole assured herself. After grabbing a bag of standard-issued cookies,
she walked back upstairs to her room. The clock blinked in the black room. 1:24 am.
She unlocked the window that led out to the roof of the porch  and hoisted herself
out, closing the sliding window just enough so it wasn’t obvious that she wasn’t
there, but she could still get back in when she decided she wanted to sleep. Like a
ninja she descended down a gutter into her grassy side yard. Cole slipped out of the
fenced in yard through a small opening in the small wooden restraints. 
	Even though this New England was overthrown by a dictator and everyone lives under
constant supervision, rules, standards, and labels, they did have some freedom. They
could eat what and when they wanted, were not ranked according to wealthiness or
location, and don’t have to wear standardized clothing or work in mines. However,
they lived by certain restrictions that didn’t let them out after 10 pm, purchase a
certain amount of alcohol, skip school, be tardy for anything, and other things.
	Cole began down her street, staying sure to keep close to hedges and trees. She
ducked down into an opening in a large bush she had created the night before as a
single headlight veered in her direction. A Guard was on patrol here on this street
every night. Cole had timed herself, which is why she was able to camouflage so
quickly and easily. As the guard slowly trolled along down the perfectly paved
street, Cole watched him in disgust. this government is way too screwed up. I like
the way it was before. She told herself. Cole was seven when America’s president at
the time, Barack Obama, had issued a law that New England be under its own individual
rule due to secret service problems. Now, it’s just basically its own country,
nicknamed “The Scape” by its residents. As the patrol officer pulled away, Cole
left her spot in the shadows and continued on. She walked about ten minutes before
approaching an old set of iron gates. Usually, on Friday nights when Cole left, the
gates were closed but not locked. No one locked them because behind them was nothing
to be proud of. It was an old camp. There was a little building that had a kitchen,
two bathrooms, and a room that groups could put on plays. But no one ever used it
anymore. It was called Camp Mortimer, but it, much like a lot of places in New
England, had a nickname; The Lodge. Cole always went to the lodge. It was a homey
place for her. She could escape the stress of regular life when no one was around
without getting caught. But it was weird, tonight Cole didn’t have to try to get in
because the gate was slightly ajar. She was cautious. Cole crept into the camp,
scaling the walls, staying stealthy and quiet. As she neared the front of the camp
(since she entered from the back), she heard a sound… a rustling, or maybe a
footstep. She looked behind her. No one. When she turned around, someone was standing
about ten feet away. They were tall with bright green eyes and long black hair. They
stared for a moment; locked gazes on each other. Then, as Cole blinked, the person
was gone. She backed to the wall and sat down. Jeez, that was freaky. Probably just
another kid like me. Cole tried reassuring herself. But the minute she looked up at
the sky, she saw those eyes and an arm wrapped around her neck. They had put her in a
headlock. Cole didn’t scream; she knew the consequences. Instead, she began kicking
backwards at her kidnapper. But they dragged her up inside the lodge. She couldn’t
see anything. The lights weren’t on. She felt her attacker sit her down in a chair,
then heard them close all the blinds. When they turned the light on, a strong, deep
but young voice spoke to her. 
“Well, what have we here?” It said, as it circled around to Cole’s field of
vision. The voice belonged to a tall boy. He crossed his arms mischievously as he
“Sneaking out past curfew? That’s against the rules.” He scoffed. Cole just
stared at him, not amused.
“Yeah. I guess you are, too, by the looks of it.” She said.
“Well I was just out looking for little brats like you who think they’re the only
ones with fucked-up lives around here.” He neared her face, less than an inch away.
He closed his eyes and smiled as he whispered,
“You’re just like me. An outcast. You knew what it was like before the Big
Change. And you want it back. So you break the law trying to get it.”
Cole was surprised.
“I’m Grey.” He said as he stepped back, moving his hair from his eyes and
smiled warmly. 
“Cole. Are you…?” Cole began.
“Dictator Masterson’s kid? Yeah. Unfortunately.” He said, propping himself on a
chair a few feet in front of Cole.
“Why’s it so unfortunate? You can break the laws because they can’t kill a
dictator’s relative.” She asked.
“Because the dictator sees this shit hole as an accomplishment. And yeah, they
can.” Grey’s face looked solemn, now. Cole knew who Grey was, but she had never
actually seen him before. 
“I’m fifteen. You? You’re probably like, ten, right?” Grey tried changing the
“I’m fourteen. Just joined.” Cole said, looking quite relaxed in her captive
“Well, we’re not that far apart. Looks like I’ll be seeing you at club events
and stuff, won’t I?” Grey circled around Cole once more before opening the door,
shutting the lights off, and running into the night.

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