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Monday, 21 March 2011
09:41:12 AM (GMT)
Day 7 - Favorite Anime couple Right, I keep saying that each day is the hardest, but, honest to God, this one is really hard! There are too many pairings that I ship, dammit! I'll have to go for three. WARNING: SPOILERS and LOTS OF PICTURES 1. RoyAi - Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist) This is probably my oldest ship (proud supporter since 2007 lol)... the pairing names stems from the first name of Mr Mustang and the last syllable in Hawkeye - which can also be written as "love" (ai) in Japanese. Furthermore, this pairing has its own holiday. Yes, it's the truth. June 11th is Royai Day. I love this pairing because their relationship is not in your face - it's shown through very, very subtle gestures and dialogue. Not once do they kiss or profress their love to each other - they do not need to. Though, I certainly wasn't complaining when Roy hugged her in that final fight scene. ;D That was the cutest thing EVER. SPOILERS Roy and Riza are childhood friends, as Roy studied alchemy under Berthold Hawkeye - however, Sensei did not manage to give Roy the secrets to the infamous flame alchemy before he died, but instead trusted his daughter into Roy's care. In fact, Berthold had tattooed the secrets to flame alchemy onto Riza's back, and it was up to her to decided who she would one day give these secrets to. Of course, she gives them to Roy. Roy goes of to join the miltary as he belives alchemy is "for the people", and Riza secretly follows him, becomming a sniper. She saves his and Hughes' life one day, and they meet once again - this time, having seen the destruction caused by flame alchemy, Riza asks Roy to burn the writing on her back so that no-one else might discover the secrets. She then continues to loyally serve Roy throughout his miltary career as his right hand subordinate... which leads into the main FMA series. Roy often makes references to trusting his back to her, which reflects their past~ "I will continue to trust my back to you. Devote yourself to this task." "I will, sir." 2. Linfan - Lan Fan and Ling Yao (FMA) The second pairing is also from FMA, and is, coincidently, a similar relationship to the first. Ling Yao is a Prince from the Eastern nation of Xing, seeking the secrets of immortality so that he might become Emperor, and Lan Fan is his trusted body guard. Their relationship is one based on loyalty and devotion, and it, too, is quite subtle and not in your face, though Lan Fan's emotions and reactions whenever the Prince is involved are a lot more apparent than that of Riza in the above pairing. SPOILERS Some of the most heart breaking moments of the entire series occur between these two: the first, when Lan Fan is injured and Ling escapes with her over his shoulder, despite her pleas to save himself as he is more important than her (social classes make up a key element in their relationship). Ling boldly says to her that he would not be any sort of King without the love of his people, so he refuses to leave her behind. She then cuts off her own arm to ensure their escape. Another moment that I love is when Ling has been turned into the new Greed and is fighting Ed - who is trying to talk to Ling, who he elives is still present within the body of Greed. Greed continues to pound Ed, whatever he says, until Ed cries: "What about you country, what about Lan Fan! She's waiting for you!" For a brief moment, Greed slips and the spirit of Ling takes over, allowing Ed to land a punch, though it doesn't last for long. There are many other cute moments, but I could literally write an entire essay on why I adore this pairing. This is why I write fanfictions. "We're going to a hide out now." "Wait! I have a comrade with me! Please, bring her too!" "What? We don't have that kind of time." "Please, she's nearly dead! She's waiting for me to pick her up! We have to help her!" 3. GinRan - Gin Ichimaru and Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach) For the third and final, I'll have to stray away from Fullmetal Alchemist, and towards Bleach, one of my all time favourite mangas. Yes, there are hundreds of other pairings in Bleach (as you can basically pair everyone with everyone else), and some are incredibly popular (allow me to gag a little at IchiHime or IshiHime or UlquiHime, or just Orihime in general). However, I absolutely adore GinRan - not many people like the sneaky fox bastard (who is not actually a bastard anymore), but he's been my favourite character ever since he came into the manga in the chapter "Rain of Blood". Rangiku, on the other hand, is my favourite female character in Bleach (along side Yoruichi-sama), because, let's face it, she's actually a good shinigami (*cough*unlike Hinamori). Kubo makes the readers aware that Gin and Rangiku's relationship stems back a lot further than the main story line - Gin saved Ran from some shinigami who had beaten ehr and left her for dead - her fed her dried persimmons to revive her, and then swore on his life to get revenge on those shinigami, who we later discover SPOILER were Aizen and his cronies. Since Gin's betrayal with Aizen, I've always hoped that Gin would actually be double crossing Aizen, and I was right all along - I cheered with joy when he turned on the stupid God-moder, and tried to kill him. Sadly though, Aizen was too batshit-insanely powerful, and Gin was fatally wounded. The worst bit came when Rangiku arrived to find him dying on that rock (without one arm, might I add), and I shed a tear (or an ocean more like) as she wept over him as he died. Their relationship is the most apparent of the three I've listed here, as it's clear that Gin's feelings for Rangiku are romantic and they really do love each other, as he expresses in his final chapter where he reflects on his reasons for acting as he did - and where we discover he was protecting Ran all along. However, Kubo is a bitch and had to kill Gin. DX

‹colours and carousels‚ô•› says:   21 March 2011   847150  
"allow me to gag a little at IchiHime or IshiHime or
UlquiHime, or just Orihime in general"

Bootheghost says :   21 March 2011   122893  
I wrote that with you in mind. ;D 


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