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Psychotic BeautyCategory: Organization 13
Wednesday, 2 February 2011
12:43:29 PM (GMT)
After the police arrived to Arie's house, they found her huddled in a corner of the
kitchen. Her legs up to her chest, hugging the blood covered knife to her face. Her
dead Father sprawled out on the floor infront of her. The police took Arie into their
police car, as some stayed behind to take care of the dead body.
Arie sat in the police car, hiding the knife in her trouser pocket. She sat in the
back, a mad grin spreading across her face. Once they arrived at the police station,
the driver told Arie to sit down on the bench in the police station. She did so,
sitting beside Annion..!
"What are you doing here? What have you done..?" Arie asked Annion, a slight tinge of
insanity escaping her tone.
Annion stayed silent, staring at the floor, not looking at Arie. She asked a few more
questions to Annion, who didn't respond. All until she bowed her head to the ground
and sighed.
"I hate myself..." she muttered.
Arie cocked her head to the side, and then grinned.
"If you hate yourself... then you must want to die... let me help you..!" she
grinned, taking out the bloody knife from her trouser pocket. Annion stood up and
stumbled a little, shock in her eyes.
Suddenly, two policemen made their way over to Arie, grabbing her and pulling her
away from Annion. Arie dropped the knife when the policemen grabbed her. She started
screaming at the top of her voice, kicking her legs and trying to get back to where
she was sitting. She screamed and screamed, pleading for her knife. It lay there on
the ground, as Arie was pulled out of the police station, and shoved into the police

Not long afterwards, the car pulled up in front of a Mental Asylum. She struggled to
get out of the policemen's grip, not wanting to go in there. She was dragged by her
feet into the building. She was flung into an empty room. She sat there. Waiting.
Waiting for someone to come in to her cell. The walls were all white. Everything was
white. She didn't like it. Suddenly, a nurse entered her cell. She walked up to Arie
cautiously, and brought out a straightjacket. Arie's eyes got wide, and her pupils
shrunk. She shook her head viciously, looking as if her head was going to snap off
her neck. She got up onto her feet, and ran around her cell, screaming again. The
nurse finally caught her and managed to get the straight jacket onto Arie, strapping
the belts tightly. She guided Arie out of her cell. Arie was still jumping around and
trying to get away.

The Nurse guided Arie into a room, and shut the door behind her. In front of Arie's
eyes was a long stretcher, and a few nurses and doctors. She clenched her teeth and
tried to get away. The Nurses and Doctors held her down and shoved her on the
stretcher. They strapped belts over Arie and clipping onto the stretcher, to prevent
Arie from getting away. She struggled, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't
get away. They placed some 'Conductant' on the temples of Arie's head, and then
placed a mouth piece into Arie's mouth, preventing her from biting down on her
tongue. They brought out a headset that was connected to electricity. They placed the
headset over Arie's temples, and pulled a lever that sent the electricity through the
wire and through into her brain. Suddenly, Arie's body went into a complete spazam.
She couldn't control herself. She couldn't stop herself. She lay there in a spazam,
whilst the nurses and doctors watched her as if it was something normal..!

Later, Arie returned back to her room, now relaxed after the Electric Therapy she had
recieved. But that relaxation didn't last long. As each day past, she became more and
more insane, causing more trouble to the Nurses and Doctors, and upsetting a number
of the other patients in the Asylum. She recieved a lot more than the Electric
Therapy, each and every day.

Finally, after a few weeks of being in the Insane Asylum, her time had come... When
the nurse came to her room, Arie was gone. She had disappeared. How? Her room was
locked, no windows, no holes in the walls or floor. There was no sign that she had
escaped. But she wasn't in there. What the Nurses and Doctors won't ever know, is
that she was consumed by the darkness, and was reborn as Xaveria, number 15 in the
Organization 13. Xaveria, the Psychotic Flame.

‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   2 February 2011   671709  

I don't see how Mental Asylums help the insanes. Just like what
happened there *points* it's not really made to help them, but worsen
them! D:
NUMBAH FIFTEEN. Hellyeah. All Xavi needed was cotton candy. JEEZ.
Retarded doctors and nurses. forrealz.
but I keep thinking of this humorously. 
... bad person, yes. 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   2 February 2011   133883  
XD Oh yeah! She be craaaazyyyyy >:3
I know! Everything they did, they thought was helping them, but really
it wasn't! Makes me soooo mad! >: [
YAYZ~ I love her too XD
Thankyou very much~ 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   2 February 2011   238338  
EXACTLY. You'd think DOCTORS would be SMART. D: I know if I was crazy,
my sanity would NOT be restored stuck in an all white room and getting
electrocuted. :/
I love her more than that pedo-faun. >:L FUFUFU.
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   2 February 2011   608131  

I know! They're so idiotic, it makes me sooooo mad >: [

XD The Pedo Lexaeus Faun? XD That faun is epic! XD



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