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i believe in the power of you and i <3Category: Redoing Things I Did When I Joined Three Years Ago
Monday, 24 January 2011
04:45:39 PM (GMT)
5 Facts.
1. Middle name: Elizabeth
2. Astrological sign: Taurus
3. Eye color: Hazel
4. Birth date: May 8th, 1995
5. Home state: I live in Canada.  

5 Favorites.
6. Fave movie: Titanic
7. Fave book: Salem Falls, The Fountainhead
8. Fave candy: Gum
9. Fave makeup: Mascara
10. Fave magazine: Vogue, National Geographic, Psychology Today, Discover, Hello!

5 People.
11. Newest friend: Ian!
12. Childhood nemesis: William 
13. Longest-lasting crush: A while...
14. Role model: Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Tessa Virtue, Rachel Scott, my mom
15. Kindergarten teacher: Mrs.  Meihl

5 Things.
16. My mantra is: "Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says, 'I'm possible.,' "
and "Yesterday I dared to struggle.  Today I dare to win."
17. I can't find my: Gum that I bought three days ago.
18. My friends say that I'm: Really smart, hardworking, dedicated and compassionate,
but also sometimes having too high a standard for both myself and others.
19. My parents were going to name me: Siobhan, or Liam if I was a boy.  Siobhan was
choice #2.
20. I would never eat: McDonalds... three years and counting.

5 Moments.
21. I read my first book when: I was two and a half.
22. The first time I lost a friend was when: Susan moved to a different school in
23. I had a really good laugh when: I went to careers class.  That is all i have to
I was so proud of myself when: We won the Oireachtas.
25. If I could, I would go back to: November 11th, 2007, or summer 2010.  Best times
of my life.

5 Places.
26. My first kiss happened at: my house... romantic, I know.
27. I spend most of my time at: School, home, and the dance studio.
28. I used to hide my diary: In a drawer underneath a bunch of clothes.
29. My favorite place to unwind is: in the gym working out.
30. I'd hate to live in: Afghanistan

5 Either/Ors.
31. Morning or night: Night.
32. Cats or dogs: Both.
33. Computer or cell phone: Computer.
34. Pop or soda: Soda pop? Neither
35. Vegetables or fruit: Fruit.

5 Ifs.
36. If I could move anywhere, it would be: Italy, France, and/or Monacco.
37. If I were an animal, I would be: A deer or a little bird, I think.
38. If I could change one thing, it would be: Get rid of poverty.
39. If I had one superpower, it would be: Flight.
40. If I had a million dollars to spend I would: Donate to The Salvation Army and the
Heart and Stroke Foundation, pay off my family's debts, save for my education, go on
a cruise and travle to France, Italy, and Monacco.

5 Pasts.
41. My first word was: Up.
42. When I played make-believe I: was always in charge, and was always a princess.
43. I used to watch, on continual repeat: JAG
44. I can't believe I worried so much about: purposely being different.
45. I was so afraid of: the devil.

5 Futures.
46. When I grow up, I want to be an: author.
47. Before I die, I hope to: see the end of poverty, become a massively successful
novelist, get married and have children, and travel to and/or live in France, Italy,
and Monacco.
48. I'll be friends with: Hopefully my dance friends for sure, and a ton of new
people, I suppose.
49. I'll live: life to the fullest, work hard, love a lot and never pass up an
 50. I'll make a difference by: I'm not sure yet; I just know I will.

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