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Pan's Labyrinth, Organization 13 fan-fiction LAST CHAPTER!Category: Organization 13
Saturday, 22 January 2011
06:38:45 AM (GMT)

Arie took out the bottle of her Mothers sleeping medicine, and poured it into Axel's

Outside the Mill, Axel and a dozen guards were all gathered around Xigbar, who was
"What happened? Where is Marluxia?" Axel asked Xigbar.
Xigbar just shook his head.
"How many were there?" Axel asked.
"I don't know, Sir. The shots came from all around us.. Fifty atleast.." another
guard spoke up.
"None of the watch posts are responding, sir" the sergeant who had told Axel about
Xigbar being outside, approached Axel.
"How many men, here in camp..?" Axel asked.
"Twenty, mayby less, sir.." Xigbar answered.

Arie had snuck over to Xilatz' cradle, and had picked him up, carrying him away.
"Were leaving. Together. Don't be afraid. Nothing is going to happen to you." she
told her baby brother.
She wrapped Xilatz up in a warm blanket and made her way over to the door. Before she
could open the door, she heard footsteps coming her way. She quickly ran and hid in
Axel's study, keeping quiet. Axel walked into his study, followed by the Sergeant.
"Put the remaining men on picket duty at
the tree line­ when another squad gets
back, have it report immediately to me. Call for Reinforcements." he told the
"Yes sir." the Sergeant replied, leaving the room.
Axel sat down at his desk, and picked up his glass of alcohol. He stopped, and placed
it back down, picking up his watch. He wound the watch, and then placed it in his
pocket. He then finally drank the alcohol that Arie had poured sleeping medicine in.
Arie was walking slowly towards the door, hidden by the shadows. Suddenly, and
explosion from outside lit the room up, revealing Arie and Xilatz to Axel.
Axel stood up, and took his gun out, taking a few faltering steps towards Arie.
"Put him down." he told Arie.
Arie edged closer to the door, as Axel stumbled forward, feeling the effect of the
sleeping drug.
"I'm warning you, put him down." he told her in a threatening voice.
As Axel tripped on his desk, Arie ran away, running as fast as she could, hugging
Xilatz close. Axel tried to shake himself awake, and began chasing Arie.

As Arie made her way outside, she looked up at the night sky. The moon was full. She
ran towards the Labyrinth as fast as she could. Axel staggered out the Mill, looking
around. He caught sight of Arie running towards the Labyrinth. Explosions and bursts
of fire was going on around the Mill. A battle was raging in the forest.
Some bullets passed by Axel, but that didn't stop him. He continued running after

Xiannon walked quickly up the attic stairs, Dexion following closely behind. She
opened the door quickly, looking around for Arie. The attic bedroom was empty. On the
wall was a child's drawing of a door in chalk...

Arie was now in the Labyrinth, running around the large maze. Axel wasn't too far
behind her, stumbling and falling because of the sleeping medicine.
Arie had lost her way. She had came to a dead end. She panicked, and looked around.
Suddenly, a leafy hedge parted, guiding Arie the correct way. She ran through the
opening, which soon closed up behind her, as Axel was close.
Arie had now entered the middle of the maze of the Labyrinth. Lexaeus was standing
there, waiting for her. Arie calmed down Xilatz, as he was wailing slightly, feeling
"Quickly, Your Majesty, give him to me. The full moon
is almost here and we need him to open the portal." Lexaeus told Arie.
Arie looked down at what Lexaeus was holding in his hands.
"What's that in your hand?" she asked him.
It was the golden dagger that Arie had retrieved from the last task she had went on.
"The portal will only open if we shed the blood of an
innocent. A pin prick. That's all. Just a drop of blood." Lexaeus told Arie.
Arie took a small step back from Lexaeus.
"No! My Brother stays with me" she told Lexaeus firmly.
"You promised to do it, so give me the boy. I want to leave this place, I can't wait any longer!"
Lexaeus told Arie.
Arie continued to back up.
"You would give up your sacred rights, for this brat?" he asked her, a little
"Yes, I would" Arie answered him.
"You would give up your throne for him? He who has caused you such misery? Such
humiliation?!?" Lexaeus asked her.
"Yes.. I would.." she answered him again.
Axel stepped into the enter of the maze. He watched Arie talking to thin air. He
couldn't see Lexaeus.
"As you wish, your Highness.." Lexaeus grinned, walking back into the shadows.
Axe approached Arie, stumbling around. He put one hand on her shoulder, and spun her
around to face him. She looked up at him in fear, Xilatz wailing slightly again. Axel
quickly took Xilatz away from Arie, and then walking away from Arie.
Arie's breathing got faster and panicky. She looked behind her and then back at
".. No..!" was all she could say.
Axel brought out his gun, pointed it at Arie, and shot her in the stomach. No emotion
on his face. He walked away, holding Xilatz, not looking back at Arie.
Arie's face was pale white, her eyes wide. She lifted her hand up to her face, it was
covered in blood. She tried to breath, but couldn't. She suddenly collapsed to the
ground, next to the stairwell leading into the Labyrinth.

Axel walked casually around the corners of the maze, holding Xilatz. He stopped
abruptly when he noticed Xiannon, Dexion, and all of Dexion's men standing in front
of him. He walked up to Xiannon, and held out Xilatz to Xiannon.
"Take him.." was all he said, staring blankly at Xiannon.
Xiannon cautiously took a hold of Xilatz, and cradled him in her arms. Axel took out
his pocket watch, and looked at it.
"Tell him about his Father. Tell him about how his Father died. Tell him-" Axel
started but was interrupted by Xiannon.
"No! He won't even know your name" she told Axel.
Dexion took out his gun, and shot Axel on the cheek. Axel's eye went bloodshot, and
he suddenly collapsed to the ground. Dead. Xilatz cried in Xiannon's arms.

Xiannon, Dexion, and his men, reached the center of the Labyrinth's maze. Xiannon
hands Dexion Xilatz, and runs over towards Arie, who was dying slowly.
Xiannon knelt down beside Arie, and began humming the sweet but haunting melody she
had sang to Arie once before.
Blood was staining through Arie's dress, blood on her hand which was dangling over
the edge of the stairwell, and blood streamed down from her nose. The blood on her
hand dripped down into the Labyrinth, dropping into a puddle on the Labyrinth floor.

Arie suddenly heard a voice she had not heard in a long time.
"Arise my Daughter, Princess Xaveria." the voice echoed in her head.
She was having a vision. She was standing in a large golden hall, in a castle. She
looked up and saw her Father, Demyx, sitting on a high throne, smiling down at her.
"...Father..." she whispered.
"You have spilled your own blood rather than that of an innocent. That was the final
task, and the most important." Demyx smiled at Arie, who was now Xaveria.
Lexaeus walked in, followed by Xena, Xiulan, and Vaproskiax.
"And you chose well, Your Highness" he smiled, bowing down to her.
"Come here with me, and sit by your Father's side. He's been waiting for you for so
long." Shexia spoke, sitting on her throne.
Xaveria looked around, clapping could be heard from the audience in the throne room.
Xaveria smiled happily, watching the three fairies dance around, her mother and
father smiling at her, and Lexaeus smiling over at her.

Back in the human world, Arie was still lying on the ground. She gave a weak smile,
just before her breathing stopped, and the light left her eyes. Xiannon kept on
humming the lullaby, and ended up crying, hugging Arie, who was now dead.

And it was said that the Princess returned to her Father's Kingdom. That she
reigned there with justice and a kind heart for many centuries. That she was loved by
her people. And that she left behind small traces of her time on earth, visible only
to those who know where to look.

Pan's Labyrinth, Directed by- Guillermo del Toro
Fanfiction written by- ☠Xaveria. The Psychotic Flame☠ (me ^.^)
Arie/Xaveria, belongs to ☠Xaveria. The Psychotic Flame☠ (me ^.^)
Shexia, belongs to ❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄
Xiannon, belongs to XVI: The girl you will hate~
Xena, belongs to ☢Xena: The glassy dreamer☢
Xiulan, belongs to 玉♦
Brix, belongs to Nio && Her Exploding Boy <3
Dexion, belongs to XVI: The girl you will hate~
Alexis, belongs to Rocking_Vampire
Xanthe, belongs to neomacortex
Xomasth, belongs to ☼Xomasth☼The Cold Steel Killer☼
Frixie, belongs to Nio && Her Exploding Boy <3
Xilatz, belongs to ►{♫Hφrφ ♪ CΦmes ♪ DÅNG3R♫}◄
Saix, Lexaeus, Axel, Marluxia, Vexen, Xigbar, and Demyx all belong to the creators of
Kingdom Hearts.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, It's been alot of fun, and.. THANKYOU! ^.^
Last edited: 22 January 2011

‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   22 January 2011   847569  
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   22 January 2011   244298  
But Xiannon's cwying cause Arie be dead 
Oh well, now she has to bring up Xilatz XD
And Xaveria is all happy in her little kingdom, 'strolling around the
seven garden's' with Lexaeus, like he told her in one of the past
chapters XD oh gawd ^.^' 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   22 January 2011   553347  
Well Xilatz is in capable hands, my dear
Do not fret!

But Dex is totally GUTTED about Frix~ 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   22 January 2011   725622  
I knows  Loads of people have died in the Human world 
Axel (but we don't care about him XD ).
That's it XD That's ALOT of dead people in the Human World XD 


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