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Heyy..it's another newbie!Category: (general)
Thursday, 13 January 2011
04:08:58 PM (GMT)
Yuppers it's another newbie and that would be me...MissH12. My actual name is
Heather, though. Well I love blogging and stuff-so yeah thought it would be pretty

Well today was probably the most akward day ever!

So many things happened. 

Well it started with one of my friends, Alissa. She likes this guy, Ronnie. Ronnie
just broke up with his girlfriend, Melanie so me and my best friend Brianne decided
it would be the best time for Alissa to swoop in and mend Ronnie's heart-I know total
soap opera stuff here! Yeah well, too bad because Ronnie doesn't like Alissa. *sigh*
And to make it worse, now Alissa is mad at me and Brianne for asking him out for her.
I mean it was kind of random. Brianne was just like, "Reid! Will you go out with
Alissa?" all the way across the room. 

Then, Brianne asked my crush, Cody who I've asked out like a million times. (Normally
we don't go around asking people out but it just happened to look like that today.)
Well he won't go out with me because he has a girlfriend, totally understanable...but
HER. Just kidding, just kidding.  Violent much? Obsessed much? Yeah. Both. But that's
okay because I'm Heather and awesome like that. 

Not so bad so far righttt??


Then the most horrible thing happened, Brianne's boyfriend (of 3 days! OMG!), Tony
dumped her. For no reason! I know right, these middle school relationshipis. I have
never seen Brianne love a boy like this before, but oh well. They were better off as
best friends anyway. 

Anyway this freak kid, Patrick (whom I call Patricia) started singing Brianne a break
up song to Break Even.

"Brianne's still alive but she's barely breathin, prayin to a God that I think she
does believe in. Brianne will die alone with a million cats. Brianne will die with
cancer and be bald. She will then have a seizure."

Didn't really fit the tune...but oh wellz. We were trying to get the paper away from
him but he wouldn't give it over so he through it to Tony and he read it. I go, "FYI!

Also, they broke up the day before today and then got back together and the reason
was because Tony thought she talked too much to this guy Alan. So I made this joke to
make Brianne feel better. I yelled across the room so that Tony could hear, "We're
going to call you Buritto, okay Alan? Because Tony says we can't talk to you." 

Poor guy, he did feel pretty bad. 

Yeah, it was such a weird dayy...

Also Mono is going around and everyone is sick. Our teacher goes, "Have the 6th
graders been kissing each other again?" We looked over at the biggest 6th grade
player, Phil. "Cough cough Phil!"I said. He's made out with like 7 girls. 

Well that's another piece of my dramatic 6th grade life. (: 

<3, MissH12 (Heather)

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