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Happy New Years Kupika (:Category: (general)
Friday, 31 December 2010
04:37:43 PM (GMT)
I remember when I first came on to this site how different I was. I remember the
things I was obsessed with, all the rp clubs I joined, the reactions I had to
everything and I remember how I changed over time. 

I made amazing friends. Post was my comfort zone and I met wonderful people from it.
But by clubs I had also expanded my curiousity and imagination and I had the
survivors club to help me dealt with any irl problems. 

I know alot of the friends I made aren't around anymore but I hope you guys'll be
back soon or I get to see you sometime soon. c:

I've even taken more of an interest in oekaki's here and I still can't believe that
my art (I think I can finally call it that) grew so much. I'm doing things I thought
I could never do 2 years ago. Thank you commenters and subscribers and Kupika artists
that have me lying awake at night wondering how you all do that. Next year I'm gonna
continue moving forward so I can be on your bad-ass level and be limitless. 

Kupika you're crazy site that can make someone sick or keep them wondering, you've
changed and some have came and others have left but this site's still like my home.

Have a happy new years everyone,
and try to smile more. ♥

exquisite says:   31 December 2010   743501  
Olol, RP clubs. I remember there was Sammy's Pervy Town or something
RP, and that cracked me up every time I went to check for updates. xD
And those high school anime ones and the fantasy ones.

<3 I'm glad Survivors helped you. -Is proud- 8D And I'm happy that
you're better from past problems you have dealt with. ♥ & Never stop
continuing your art, it's puuuuurdy.

Happy New Year Kala, have a good one. c:
‹burblegurm› says:   31 December 2010   198124  
xD I think I can remember that one. I was crazy for all the anime
rp's. Nowadays I'm still crazy for rping, but on TE instead. Which is
crazy seeing how I spend hours on a character app while it'd take 8
minutes if I was writing  kupi rp app. :'D But I still wanna join and
be active in a kupi rp one day.

Survivor's is the best c: and I know it'll never die. 
I won't stop! I want it to beautiful by the end of next year. cx 
exquisite says:   31 December 2010   384608  
It was a very awkward RP... "[name] stuffed [name] inside his
trenchcoat and wandered off" is what I semi-remember. 

Perhaps a Kupika resolution for one would be to participate in more
club RP's? c:

Thank you, but it's mostly the people who make up of it that make the
"magic" happen, olol. c: 

It will be! You've gone from chibi's to pin-ups in the past year, I
could only imagine what you'd be like in 2012! ♥ 
‹burblegurm› says:   31 December 2010   157474  
Oh almost every kupi rp is semi awkward. xD

Indeed, and yours should be getting into a TE rp! c; really Maria once
you spend some time in the groups/memes  or lcc section you begin to
love it.

Well I thank those people! cx with them this club's still alive.

Same feeling here. :'D I might even learn how to do perspective. 
exquisite says:   31 December 2010   411278  
True, there's always the Mary Sue and Gary Stew that you don't know
how to respond to... those entirely pervy characters and that one
character that is never pleased... :I 

But drawing requires effort, you should know that I don't make huge
efforts when drawing. xD 

♥ :D

Perspective is a hard thing to master, but I'm sure you'll get it
‹burblegurm› says:   31 December 2010   381825  
Those characters are part of the reason I switched to TE. ;___; 

Oh Maria, with TE rp you can fake the effort ;D 

cx ♥

Yess, :C I envy those that could do it. 
Thank you! 
exquisite says:   31 December 2010   636580  
Haha. So it's not always "BellaBeau Ravens sat in the corner of a
crowded room, crying shyly hoping not to attract the attention of any
of the dangerously attractive men within the room, but they all looked
at her beautifully weeping face anyway."

IDK, xD.

Maybeeee. D:

‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says :   1 January 2011   931942  
Everytime i watch degrassi, i think of you.
cuz its your fault i watch it lol ;p
 i love ya lil sister


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