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30 bestiesCategory: random shit tacos :P
Tuesday, 14 December 2010
08:25:40 PM (GMT)
1. Taylor Freeman 2. Trasyn Lennon 3. Caitlyn Kellough/kinchole 4. Anthony Molina 5. Josh Olivas 6. David Stevenson 7. Averey Counts 8. Brecken Kelley 9. Kendra Ward 10. Caitlin Denny 11. Tabor Mayo 12. Bryan Lobstein 13. Zach Hardin/Comey 14. Brandon Sanchez 15. Gerald Vasquez 16.Deziree Combs 17. Jennifer Joiner 18. Zach Kersis-Warner 19. Tori Wheeler 20. Jake Barker 21. Cole Lopez 22. Courtney Cash 23. Eliza Henry 24. Brett Smith 25. John Benavides 26. Mallory Grigsby 27. Naomi Goen 28. Hallie Lindsey 29. Jhalen Sheffield 30. Kaci Rojas THE QUESTIONS: • How did you meet 10? lol sharing crayons in 2nd grade • What would you do if you had never met 6? probably die, man he makes me laugh • What would you do if 20 and 15 dated? i'd be like 'woah gay emo dudes! awesome!!' xD • If you could marry between 6 or 14 who will it be? umm... David for sure <3 his lip ring turns me on i swear i had to admit that. x) • Did you ever like 9? as a best friend :P my awesome buddy • Have you ever seen 4 cry? no, he never cries, he's always happy, it's just cause he's a stoner xD • Would 4 and 17 make a good couple? lol no, but it's funny since Anthony's gf's name is Jennifer, but not the same Jennifer thankfully • Would number 1 and 2 make a good couple? well if they where lesbians xD one's bi the other likes nothing, she's not attracted to either • Describe 8: kinda annoying sometimes mean but my first friend in middle school and he has very very soft hair xD but he's cool most of the time • Do you like 12? yes • Tell me something about 17: her hair effing rocks man, seriously it's like orange and she straightens it to where part of it sticks up and it looks effing coolio • What’s 7’s favorite color? Red :P • What would you do if 1 just confessed they liked you? haha too late, she did like a week ago xD i like her too so it's not a big deal • When was the last time you talked to number 15?: Today, Tuesday, December 14, 2010 :D • How do you think 19 feels about you? i think she thinks i'm weird but awesome at the same time • What language does 13 speak? English and Spanish • Who is 2 going out with? no one, she doesn't like guys or girls, she's like A sexual or something like that, maybe just a narcissist • What grade is 16 in? lol 6th she's a little 6th grader <3 i pick on her cause of that :P • What is 5’s favorite music?: lol he likes Spanish music xD but he also likes metal and screamo sooo, Spanish screamo?? • Would you ever date 13?: haha no. Sock is my best buddy and one of my first friends ever in life (since kindergarten) • Is 11 single?: yes, i think so.. • What is 10’s last name? Denny, like the restaurant :D • Where does 18 live?: sadly, Brownfield, like the next town.. i hate that he lives that far ): • What do you think about 20?: i think his hair rocks yo! xD • What is the best thing about 30? omg, she's the most beautiful person in the world, i'm in love with her too lol, she's very sweet too <3 • What would you like to tell 14 right now? that he's majorly hott and i'd push him against a wall and kiss him, but never ever in my life date him xD • How did you meet 9? art class, she was a new student and sitting by herself so i went and sat with her c: • What is the best and worst thing about 2? BEST- she has almost everything in common with me and she's like the most awesome crazy person in the world WORST- she likes NOTHING romantically, she hates to even think of guys or girls like that • Are you going to know 3 forever? more than likely yes, i met her this year but i'm already really close with her • How long have you known 26? since 6th grade • Who is 24? one of my bestest friends in the world that moved away -cries- i still talk to her like all the time though but there's some major random gaps on no communication what so ever • Are you or did you ever date 2? no, for the last time SHE LIKES NOTHING LIKE THAT! • Do you have a crush on 27? no. that's just.. eww... • Would you kiss 25? no, he's just a friend • Have you hugged/kissed 22? i hug her like everyday never kissed though, it'd be weird • Would you like to hug/kiss 21? hug yes, kiss no • Is 29 your bff? lol kinda sorta • What do you hate about 23? nothing :P
Last edited: 30 December 2010

‹strideriest› says:   9 January 2011   398569  
I'm not a narcissist xD
‹[AyaBraya.♥]› says:   10 January 2011   361889  
yes you are ><;
‹strideriest› says:   29 January 2011   702877  
Nooo, I kid when I say stuff like that. Usually. xD
‹[AyaBraya.♥]› says :   30 January 2011   726921  


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