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my kingdom hearts theoryCategory: video games
Monday, 6 December 2010
07:00:35 PM (GMT)
~♥~ i believe everything will happen pretty much minus the disney and final fantasy characters and i doubt the names will be the same plus i think the world thing won't happen i think everything will break apart by then and there will be alot of tiny continents that are a country each or something like that but i do believe in the story line i think that there's more to it and there's secrets in it like i've found some in the opening the theme song is backwards they did it on purpose yeah it makes sense but not to the game and it reads "wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen i" which is backwards from what it's suppose to be and the song my sanctuary makes alot of sense when you hear it backwards and sora's quote makes a little sense but hearing it backwards it says "Namine, sorry i see now but it went away the mirror; put your rights against the mirror forward and far you are meant far off against the mirror that has your rights" i think the mirror has something to do with kairi but i'm not totally sure and she controls sora's memories which i know has something to do with it and the song backwards says alot of stuff about Ansem which is the problem throughout the whole series pretty much xeonort, xeonort's heartless, xeonort's nobody (terra; will explain in a minute) Xeonort's nobody is Terra because at the end of kingdom hearts birth by sleep on terra's story because Xeomort's soul like leaves his body and takes over terra's while terra's soul is just in his little suit of armor which sucks cause it's hard to beat xeonort's nobody see well Terra's hair turns white and his eyes turn gold and he's already tan i discovered this way way way before that game came out i'd say about 2 years ago it was part of my theory and i was right i didn't exactly know terra's name was terra though i don't think i knew anyway i might have i figured out who ven and aqua where 2 years ago though maybe i got terra too but i'm not totally sure i figured out ventus and roxas where the same person too a long time ago not because they look the same i did research on it and Ventus's soul goes into sora's and comes out when sora plunges that keyblade in him turning himself into a heartless at the end of the first game and that's how roxas was born i knew about the organization members somebodies a long time ago too i unscrambled their names and took out the x the x was put in to represent that they're not that person anymore and it identifies them as a nobody in the organization and i knew about kairi being a princess when it told me of course but through the years i researched her history and stuff and all their names fall in place with Sora Kairi and Riku and it has to do with the game somewhat i just know it does that part i can't explain it's too confusing but Kairi stands for Sea and Riku is Earth and Sora is sky of course only a part of Kairi's name stands for that the Ri i have no idea so yeah that was my theory and well all these i know are facts so yeah if you have any questions (i left out alot, i just put my basic theory, not many details) then ask in a comment ~♥~
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‹strideriest› says:   16 January 2011   904302  
Umm, Robyn dearie, this is a game, you know? I don't mind if you have
your theories and such, but remember that. ^^
‹[AyaBraya.♥]› says :   18 January 2011   325722  
yeah i knowwww but you know how OBSESSED i am with this shit.


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