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Some things ,can't,aren't what they seem to be...(unfinished)Category: (general)
Saturday, 4 December 2010
06:07:31 PM (GMT)
This girl, A small girl, short and pretty in looks. eyes of glass, glazed and
uncaring.she looks upon the world as if it was a grotesque painting of a toddlers
brain. She thinks of humans as a disgusting race of monkeys. Inside her brain she has
a devise plan, a bad plan, her plan to destroy all people. A young woman had taken
her in when she was a child. This woman was a bad woman causing the girl to hate the
world even further. this girl at age of 17 full of such hate. So young and full of
unexplained agony. but a day a year or so back before this point in time she was
fairly happy. Less of this hatred and gloom. Her cloud of misfortune and angry still
had its trail on her but her life was somewhat average and looking up from what was
in the past. 
    It was late December and she got plenty of gifts from her friends at school. she
was good with people even though she some what found them revolting. she didn't like
Christmas very much but she coped with its over zealous cheer. She smiled at the cars
passing by, slowing down to get a clear view of her. Snow flew around like confetti.
Her eyes a glazed emerald, her hair black as night. she was very pale. She enjoyed
the attention immensely. all the sudden a red car stopped on the road and rolled the
window down. A boy, a very handsome boy looked at her and waved her in. she knew he
went to her school and walked over and poked her head into the car and said slyly"oh
sir what is it you'd like to ask me?" the boy laughed and patted the seat next to
him. she thought for only a small moment and opened the door and sat in the seat
putting the window up and rubbing her hands together to warm them. she put her buckle
on and looked over at him, he had been watching her the whole time with his carmal
colored eyes and soft tanned skin. she blushed instantly noticing his shocking
looks."what? stop staring at me!" she stammered shyly. He looked away and started the
car up and pulled away from the side. "why wont you talk to me?" she asked
impatiently. He sighed in a frustrated way and says "I don't know exactly what you
want me to say to you." his voice rolling through her ears like velvet. She looked
out the window and mustered up her voice again and said "well, for one where are you
taking me?" he put his hand on hers and she blushes red, he smiled at her and said
"somewhere very special to me..." he trailed off taking a sharp turn to the left
tires wailing. the cars rear swung to the right as we turned causing her to grip his
hand tightly. "what the effing eff are you doing" she shouted. he laughed smugly "I
about missed our turn" he looked down at their hands and said" i think i'll need my
hand back." she blushed red and snatched her hand away looking out the window arms

‹the Gaythiest› says:   4 December 2010   709794  
Interesting, can't wait for the next part
AnotherAccountYup says:   4 December 2010   850223  
Same  i just need to brew new ideas 
‹the Gaythiest› says :   4 December 2010   483766  
Sorry I'm not a wealth of information in that category 


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