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The Chronicles of La Flor de Infierno: White Rose, Chapter 5Category: TCoLFdI:WR
Friday, 15 October 2010
08:47:46 PM (GMT)
I awoke to two boy's talking.
     "I'll do whatever I can in my power to get Jordan back, Jasper."
     "Thanks, Vladimir."
     I yawned loudly. I walked into the small meadow Vladimir and Jasper were talking
in. "Hey guys." My voice was more tired than I thought I was.
     "Hey Flor." said Jasper. "Your hand alright?"
     I looked down at my hand. As it was, there was dried blood on my knuckles from
hitting the tree last night. Note to self: hitting trees is not a good idea at all.
     "I can fix that." said Vladimir. He placed his hand where the dried blood was
and it instantly disappeared.
     I nodded a thanks to him. He flashed a smile as I turned my head, and I barely
saw his expression change. Jasper cut in.
     "Hey, either of you been to school?" he asked.
     I shook my head. Vladimir, however, nodded.
     "You can come to school with me, Flor." said Jasper. "Everyone loves a new
     I shrugged. "I really don't care. I'm doing fine without it."
     Jasper looked at a mechanical ring around his wrist. Stacie called it a...
watch? Why did I care what Stacie said... She didn't care. "It's almost time to go
anyway." he said. "Come at least for a month. If you hate it, we can say you moved."
     Vladimir smiled. "Excellent idea, Jasper. Go, Flor. I'll wait here until schools
                  ~                         ~                         ~
     "Go on Flor!" whispered Jasper as he nudged me forward.
     I walked up to the front of the class. There was twenty, excluding Jasper and I.
Great: Twenty people to make fun of me and make me mad.
     "I'm... Flor." I said. I looked over at Jasper, who gave me an encouraging nod.
"I... just moved here from..." I had to think fast. Fast fast fast... "Ireland."
     A low murmur of interest erupted in the class. The teacher, Mr.
Loverdale*, quickly ended it. "Thank you, Flor..." he said in a bored voice. I
went back to my seat next to Jasper and sunk down into it.
     I heard some girls whispering next to me. 
     "Did you hear about the new student-teacher?"
     "Yeah. He's supposed to be teaching English. I hear he's hot, too."
     I ignored them and began taking notes down. I was already hating mathematics.
                 ~                         ~                         ~
     At lunch, only Jasper and I were sitting at the table together. Everyone else
was somewhere else. I looked at the table and began studying it. I looked up at
Jasper, who's face had darkened.
     He flicked his head. I looked behind me.
     Two guys with large muscles were walking toward our table. I looked back at
Jasper and pretended to ignore the two boys. 
     "James and Ethan. Captain and LT of the football team." whispered Jasper.
     "Hey, new chic."
     I turned and looked at the two football players. "What." I said flatly.
     The first one, James, sat down to my left. Ethan to my right.
     "Go away, shows..." growled Jasper.
     "Hah." laughed James mockingly. "And I bet you already asked her to the dance?"
     I blinked. "What dance?" I asked. I regretted my question as soon as I said it.
I looked at Jasper apologetically.
     Ethan smiled. Jasper seemed pissed.
     "So..." said Ethan. "Will you go to the dance with me? It's like a prom."
     I looked at Jasper, who finally had enough. He got up and walked away.
     "I don't know if I can go." I said plainly.
     "Aw, c'mon. Just a yes or no in case you can."
     I looked in the direction of Jasper, who was watching me. I saw him nod
     "Yes." I said softly.
     "Awesome!" Ethan smirked.
     "Is something going on here?" 
     Ethan and James looked up. I did as well.
     "No, no, Mr. Flahnerry*." said James. "Just getting a date to the dance,
really. Nothing more."
     "Very well." said Mr. Flahnerry. He looked at me. I saw a glimmer in his eyes.
     I knew those eyes.
     "Have I seen you before?" I called after the student-teacher when he began
walking away from the table.
     "Not that I know of, miss Lucifer." he said back.
     I watched him walk away as the bell rang.

* Loverdale: low ver day lee

* Flahnerry: Flaan air ie
Last edited: 14 January 2012

‹Zboy0112 is my display name.› says:   18 October 2010   203660  
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   20 October 2010   597867  
what do you means O_o 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   20 October 2010   554073  
Very, very good. Probably better than what I have ever written. In my
opinion, it would be better if you gave the description of each room
and character, so I can see pictures of it flow through my mind. It's
one of the hardest parts, but I think you can do it being this
creative. :] Hope you continue writting.
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   24 October 2010   792258  
thanks! i'll do better in the coming chapters thanks for reading <3 
‹Zboy0112 is my display name.› says:   1 November 2010   502159  
I mean Vladimir Tod, Lucifer that weaponfrom the book, and the
unnatural history thing.
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   5 November 2010   287662  
but i didnt mean them as copyrighted? 
‹Zboy0112 is my display name.› says:   6 November 2010   126190  
I know I'm jkin.
GlitterKelly wonders :   14 November 2010   614952  
TO????!!! I gotta shut up, cause what if I'm right again??? lolz 


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