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Dude this omegle changed my life! Its really long but very helpful!Category: (general)
Thursday, 14 October 2010
10:31:03 PM (GMT)
Stranger: hey
You: Hello
Stranger: how are you?
You: Im great u?
Stranger: im good thanks
You: np 
You: Are you a guy or girl?
Stranger: are you a pervy teen?
You: hahah nooo
Stranger: cool, i hope you aint lying aha
Stranger: im a girl 
You: Im a girl too
Stranger: 20 f scotland
You: 15 
You: r u in college?
Stranger: nope ive graduated
Stranger: it works differently here, we leave school at 16 and go to college 
You: wait u graduated from college?
You: ohhhhhhhh jeez thats so cool!
You: Have u lived in scotland ur whole life?
Stranger: yeah
You: awesomee.
You: is it cool being a grown up?
Stranger: lol, dont make me feel old 
Stranger: but yeah, its great 
You: hahah sorry
Stranger: im only 5 years older than you 
You: i know but that culd seem like a million in ur maturity level.
Stranger: yeahh definitely
Stranger: america is so slow compared to europe. i heard most of yous still live with
your parents at 20 years old?
You: yeah i probably will.
Stranger: ive been outa my house since i was 16, fending for myself aha..
You: Im not very independent
Stranger: i now have my own house with my fiance
You: jeez i think thats way to young
You: america is slow
You: if u ever have a choice to come to america... dont it sucks
Stranger: im glad i left at 16, its got me to where I am now
You: was it hard tho?
Stranger: yes very... but its always gonna be hard. its a lot rougher in scotland
compared to america, our parents are traditionalists
You: whats that?
Stranger: i bet american parents support you all the way to you finish college and
get your own house etc...
You: well yeah if they have the money too
Stranger: scottish parents send you out on your 16th birthday to get a job or send
you to college, its your own choice
You: if i lived there i wouldnt be able to survive
Stranger: my parents have always been that way, and their parents too. my grandfather
was working since he was 10 right through to he was 65
You: what if ur not ready, ur parents wont let u stay?
Stranger: theres no reason why you wouldnt be ready
Stranger: you think you wouldnt be ready because you've had a different upbringing
from us here, its a different culture 
You: ohhhhh 
Stranger: im so so glad i did what i did, i have a great life already and im only 20,
and a promising future
Stranger: my fiance and me both have great jobs
You: what r u?
Stranger: job you mean?
You: yes sorry
Stranger: im a scientist, work for the meteorological office
You: Awesome! 
You: is it fun?
Stranger: i think its the best job in the world! 
Stranger: its not boring or anything, i get to travel all over the country, its
really interesting 
Stranger: i mean, ive had 5 or 6 jobs since i left school while i was in college
You: im not the best at science but that sounds really cool
You: what were they?
Stranger: and i would never like to work in one of those jobs for a career, i hated
Stranger: various waitress jobs, i was a barmaid, i worked in a factory 
You: waitress sounds cool but you get low money
Stranger: just to save me up some money for a deposit on my own house, took me 4
years but i got there
You: where did u live before then?
Stranger: i lived with my parents till i was 16 then moved into college accommodation

Stranger: like dormitories 
You: how did you pay for it?
Stranger: by working part time in those jobs 
You: did you struggle a lot?
Stranger: college is free in scotland, you just have to pay for your accommodation 
and your books and things 
You: what! no fair!
Stranger: i didnt struggle, per say... it was a struggle having to leave college at
5pm the go straight to work and work till midnight, then get home and have to study
and do assignments all before you have to start at 8 again 
Stranger: it was a hard hard time of my life but you have to stick at it
You: i give up pretty easily
Stranger: you should never give up at anything 
You: thats why im probably going to stuggle a lot in life
Stranger: we have a saying here in scotland...
You: what is it?
Stranger: buaiteoirì scor riamh, agus nì èirigh buaigh!
Stranger: it means
Stranger: winners never quit, and quitters never win 
You: were u taught to speak scotland first or english?
You: oh they say that here too
Stranger: scottish first 
You: was it hard to learn english?
You: im trying to learn spanish right now and its hard to memorize lol
Stranger: not really, we started to learn english at age 5/6 
Stranger: so kids tend to pick languages up pretty easy and quickly, i could speak
fluent english by the age of 8 or 9 
You: oh wow u guys do learn fast
Stranger: is gà duit a bata ar sè, riamh a thabhairt suas
You: si?
You: hahah:D
Stranger: you need to keep trying, never give up 
Stranger: aha 
Stranger: i guess america has a completely different ethic from us here
You: what do u mean completely different ethic?
You: i try 
Stranger: like work ethic, I knew if i gave up i would be in deep shit, loose my
place in college and end up on the streets
Stranger: whereas you know if you give up you have the safety net there, to support
Stranger: we have no choice, you do 
You: yeahhh... But then if i  do have to result to the "safety net" i feel
disappointed in myself.
Stranger: yeah, but better feeling disappointed in yourself in a nice warm house,
then feeling disappointed for youself sitting on a park bench somewhere freezing 
You: Yeah true
You: why wouldnt your parents take u in for a little while until you could pick
yourself back up.
Stranger: they probably would if it came to it, but it rarely happens, honestly.
theres no reason why you would need you parents help here once your in college
Stranger: i would be ashamed, i would feel as though i had let my family down 
Stranger: i mean, i dont think you know how lucky you are. i find myself one of the
luckiest people on earth to be where i am today, and to have the family i have, and
to have the upbringing i had... i know for a fact there are people way way way worse
off than me
You: yeah. I think that way too but sometimes the bad things in life can make me
forget that.
Stranger: thats what you need to think about when you want to give up. some poor kid
in africa would walk 1000 miles for a bottle of water you pick up in the shop without
even thinking about it
Stranger: that bottle of water is life and death to them, and they wouldnt give up
Stranger: thats the way you have to think, sweetie
Stranger: honestly
Stranger: i dont mean to be a bore, or sound as though im trying to lecture you or
You: Its hard. I feel bad when im sad cuz i feel like im being a brat and then that
just makes me feel worse
You: noo its fine 
Stranger: im just speakin from experience, honestly
You: Its nice to talk to an adult that i dont know, so they cant judge me
Stranger: and youre definatly not a brat just because youre well off compared to
Stranger: you just have to remember when you feel bad about something silly, you
could be way worse off 
Stranger: im sorry i dont want to seem as though im trying to teach you things here,
youre your own person, and you have a different culture to us here
You: No but i sit here and feel sorry for myself sometimes when i really shouldnt. I
just dont know how not to. and it makes me feel bad cuz there are ppl that have it
way worse but i cant seem to see that at the time.
Stranger: but im not judging you, you seem lovely.. but i know for a fact when you
give up (you know this too) that you feel bad, regretful 
Stranger: but the feeling you get is indescribable, when you achieve something youve
been trying so hard for 
You: Yes when i give up, i wait for a while but then i try to do it again sometimes i
succeed most times i dont though.
Stranger: its outa this world, i promise 
Stranger: i think back to the nights where i would get home and feel like killing
myself because i was so tired 
Stranger: actaully being in physical pain with tiredness 
Stranger: but now i look at where its got me to, and im so proud.
Stranger: and i know there were hundreds of other students who were in the same
position as me, and it gives you strength 
You: Im just convinced that theres no hope, i give all my hope into everything and i
try and try and i always end up failing, i sware everytime, it just seems pointless
to me now
Stranger: tà sùil i gcònaì
Stranger: theres always hope
You: i dont like being let down all the time it hurts, and makes me not want to hope
You: but no matter how much i tell myself not to get to excited i always doo and then
it hurts even more when i fail.
Stranger: i know exactly what you mean, but you should be determined 
You: because i was so convinced i wouldnt
Stranger: i know its a cliché, but you CAN do anything if you put your mind to it 
Stranger: you need to be patient, and keep trying
Stranger: even if its 100 times
You: I can try to be positive i guess. I can try my hardest
Stranger: lots of things have happened to me, that i guarantee will probabaly be way
worse than anything you will ever experience
Stranger: i miscarried my baby in july
You: but if i end up being let down again its just going to be hard to be positive
Stranger: the worst experience of my life
You: !
Stranger: but you just have to get on with it, it happens
Stranger: and everything happens for a reason
You: yeah but for those children who get abused, what is the reason for that?
Stranger: even i dont have an answer for that 
Stranger: im sure the devil is incarnate with those monsters 
Stranger: and those people will meet their maker one day, i believe 
You: what do u mean?
You: like they will get what they deserve?
Stranger: i just believe that what goes around comes around
Stranger: yeah
You: Good
Stranger: i promise you 
Stranger: the next 5 years will be the best years youve had so far
Stranger: you will experience so many things, ups and downs
Stranger: but it will make you who you are 
You: i dont know who i am tho.
Stranger: youre at an odd time in your life though
Stranger: it takes time to find who you are
Stranger: i dont know if its the same in america because the drinking age is 21...
but we had some wild weekends
Stranger: and its all life experience for you 
Stranger: it will ship and shape you 
You: I hope so.. thank you for this talk it has changed my perspective on things
Stranger: im glad
Stranger: i promise you will have a great time
You: what time is it in scotland?
Stranger: and dont let the bad times get you down
Stranger: its 0326 
You: I will try not to.. I will try as best i can
You: 8o what?
Stranger: half past 3 in the morning 
You: ohhhh i see it now lol
You: Im sorry i have to go to bed now for school tomorrow. Again Thank you! for the
educational talk haha.  Nice to meet you btw. Ill never talk to u again hahah.
You: oh what was your name?
Stranger: Sìobhan 
Stranger: and you?
You: Ashlea.
Stranger: its been a pleasure Ashlea, thanks very much its been interesting. remember
you have youre whole life ahead and you will love it! just enjoy yourself and try
hard. remember everything i said to you
You: I will  Thank you!
Stranger: Bealtaine Dia a bheith agat i do thodhchaì, Ashlea
Stranger: an old scottish saying... may the holy spirits guide you in your future 
You: Thank you Siobhan. If i ever become famous for some reason i will thank you in
my speech haha
Stranger: I will keep an eye out for you. have a good one Ashlea
You: Thank you, you to  Good bye.
Stranger: goodbyee xx

‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   14 October 2010   965876  
I'll read this later. Kay? haha. Pointless comment, I know. But I'm
too lazy to read. haha.
‹The Lark› says:   16 October 2010   668866  
Wo. That is pretty inspirational. :D
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   16 October 2010   821123  
I love when that happens to me on there! Like the other day I had a
similar talk with this random guy from Florida... but about
relationships... which was weird cause I didn't even bring up that
topic... haha. But it did change the way I looked at things a little.
‹<3OurGODisLOVE!!<3› says :   16 October 2010   196489  
I know right?  i loved that conversation. I like the people who
actually take the time to talk to u instead of saying hay r u a girl
and if ur not his age they disconnect. 
Thats strange.... I also had a talk with a random guy from florida
about relationships.......


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