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That Guy~ Sex StoryCategory: (general)
Friday, 1 October 2010
11:15:59 PM (GMT)
Hey, This is my sex story. 
Please no haterz. If you don't like it just dont read it. 
And all the sex stories i write are to Sex stories author. 
Who inspired me to write these stories. 
Hope you enjoy [= 

I went to this club called Black out. It was all black except for colorful lights
whirling around, with 3 stripper poles in the middel of the club. There were two guys
on their own pole and a girl on her own also. 
I was just dancing and a guy came up from behind me and then stated to dance in my
rythem. I was a little drunck and didnt care. 
Then he satrted doing like a humping dance behind me and i was getting turned on. So
he grabs my waists and takes his time guiding his hads down. Thne he grabbed my pussy
and started massaging me. He was good at this and was getting me horny. I stopped his
hand and wispered in his ear. "Come with me." 

           I grabbed his hand and ran to the "private" rooms.They jst had curtains
seethrough also. And were totally NOT  sound proff ;( the rooms were color coded so i
chose the purple one since i liked the purple the most. I pushed the guy inside and
plopped him on the bed. This was my first real look at the  guy. He had black hair
brwon eyes, and a seethrough shirt with a leatcher jacket. He had on black jeans. 
 He was watching me as i threw off my shirt took off my bra, took my pants off and
then my underwear.I let him gaze at my body. My long ash blonde hari, my deep green
eyes, and my ferocious body. I was a super model for 17 magazine so i was used to
doing this. I very slowly crwled on the bed up next to him. Letting him gaze at all
my features. He took his time  
"Now its your turn. Or do you need some help?" I said in my best sexy voice, teasing
him. He looked at me then chuckled under his breath. "Ah, I'll let you know." He tole
me. And Took off all his clothes. He had a nice six pack. He jumped on top of me and
was kissing me deeply. 
He kept kissing me hader and arder each time. He started massaging my clit again and
then i grabbed his cock with my hand and massaged himtoo. I tarted moaning. he was so
good at this. Then he got on top of me in a saddle postion. his cock staring me
straight in the face. 

"Suck it." He hissed at me Breathlessly. I shook my head. His cock must have been 10
inches big. "I said suck it, bitch!" then he forced his cock into my mouthand i
started sucking. It was kinda horny though. espesically when he started fucking my
mouth. In and out deeper and harder each time.  
I was getting super horny and i think i was cumming. My mouth was full of cock and
now i just wanted pleasure so i backed my head and his cock was out of my mouth and
then he got on tap of me ans started fucking me he did bigger and deeper each time 
then faster and harder.  
I might have been screaming at the pleasure. When he stopped fucking me we just layed
there breathing heavily. Thhen he started getting his clothes on.
                  "Hey I never got your name..." he said to me. 
"Oh yeah its Alexandra Power. Alex for short and yours?" I asked him.
But instead he didn't answer me. 

He just smiled at me cruley and left.

Miss_Tay_And_Stayin_That_Way says:   26 November 2010   592394  
Alexandra power? really? i mean Come.On. Really?
i swear to god you are the most dorky and ridiculus person iknow....
god britty, i dont know wat goes thru ur head some times XD jk
that was pretty good, we should have a competition for sex stories to
see who is better at different catergories, i know ill win in BDSM and
bondage XD so come lets duel!
wow this is a very long and off topic comment... lol i bet ur bored
noaw,....ima shutup noaw
Synthia says:   27 November 2010   735462  
immma win this competion!!!!!
Miss_Tay_And_Stayin_That_Way says:   22 January 2011   502925  
hahha thats hilairious  Synthi XD

you humor me
oh and btw jake isint actually that bad hes a perv though, i like
that, jkjkjkjk(not really) but really lol
‹<Crushing On A Guy>› says :   18 September 2011   454642  
Wow.Just wow.This is the kind of things I dream about.

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