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i need advice,...on cutting.Category: stupidity
Sunday, 26 September 2010
02:15:14 PM (GMT)
i cut myself, and i cant stop. ive been severely depressed latey and i actually
tried to commit suicide last week... i cant take being this way
i was happier than i had ever been a few weeks ago when i got my boyfriend, but
lately he hasnt been talking to me either.
i cut myself almost everyday, and i dont know what to do. ive tried to stop before
but its really hard.
ive also been staying up in my room alot in the dark drowning everybody out with
music so that i dont have to talk to anyone.
my family has been fighting a lot lately also and that just depresses me further.
they all fight all the time, and i cant stop them anytime i try to make peace with
them i always end up the bad guy so i end up crying in my room. its times like these
when i wish my mom was here so she could hug me and comfort me.
i miss her so much
i just want to be with her wherever she is
any advice on any of these factors?
cutting, depression, suicide, or family matters

starwars writes:   26 September 2010   260790  
been there, done that.

I know it seems really tough right now, but one day, you'll look back
and it'll be all worth it. "What doesn't kill you, makes you
stronger". and I know how death may seem like the only possible
answer, but if you try to be happy, and focus on whats good in
life[don't say nothing, there is always something], you'll be able to
pull through this darkness, and be happy once again. If you ever need
to talk, and just let everything out, i'm here. even though i'm a
stranger, i've been there and I'm definately willing to listen.
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   26 September 2010   778267  
thank you, i do try to be happy and when im with my best friends i am
happy, but when i come home it turns into hell again i cant stand it.
and i havent even been able to get out a proper sentace without crying
lately, its just so confusing now that my mother's gone :[
starwars writes:   26 September 2010   985880  
I know what you mean. 
I absolutely hate being home.
I used to just be out and about for days on end.
it may be confusing now, but it'll all make sense one of these days. 
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   26 September 2010   984520  
i hope so 
again thank you.
starwars writes:   26 September 2010   360679  
no problem, dear. 
Medication says:   26 September 2010   811253  
Been there as well.
Still am there sort of some days.

Go to a guidance councilor, or a hospital, I really think you're in
need of serious help. I know what's it's like, and I know  the idea of
doing something like that seems terrifying, but I didn't do it, and
now I regret it more than anything.
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   26 September 2010   471687  
i couldnt even go if i wanted to 
my family doesnt have any money
and we're struggling to get our insurance back
i would go i honestly would
Medication says:   26 September 2010   608597  
//forgot most of the people on here are american.
School guidance councilor?
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   26 September 2010   475168  
my councelor?
she probably already knows from reports from my last school >.....>
the only person in my family that knows is my older sister.
but i cant even talk to her
she practically hates me no matter how hard i try to make her care :/
Medication says:   26 September 2010   641269  
I really don't know what to say.
Just talk to an adult about it.
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says :   26 September 2010   175480  
alright, thank you


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