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Friday, 24 September 2010
03:11:47 PM (GMT)
How many times have you skipped class?
oh goodness, many times haha
How many years have you known your second closest friend?
uhmhmhm around 11 or 12?
How many alarm clocks are in the house?
uuh.. 3, i guess.
How many people have you argued with?
today, none i think.
How many times have you watched your favorite movie?
i have many favorite movies! and i've watched them all a lot,
except Inception. only seen that once.
How many people do you live with?
How many pairs of boots do you own?
thrrreeeee? i think ahha
How many times have you cried over the opposite sex?
fffffs too many times
How many people have been in your house at one time?
oh i don't know.
How many stuffed animals are in your room?
too many.
How many cellphones have you went through?
just one (a) getting a new one some time in october thouugghh.
How many pets do you have?
What would you do if...
... iffffff..
What would you do if you could never listen to music again?
i'd be incredibly fucking disappointed with life.
What would you do if your current bf/gf cheated on you?
i'd be pissed?
What would you do if you could never wear jeans again?
trackpants.. haha
What would you do if your dad became president?
oh god. i'd be happy for america. he's so chill lmfao
What would you do if you lost your most important possession?
i don't even think i have one. i just have multiple things i'd rather not lose.
What would you do if your house burned down?
fucking pissed off!
What would you do if your best friend didn't want to be friends anymore?
which one?
What would you do if you had to move do a different state/province?
i wouldn't. (a)
What would you do if someone shaved your head?
i'd cry.
What would you do if Jesus came to your front door?
i thought you died.
What would you do if your house was robbed?
uuh.. get new stuff i guess?
What would you do if your sister/brother got married?
lmfaoflsdfgjfdgh he wouldn't.
What would you do if dogs became extinct?
i'd cryyy.
What would you do if the last person you kissed proposed to you?
ohmygod. i'd probably say yes. that sounds incredibly stupid, i know.
but we're young and we're not allowed to get married yet..
well i think he can. so for the time being, it would kind of just be a promise,
nothing wrong with that.
Have you ever...
Have you ever broke a body part?
Have you ever broke someone else's body part?
Have you ever changed for a guy/girl?
i haven't changed for someone, but they've changed my views on a few things.
Tried to jump on a celebrity but been stopped by the security guards?
lmao, no.
Have you ever complained about the last person you spoke to?
plenty of times lmfao.
Have you ever cried on your mom's shoulder?
no. how sad is that? lmfaolmfao
Have you ever dialed 911 as a prank?
yeah, with my brother once.
i figured if i hung up as soon as i was done dialing, it wouldn't go through.
it did, and they called back a few times rofl
"oops wrong number"
Have you ever won a talent show?
lmao, no.
Have you ever spilled a drink on a expensive electronic item and ruined it?
no, but my dad spilled wine on his laptop.
Have you ever fainted when someone told you shocking news?
no lmao
Have you ever swooned over the Jonas Brothers?
good fucking lord, no.
Have you ever bought a piece of makeup that cost over $100?
the most expensive piece of makeup i have i think is like,
only over 30$ i think.
Have you ever been cheated on by someone who claimed to love you?
Have you ever got food free because the waiter thought you were hot?
lmao that'd be nice! the other day when i went to Cafe Amore,
the waiter kept looking at me weird and he would talk to me instead of mark.
i thought that was amusing.
Do you...
Do you have someone who will always be there for you?
Do you act dumb to get guys/girls to like you?
lol kristina. no.
Do you know anyone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day?
Do you follow the rules?
depends which rules they are.
Do you have a friend who secretly really annoys you?
Do you always have Pepsi at your house?
almost never.
Do you watch Sponge Bob?
fucking scary.
Do you count sheep when you can't sleep?
that's never worked for me lmao
What is...
What is your best friend's name?
i have many!
What is your neighbour's name?
i don't know.
What is your least favorite swear word?
i don't know.
What is the best and most romantic way to propose to someone?
not in a stadium, lmao.
What is something that always makes you laugh?
off-colour jokes.
What is the name of your hometown?
St. Catharines.
What is the most gentle way to turn someone down?
there's really no gentle way haha
What is the ugliest girl name?
Agnes. sorry, aunt anges. lmfao
What is the most boring thing to do?
watch your boyfriend play video games for 6 hours.
What is the funnest kind of question to answer?
the ones that are trying so hard to be personal.
What is the most useless thing you know?
can't list them all.
What is your favorite pair of pants?
idk lmfao
What is the best flavour of ice cream?

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