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Monday, 13 September 2010
03:54:23 PM (GMT)
What word would describe how you're feeling at this very moment?
satisfied. i has these pizza things, and i have no homework! tonight will be nice.
Have you been wasting your time on someone?
apparently i have.
Have you ever hugged a stranger?
Describe your fashion style.
some days i'm like "oh hi here's some campus crew i must be a prep"
and then other days it's like "hipstersayswhat"
so i really don't know, it varies.
How many people do you know by the name 'Emily'?
none personally.
Are you more hungry or thirsty right now?
What name do you love?
Gabriel, Olive, and Jill.
What name do you detest?
stupid names. mainly common ones.
What is your texting plan?
unlimited talk & text, 20$ per month?
How many different thoughts do you think you go through every minute?
jesus christ i can't even list all of them.
Who is the youngest gay person you know?
i have no idea.
Do you ever watch Adult Swim?
When was the last time you showered in your swimsuit?
can't remember,
Do you have a friend who acts her shoe size rather than her age?
lmfao best like.. describing term i've heard all day.
but yeah, definitely.
If so, why are you friends with her?
i really don't know.
When was the last time someone complimented you?
"your plugs look so good on you!"
"these aren't plugs.."
dani in photog lmfaoo
Do you prefer your hair curly, straight, or wavy?
currrrly plz.
What colors look best together?
mint or light yellow + light gray.
Have you ever babysat someone other than your siblings?
How old were you when your parents gave you 'the talk'?
never got a "talk".
Do you think voice cracks are cute?
Who do you prefer: Mickey Mouse or Goofy?
.. none.
Chip or Dale?
...... none.
What is the color of your Math folder/binder?
Do you use spirals for any subjects?
What is your birth stone?
How well can you play the piano?
pretty good i guess. i learn by watching/listening, not from notes.
What time is it right now?
Why are you taking this survey?
i'm rather bored.
Have you ever fallen in a hole?
.. probably hahaa
What color hair does your best friend have?
blonde, blonde, blonde, reddish brown, brown, blonde, black..
i have a lot of best friends, k.
Do you think David Bowie has cool eyes?
Do you know anyone with blue hair?
i've seen this one girl at a grocery store once, and she had blue hair.
it was kind of gross.
If you could get any color highlites, what color would you get?
none, good lord, that died in like 2004.
Do you get along with your neighbors?
no, not really.
What do you like most about your house?
it's cute.
Do you wish you could move to a new house?
Do you have any birth marks?
island birthmark on my hip, triforce birthmark on my left knee!
Do you know anyone of the opposite gender with your name?
.. Jack?
How far can you see out your bedroom window?
uuuhh.. i see the street.
Do you prefer mayonnaise or mustard?
Is there anything on the floor around you that belongs somewhere else?
uuuuhh.. nope
Does your house have an elevator?
lol no
What about a fountain?
Are your grandparents the kind that bake cookies and take you to carnivals?
my grandma likes to bake, but no carnivals.
Has anyone ever pinched your cheeks?
yes.. =___= almost daily
Have you ever questioned your sexuality?
LOL no
Have you ever been backstabbed?
i think so.
Have you ever backstabbed someone?
no, don't think so.
What are on your pajamas?
which ones?
Do you prefer mopping or sweeping?
.. none thnx.
Now with the invention of the vacuum, when did you last mop or sweep?
.. i.. i just don't.
What color is your toothbrush?
What color is your shampoo bottle?
How about your soap?
Do you have a big shower?
i guess..?
Does the hot water run out after a while?
not really, unless someone flushes the toilet upstairs.
Do you have a cactus plant in your house?
Are you thinking about someone right now?
now i am~~
Why do people keep scorpions as pets anyway?
because they are fucked.
Have you ever watched an animal being eaten by another animal?
mhm. Stadium Love - Metric LOL
What scares you the most?
lots of things.
Do you like anyone at the moment?
more than like.

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