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We are living a modern day holocost.Category: (general)
Friday, 23 July 2010
04:36:36 PM (GMT)
The world is going 70 years into the past and starting a new
Holocaust. Why hasn't anyone heard of it? Because we're all in it, every single one
of us and our roles:

Adolf Hitler= The Christian church and it's teachings. The Christian church
makes assumptions about races, lifestyles and sexual orientations. It teaches that
certain people will go to Hell for actions that are, quite frankly, harmless. It
teaches that love is important but at the same time says that love between a man and
a man, a woman and a woman or not feeling right in your own gender is wrong even
though the person displays a type of love that is strong enough that person will
fight for marriage.

The Hitler Youth= Children that are taught by their parents that anyone who is
different than themselves is an abomination and should be treated as such. Because of
this there are more racist and prejudice children than ever before. These children
are most likely to grow up to commit some kind of hate crime in their lives.

Nazis= People who let religion, rather than free judgment, rule over their
lives. These people blindly follow the churches teachings as well as their lies and
sometimes even go against their free will to do what the church says. Although these
peole might not have a problem with people who are different at first, their views
could easily change with religious influence and they start to hate, even degrade
those people. These people have a complex that tells them that if they encounter
someone who doesn't meet church standards that person could "drag them down to Hell
with them".

Jews and Non-Aryans= People of different race, lifestyles and the GLBT
community. These people are shunned by society because they are different than other
people. We are all the same on the inside and that includes these people, but society
fails to view or believe it as true.
Don't get me wrong. I'm NOT saying that EVERYONE fits these descriptions but from what I've seen over the years and more so in the past month it is a very accurate description of what's happening not only in this area, but everywhere. I'm sorry if I've offended people with this but in all reality people have offended me lately and I can't take it anymore. I'm trying to make people see what the world is becoming because of people's closed-mindedness to people who are marked as different. In a lighter note, I hope I opened your eyes to what I see is happening in the world and I hope that someone takes action because in all actuality, I can't fight it alone. At this point I feel much like a Sonderkommando, a Jew in a camp recruited by Nazis to work as their own in exchange for special treatment. I never chose this side, full of hate, judgment and lies, but I shamefully admit I stay here for the special treatment I receive, aka not getting ridiculed for being different as often as I used to. Let me inform you on the Sonderkommando Revolt at Auschwitz-Birkenau. In 1944 a group of Sonderkommandos got tired of getting special treatment for someone they weren't so they blew up the crematoria. Ultimately, there weren't very many of them so they were all killed. The point is that one day we'll all get tired of either being treated poorly or being treated as someone we're not an we'll make a stand, hopefully not a violent one, and end all the suffering cause by the hate of the world today. -Steffanna Cochran.
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YuiitsuSakka says :   23 July 2010   837588  
@Medic : Also, none of that made ANY relevance what-so-ever to
how Obama is creating another Holocaust. 


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