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My thoughts, on LifeCategory: (general)
Sunday, 18 July 2010
04:05:11 AM (GMT)
From the moment we're conceived, we become a new already predicted story. This
story could end almost immediately after conception, or it could go on for 100 years.
Only the author knows. Who is the author exactly? Is he/she the one described in the
book written thousands of years ago by people who couldn't possibly know what only
the author of themselves knows? How could this be? He who contradicts himself plenty
of times, claiming that every life is sacred, yet those who have commit sin will burn
in Hell unless otherwise forgiven?
I suppose an ultimate question; do we even have an author? Is there a higher power at
all? Or did we just evolve from nothingness like every other animal on our planet?
And where did our planet come from?
Are there ghosts? If there is supposed to be a Heaven, why do spirits walk with us on
Earth? Maybe they haven't moved on, but does that mean that there are in fact other
planes than Heaven and Hell should they exist?
Do we have freewill? Not exactly. If you go by the theory of fate, yes we make
choices, or we think we do, but in reality, they are already made for us. The way we
die is not up for negotiation. You see, as soon as they author starts writing, he
already knows the ending. What's in between is up to the main character.
Why be afraid of death? Is it because you're afraid of going to "Hell" or is it
simply because you know that what you believe in might not be true? You don't even
have faith in your faith. I think that people are afraid of death because they don't
know what's on the other side. Is life eternal? Once we leave this material world, do
our spirits live on?
And yes, I do believe we have spirits. Because if we didn't, where would thought have
come from? Does the author place completely different thoughts in everyone's minds?
Or does he even have the power to do that? Well isn't that a silly question. If
he/she does exist, he/she has the power to do practically anything, right?
One of the most commonly asked questions: Why are we here?
Theory: To experience.
Do you ever find yourself thinking that the world was created for you, and that
you're meant to do something amazing? I think that that has crossed every single
person's mind at least once, even if they won't admit it. Hell, I admit it. I've
thought that before, maybe more than once.
Do you see how many questions there are in this? Well, certainly more than
statements. The funny thing is, we can only come up with theories. These things will
truly be answered once we've left the material world, or so I believe. And it's not
like we can come back to the material world and let everyone know; we will be
questioning this for eternity.
----What do you think of all this?

Oroborus21 says:   18 July 2010   868534  
a lot of questions..perhaps far too many for anyone to discuss them
out very well.

one point i want to comment on. you said:
And yes, I do believe we have spirits. Because if we didn't, where would thought have come from?
the idea of "spirits" and cognition or cognitive processes (aka thoughts) have nothing to do with each other. many life forms have thoughts and yet for the most part (except in some belief systems) such things arent considered to have a spirit. and on the other hand, some belief systems posit that there are spirits in many things, even plant life, earth and rock, water, elemental substances...which show no indication of cognition. so i dont think your conclusion or premise on that point is correct. personally, i dont believe in the idea that we have a spirit, in the sense that some think, namely a "soul" or an "immortal soul." with regards specifically to what is referred to in the bible, torah, and quran (and yes i am focusing on these sacred texts due to their prominence) the term translated "spirit" is the greek "pneuma" or hebrew "ruah" which both refers to "wind or air"....and reflecting really the process of respiration or breathing. Something that dies, stops breathing and thus it is like the air that is the "spirit" goes out....and the air is the "breath of life" that is said to be breathed into something to make it alive. That is all spirit is....breath, or symbolically that fact of respiration which makes alive and keeps alive a thing and distinguishes it from something dead. But the idea of a concious insubstantial something that moves on after we die is a lie that has been perpetuated throughout human history.
‹Minus Existence› says :   18 July 2010   743897  
Well I tend to disagree with you, but thanks for enlightening me on
another position =)


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