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RANDAAAAAAAAAM jamieCategory: (general)
Thursday, 8 July 2010
06:07:41 PM (GMT)
well first off ...checkz out this oh sew lovely interwebby pop up i got ...

fff ttttly could be haahaa -snort-  he picks me see! LEWK HES MAKIN EYES AT ME ...
anyway so for laughs i click it, and then it redirects to some weightloss pill sale
and " tips to flat stomach in 5 days"
what the SHITE omg, ilold. 
talk about the interweb screwing young girls minds and actions ,using the bieber
weeds face.

anyway im sewww bored. so i am doing on of those pointless surveys of randomness

1when was the last time you cried? 3 days ago 
 2Have you ever faked sick? no
 3What was the last lie you said? "i am ok"
 4Have you ever cried during a movie? yeah ,a couple.
 5Who was the last person you couldn't take your eyes off of? it is always HER 
 6Have you ever danced in the rain? yeah ,i do all the time ! its lovely
 7Have you ever been drunk? many times, but people say i dont change at all.
 8Have you ever tried tried drugs? no
 9Do you smoke? no, i care about my body and lungs 
 10What's the farthest you've ever gone on a dare? cant remember but i would do some
stupid things , most have involved crossdressing 
 11What is your full name? ----
 12What is your blood-type? ---
 13Have you ever been in a car accident? no
 14How old were you when you recieved your first kiss? 13
 15Who was your first kiss? chriss !
 16Have you ever had an online relationship? no but i have had very strong feelings
twice now for 2 people ,online ,and i proved to myself i cant take it well .
17Have you ever had phone-sex? O3O
 18Have you ever been rejected by a crush? yes
 19What is your favourite sport to play? running / trampolining
 20Have you ever made a prank phone call? yes
 22What's your favourite childhood memory? my first ever ballet classes
 23Is there anything that you have done that you regret? some things
 24What do you want to be when you grow up? a dancer 
 25What is your political persuassion? meh
 26Have you ever had cybersex? not SEX no.
 27Do you believe in g-d? ?
 28Do you believe in love at first sight? yes
 29Do you believe in karma? sorta
 30Who was your first crush? chriss
 31Who do you have a crush on? someone
 32How would you describe yourself? dorky and friendly
 33What are you afraid of? the future
 34Are you religious? partly
 35What does your screen name mean? lady gaga ...inspired.
 36What person do you trust the most? my best friend 
 37Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend? chriss
 38What is the best compliment you have ever recieved? often i am called
stunning/gourgeous ,but it reallymakes me haappy when people like my traits
instead,my laugh ,my walk ,my persona ...and when they tell me, i am happy !
 39What is the meanest thing anyone has said about you? i am stupid 
 40What is the longest crush/relationship you have had? neary a year
 41What is your greatest strength? passion
 42What is your greatest weakness? worry
 43What is your perfect pizza? cheeeeeeeese
 44What is your first thought when waking up in the morning? yawwwwn i am sleepy
 45What is your first thought before you go to bed? i am sleepy
 46What college do you want to go to? .
 47Do you get along with your family? fairly ok.
 48Do you play any instruments? bass,drums,electric drums 
 49What kind of music do you like? indierock,garage rock ,punk,rocknroll,ska,funk
,disco ,electro ,acoustic ,alternative ,SOMEemo .
 50Do you think you're attractive? i think i have been blessed to some extent with
good features ,yes.
 51Would you ever get a tattoo? yes
 52How many piercings do you have? 1
 53Who makes you laugh? other people laughing with me , random funny chats and
facts,humourous tv and movies , pulling faces ,my friends , youtube ..
 54Who would you want to be tied to for 24hours? YOUUU
 55Have you ever seen a dead body? yes, my granda 
 56Do you have a celebrity crush? maybeee some....ok MANY.
 57What is one thing scientists should invent?  mind reading device!
  58Have you ever broken a bone? yes many 
 59What happens after you die? we rest in peace
 60Do you watch or read the news? sometimes
 61What stereotype would you label yourself as being? idc
 62Would your friends agree with that stereotypic label? they call me a prep
 63If yo ucould change your name, what would you change it to? SHAZZNAY <3 HAHAHA 
 64If you could go back in time to one point in your life, where would you
 65If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change? idk
 66Have you ever gone skinny dipping? umm
 67Have you ever played strip poker? no
 68Would you ever lie to someone to make them feel good about themselves? no
 69What do you want your friends to think about you? COOL DUUUDE
 70Whats the biggest argument you've ever gotten into? many and idk
 71HAve you ever bitten someone? yes,my sister
 72When's your birthday? soooon
 73Have you ever stolen anything? no
 74Do you make wishes on shooting stars? nonever seen one before...
 75Whats the most you've ever eaten in one sitting? idk
 76If you could go back and change one day, what would it be? idk
 77Do you remember your dreams? yes, toomany
 78Have you ever been in love? kinda maybe sorta 
 79Are you a morning person or a night person? NIGHT
80Do you have any phobias? some
 81What's the meanest thing you've ever done to someone? ..idk/r
 82Have you ever been to the hospital (other then birth? ,yes/
 83How many screen names do you have? many .
 84Do any medical problems run in your family? idk
 85Have anyone ever been disowned from your family? no
 86Have you ever had a nightmare? yes
 87Do you say meaner things to your friends or your enemies? none. I AINT MEAN .
 88Would you ever participate in a threesome? O3O 
 89Would you ever pay for a prostititue? no
 90Have you ever mooned or flashed someone? HAAA 8D ; 
 91Have you ever cheated on your bf/gf? no
 92Have you ever laughed so hard you peed in your pants?no
93Have you ever written a love letter? yes
 94Have you ever attempted suicide? no
 95Do you prefer boxers or briefs? sexaaay briefs with patterns
 96Have you ever been in a fistfight? kinda
 97Do you have any hidden talents? yes
 98What is one thing you want me to know about you? i have my belly buton pierced !
 99What is one question you wouldn't want me to ask? idk
 100Do you usually prefer books or movies? BOOKS
 101Who is your favourite person to talk to? you <3
 102Who is always able to cheer you up when you're sad? you <3
 103Would you ever have sex before marriage? yes
 104Who do you talk to most on the phone? luka
 105Do you have a secret that yo'ure ashamed of? yes
 106Do you prefer british or american spelling of words? british !
 107Have you ever gotten detention? no
 108How do you vent your anger? DANCE 
 109Have you ever been on a diet? yes
 110Would you ever date someone younger than you? Older than you? idk
 111Is your best friend a virgin? no 
 112What's a rumor someone has spread about you? idk
 113What's the kinkiest thing you could ever actually see yourself as doing? O3O
thatd be tellin!
 114What's the meanest thing anyone has ever done to you , idkk
 115What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you? lloved me
 116Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness? no
 117Have you ever cut yourself on purpose? no
 118Have you ever wanted to murder someone? no
 119Have you ever hated someone? yes
 120Do you prefer talking on the phone or online? online
 121Do you consider yourself popular? yes
 122Would you ever tell the person you have a crush on that you like them? maybe ..
 123Have you ever had a crush on an enemy? yes 
 124Have you ever had a crush on a best friend? yes
 125What is your favourite book? coraline
 126Do you have a collection of anything? buttons and dance medals
 127Are you happy with the person you are becoming? sorta
 128Are you a different person now then you were 5 years ago? yes SO VERY MUCH
 129What do you see yourself as being in 5 years from now? hopefully happy and well
 130Are you happy with the life you have ,yes, but i dream of lights and action and
bigger things ! always.


‹Legendary Catwoman› says :   27 December 2010   527544  
Rocksome! You rocks and this is awesome!

Next entry: ENTER JAYMIES MUSIC ....LAND ? HURRR ..i say "amaze" ALOT in category (general)
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