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What if I say I'll Never Surrender(A Dramione)Category: my writings
Thursday, 1 July 2010
01:26:29 AM (GMT)
She looked behind the balusters to the blond man. His arms were chained to the wall
to stop his ways of escape. He was sitting on the floor with a once white shirt which
is stained with blood now and a pair of dirty jeans. His long, blond hair was
greasier than Snape’s and was falling on his handsome face. From his eyes, it was
easily seen that he was in pain and extremely tired, but he wasn’t broken yet.

“If only he talks… If only he cooperates… Everything will turn fine,” thought
the girl.

She didn’t know this, but the blond man was looking, alright staring, at her, too.
Maybe it was checking out, but anyways, it is not the important thing right now. He
was looking at her like he was trying to picture her for his memory, as this was the
last time he could see her. He adored the way that her brown hair fell on her
shoulders, he adored how her eyelashes gently danced, he adored the way her breasts
move as she took breaths, he adored everything about her. At last, his eyes fell on
hers. They were looking at him with pity. He didn’t like when people pity him.

As their eyes locked, a chill went down of her spine, like it used to. The eyes…
The once full of joy, grey eyes… What made these eyes turn cold? 

She decided that she had to do something, and got away from the dungeon, and went
into the kitchen, where the Order meeting would be held in fifteen minutes.
He sighed and let his head fall down. Tears started to flow from his eyes. He thought
that this time she would talk to him. This time everything would be better. This time
he ‘d say that he loved her, again. But they didn’t happen.


The Order meeting was started. Everyone was talking with each other furiously, well
now everyone. The brunette wasn’t talking at all, nor she was facing the crowd. She
was looking out of the window. It was a stormy night, like her heart. The wind was
blowing like it was trying to destroy their shelter. There were thunderstorm far away
from there, and they were the only thing that lighted the night.

“Hermione. Aren’t you going to say something?” asked her long time boyfriend,
Ron Weasley.

“What do you want me to say, Ron?”

“Actually, Hermione, we were talking about what to do to… what to do…”
continued Ginny.

“About Draco?” asked Hermione.

“You use his name? Jeez, Herms, after all he did to us!” spatted Ron.

“Stop calling me Herms!” yelled Hermione inside.

“I know what he did to us, Ron. I know what he did to you. But there must be a
reason. I don’t know what it is, but there must be. No one will turn something like
that without a reason.”

“You want a reason! You want a reason! I’ll give you what the reason is! It is
the Malfoy blood! They have it in the family! Of course he is going to kill people,
of course he is going to be cruel. This is the fucking reason!” yelled Ron.

“Ron, calm down,” said Harry and made Ron sit back his seat. 

“I don’t think that Hermione is wrong,” said someone from the other corner,
Remus. “There must be a reason. Also, this things don’t go with the blood, Ron.
If it did, Sirius had to be like that, too. But he was one of the best men I’ve
ever know.”

Silence fell on the room as Sirius’ name mentioned. A lot of time had passed, but
the scar was still there.

After a while Hermione started to speak.

“Please, let me talk to him.”

“For how long, Hermione. We all are trying to talk with him. But he is not
cooperating. We used everything we had, from sweet talk to torture. We can’t do
much longer,” said Mr. Weasley.
Hermione knew that this wasn’t the real thing that Mr. Weasley was trying to say.
He was trying to say that, they needed to kill him, because if they didn’t, Draco
was going to give information about the Order to Voldemort. 

“You didn’t use me. I can-“

But Ron interrupted furiously. 

“Do you seriously think that I’d let you go near that killer all by yourself!”

“Ron, stop being over-protective! Of course you can! Where were I? Oh. I may talk
to him. Maybe he will tell something to me.” Hermione was selecting her words
carefully. She was revealed that Ron interrupted her before, because she started the
sentence with wrong verb. And nobody seemed to understand to sudden change of the

The silence filled the room again. Everyone was thinking about what to do, even
Hermione. Then she made her decision.

“I’ll kill him myself. Let me talk to him tonight, and if he doesn’t cooperate,
I’ll kill him with my own wand.”

Every head turned to Lupin, thinking that he was the one to make the decision,
because he was the leader of their small pack.

“Hermione, you may go. But please, be careful.”

Hermione nodded and went to the dungeon.


Draco woke up because of the sound of the door. 

“I told you that I won’t say anything to you! I told you that I won’t be a part
of your little order!” He said as he looked to see who came in. “Oh, it’s
you,” he whispered.

Hermione didn’t talk for a second, not for a second, but a long while. She sat near
to Draco and cupped his face with her hands. Their eyes locked again.

“Draco, this is the time. Now or never,” he thought to himself.

“Mione, there is something I need to tell you. I never stopped loving you,

Hermione just remained her silence. She lowered her face and kissed him.

As their lips locked, a very great amount of energy surrounded them, not only them,
the house, too. Everyone felt it, but nearly no one knew what it was. Why did I say
nearly? Because Lupin knew, he knew this energy really well, from his past.

“I love you, too,” whispered Hermione. 

“I never wanted the things to be this way, I … I …” Draco tried to say
something, but the words didn’t came from his mouth. He started to cry again.

“Shh… I know you didn’t want. But the things eventually did. Just cooperate
with us, please.”

Draco just shook his head.

“Draco, why are you being so stubborn? I mean, can’t you do this for me?”

“I told you that there is nothing I can’t do for you. I didn’t realize that was
a lie. But now, I understand that it is. There is nothing I cannot do for you, except
one thing, cooperating.”

The love between the two turned into a tension. Hermione got up and her hand went to
her wand.

Draco knew what was going to happen, and he wasn’t afraid.

“What if I say, I’ll never surrender?” asked Draco.

“This,” said Hermione and muttered the Killing Curse. A green light came out from
the wand and hit Draco by his chest. Hermione just stood there. Without knowing, her
hand had gone to her pocket and took out the ring that Draco gave her as a promise

“I never wanted things to be this way, too, Draco. And believe me, I didn’t kill
you because you didn’t cooperate, well, at least this wasn’t the only reason. We
were never going to be together here , Draco. They wouldn’t let us to be. And this
night, I’ll join my beloved one and we can be happy together there,” she said to
herself and looked inside of the ring. It was written “Until Death Do Us Part” .
With a trembling hand, Hermione pointed the wand to her chest and yelled “Avada
Kedavra!” And seconds later, she fell next to Draco, with a body like stone.

As the kitchen heard the yelling, they ran to the dungeon. They saw the lying bodies
of the two. Ron and Harry was fighting with their tears. Ginny was crying, actually
sobbing. Mr. Weasley was standing there, without knowing what to do. Remus was the
only one to realized that the corpses’ hands were touching, like they were holding
hands. He looked up the sky and smiled. Then, two stars fell from the sky…

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