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why'd you cut holes in the face of the moon base?Category: (general)
Tuesday, 15 June 2010
03:25:00 PM (GMT)
Last December, who was the love of your life?
max! hahaha

Has a girl sat on your bed before?
yeah lol

Who's the funniest person you know?
ah so many! trisha, taylor, tay, mark, hailey, kendra!

Are you afraid to grow up?
hahaa i'm not sure.

What is your worst subject in school?

Three days from now will you be in a relationship?
yess? lolol

What is something you wish you had more of?

Do you like to hold or be held?
both are nice.

When was the last time you cried?
today's art class, from laughing so hard.

Last person you saw other than your family?

Do you wash your hair in the shower?

Who was the last person to be in your bed with you?
uuuuhhhhh ... trisha and tay

Do you have someone who you can be your complete self around?

Are you usually the first to say sorry when you're in a fight or the last?
hardly. unless i really am sorry.

Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you?
yyyyee ♥

Do you plan on hugging the last person you hugged again?

Honestly how many people have you truly fallen for?
truuuly? one.

Does seeing couples in love make you mad?
no, i think it's cute!

Who do you tell the most to?
ah mark haha

Who was the last thing/person you took a picture with?
uhmm, dj, she was laying on my back on her couch.

Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?
i think he did :D

How many times do you talk on the phone a day on average?
at least once or twice. urggh.

Do you think you could ever forgive someone who murdered one of your family/friends
family? depends who the person is.
friends? probably not.

What’s the most important part of a relationship in your opinion?
love, probably lmao

If you could pack up and leave your life now to move away, would you?
if i could bring a few people with me, for sure!

How was your day?
it was great! about to get betterrr.

What's your current problem?
just silly people at my school.

Does someone have a crush on you?
hahaa, idk?

Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence?

Does anyone of the opposite sex have the same name as you?
they have my nickname! jack (:

Have you ever been cheated on?
hahaa, sorta kinda, yeah.

Does anyone regularly - other than family - tell you they love you?
maarrrk and a few of my friends haha

Where is the shirt you are wearing from?

Have you ever eaten so much candy you thought you would die?
yeess lmao

Where is the closest trashcan to you?
in the kitchen.

Have you ever thown up in that trashcan?
no! haha

Do you actually have manners?
i caan.

When you were a kid, did you like Barney?
i really can't remember.

Do your parents approve of the music you listen to?

Do you keep in touch with your cousins?
on my dad's side, yeah.

Would you rather date a mexican person or a french person?

Have you ever had a best friend that moved away?

Have you ever had a beverage come out of your nose in public?
no, that's never happened to me ):

Would you rather choose truth or dare while playing "truth or dare"?
dare, if i'm hyper enough.

Are you legal to drink?

Do you like to make the first move?
LOOOL sure

Do you know anyone that smokes weed?
everyyyone ahah

Have you ever kissed anyone who's name starts with a P?

What was your last phone conversation about?
i don't rememberrr.

Favorite number?

Did you deny or accept your last friend request?
accept, i think.

What's a word that rhymes with "DOOR"?

How was August for you?
mm August.. LOLOLLLLLL oh hailey.
yeah it was fine, i guess.

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