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All Kupikian penpal-frineds! Eargent news D:Category: (general)
Saturday, 12 June 2010
11:59:34 PM (GMT)
My internet , cable, and phone are ALL being cut off very soon!! SOOOO!!!!! i need
you all to start writing to me in letters so i can read and respond to you
mess-err-letters,...yes.... that's it...
and if i am not on could you tell other people that im friends with that you may
possibly also be friends with.
I'm going to be completly issolated from the world....
why you ask?
curse you economy!!! T.T
this sucks....
That's wyh i plan on getting a job next year, to hep with bills and such.... I don't
know how long i wil be gone, and i'll really miss talking to all of you D:
I just hope when l come back, you'll all still be here.... SO...
in order to make everyone know l actually care about them and such i will think of
something posotive to say about all of my friends :D
So,... it may take a while to egt everyone's name on here but.......l'm determined
So here gose everything x):

 azuresky1231  : A veryy awesome friend . We'll go on and on about random crap
no one else will understand. We're just goofs like that soo, Sora fail and emo loner

  EpicFiveMetersofAwesome  : Draw a circle, there's the Earth!-Hetalia~! An
Amazing friend who supposrts my actions and mostly agrees with me. Half the crapp we
talk about is completly whatevers on our minds so we could be talking about toasters
one minute then naked squids with conamion poptarts?!?!.......yeah... XD

 _Vampire_Kisses_  : A HAIlarious friends XD really funny, and random!! also
meh twiny?!?! XD Skelanimals For life!! :D  Fur is DEAD!! D:

 1_Konan  :An anime loving friend! :D not really one for a lt of words, but
it's sort of like that, one picture says a million things...thing.... anyways, Naruto

  xNinjaGirlx  : An amazing artist friend! I love her oekaki's It makes me so
jealous XD Just wait till i gets me a tablet then its on sister! >:D hah jk,... l?? xD

  BizarreNightingal  : A friend with good taste. She's somebody you can really
relate too. She always finds such amazing songs and people with the most amazing
hair. How she dose it? nobody knows....

 xOxYaoixOx  : A Yaoi loving friend! She's also an amazing artist.Her avi is
like my avi's twin brother of sumthin XD

 Kira_Kun  : The charming friend. xDfunny and nice. and always stops by to say
hi randomly and discuss things in life x) Death note is a Kickin' anime/manga/movie's just amazing and so are you. ;D

 KawaiiKoneko  : The funneh friend XD Doctor l think l'm a homosexual. why's
that? RAINBOW~! XDD WIN. PARKKING METERR.We'll go on for hours of random nonsense
that never makes any sense XD. Gotta love this kidd XD

 NachtMakaber : A freind indeed. funny, and has moments, but don't we all
honestly? l mean, it just wouldn't be human if you didn't! XD
 [n]‹*~*Izzy*~*Kelii*~*Rock*~*›  [n]: An inspiring friend. A friend people look
up to, kind and funny. 

  ‹I.Am.JUSTICE.› : Kira's successor >w<

   [n] KusuKusu  [n]the wise-cracker friend XDD funny and awesome! It's like, the two
birds and a carriage thing!..or...was it a rock?....uhmm....

[n]nekoprincess [n]: A great friend. A Harry potter-er...phh-Hufflepuff candidate x)

   ‹Q79›: The cool friend 

   [n]‹~Depressing•Dylan~›[n]: The Spactacular friend. 


   yami  : My little brother friend XD Don't worry little brother, someday,
you too, will be a Keybearer!!! And save the world~!!!!!! >w< awesome and funny, like
a sibling i wouldn't mind having X) 

mayuiki: the colorful friend :> an all around, great person :]

     PeachyGrl : a true fan friend :D man her profile is pimp yo :D no doubt
bout it, not only that, but her personality matches! Anime for life :3

I'm running out of time to talk with friends on here so i'll finish this later =)
Last edited: 23 June 2010

EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   13 June 2010   859499  
Aww, I wish I could help out. I really would, if I could. D: I will
miss talking to you, I hope you can go on here very soon. ;w; -hug-
Oroborus21 says:   13 June 2010   178076  
that sucks, good luck
Biihtei says:   13 June 2010   552184  
@  EpicFiveMetersofAwesome  :
ahh it's fine really. I'll just be going through withdraws for a while
xD we'll all meet back up sooner or later... err, i'll jsut have to
think of it as a vacation??? er...yeah... not so much Dx
-hug-  I'll miss talking to you too D: && l'll try my best to get back

@   Oroborus21  :
yeah, majorly :/
well thanks for the support anyways xD 
KIRA_Kun says:   13 June 2010   235713  
......I'm not on the list.great.
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   13 June 2010   865253  
Heh, shunned.
Wait, I'm not the list either XD
Biihtei says:   13 June 2010   247769  
@  KIRA_Kun  :
not yet, i still have a LOt moer people to go =.=
im just taking a short break then returning to me, you'll
be on there :D 
Biihtei says:   13 June 2010   466493  
@  KawaiiKoneko  :
well i know who the next two people are going to be XD 
‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   13 June 2010   990474  
.. *bursts into tears* NOOOOOOOO!!I'm going to miss you!! T^T 
Wait, does this mean we can't meet up? o_o *is dumbbbb*
yami says :   6 December 2010   927630  
haha thanx sis :P

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