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This is working better then I thought... ^_^Category: (general)
Saturday, 5 June 2010
12:28:27 PM (GMT)
Well, awhile ago, my dad was nice and bought me the Box Set for Brotherhood that
came out recently on DVD. (Box set one, episodes 1-13 on two disks, both English and
Japanese, Comes with text-less opening & ending 1, episodes 1 & 10 commentaries, and
4 collectible postcards. Next box set comes out in august.)

So, after watching those episodes in English a few times, (I've adjusted to Al's new
voice by now) I convinced both my parents to watch episode one with me. (My brother
keeps going on about me being obsessed... I don't DENY it...) I definitely got a
better reaction out of my dad then of my mom. My dad was laughing and making the
occasional comment, while my mom was just sitting there in silence. After the episode
was over, I asked what she thought and she just went "I'm just trying to
Now that I think about it, Episode one doesn't really explain very much, it's more
like a nod to the older fans...

Well, the next night, I convinced my dad to sit down and watch 2 and 3 with me. (My
mom took care of my sister so she didn't come down and hear any of Ed's various
strong swears or their bloody past or whatever.) And he seemed to really enjoy it. By
now, he started asking questions about the stuff going on, such as "(referring to
Lust and Gluttony) So those two have Philosophers stones then?" And such. (I kept
telling him "I can't tell you!! TAT")

Two nights ago, we went through episodes 4 and 5, the Tucker-Nina episode and the
first encounter with Scar. As soon as Tucker stated "Quite a catch, these two, a few
prodigies..." while making a creepy face, he could tell something bad was going to
happen. (One thing I found amusing is that he always got a kick out of Alexander, the
big dog, repeatedly jumping on Ed in a ninja-styled fashion.)
I'm sure it's no spoiler by now, so I'll just say that when Tucker transmutes Nina,
and Ed starts asking Tucker questions, my dad just went "...Uh oh."
After the credits, he said "I didn't expect it to be so dark..." And he still thinks
it's the saddest scene as of right now. I think the reason it's effecting him in a
more deep way then me is because he's coming from the view of a father, and not a
teenager like me. 

Episode 5, he didn't have much to say, but was probably getting over Nina still.

Yesterday, we watched 6 & 7. This is where the series started heading uphill again,
with Ed and Al running into Tim Marcoh and getting repaired by the Rockbell's. (Just
gotta say, my dad seems to be very amused by Armstrong. He is impressed by all his
crying and manly tears. xD) I stated to him right when Winry appeared that I didn't
like her as a character. He just assumed it was because she was a bit whiny and such,
and I was like "...That's part of it. T_T' " I'm sure as the story progresses, he
will start to see clearly why I don't like her. 

Episode 7 is where Ed and Al (Again, I don't think this is a spoiler anymore)
discover that the Philosopher's Stone is made of live humans. Even at the ultimate
low point of the episode, he STILL said that the Tucker-Nine episode was the heaviest
so far. I thought for sure that would get him... (I mean, when I read the Tucker-Nina
chapter in volume 2, I was just thinking "Wow, Tucker's a dick." but it seems to have
gotten to my dad...) The episode ended with Ed and Al beginning to break into the 5th
Lab, and Al has JUST gotten ambushed by Barry the Chopper. (In armour form. I keep
forgetting that he first appeared as a human in the first series. In drag, I might
add. =_=) 

Tonight, we're moving on to episodes 8 & 9, which are the incident at the 5th Lab,
and when Al is doubting whether he's a genuine soul or not. I'm not sure what he'll
think, but my friend's mom was telling me "Wait 'till he gets to Barry the Chopper."
(Of course, she's only seen the first series with her daughter (Whom I also showed
most of the DVD box set to as well) so she doesn't know that Barry doesn't appear as
the human killer right off, he only makes reference to it when fighting Al.)

Do you think there's anything I should warn him about in the future or whatever? I
WAS cautious about showing FMA to him...
Last edited: 5 June 2010

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   5 June 2010   147366  
Well, it makes sense that a person looking from a father's POV would
be more affected.
Poor Nina. D:
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   5 June 2010   860560  
I know. Again, Tucker was a dick. At least he died in Brotherhood
instead of, like, fake-dying in the last one. =_= 
Kirti says:   5 June 2010   422189  
You swore. Omaigod.

He died in the manga. Scar came in and broke his head. And then killed
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   5 June 2010   511549  
Right, the manga and Brotherhood follow each other rather closely, but
I'm referring to the first anime, where he was supposedly executed by
the military, then mutated into this wierd furry chimera. He went
insane and tried to bring Nina back... It was freaky, and honestly,
Kirti says:   5 June 2010   636615  
Is everyone supposed to become chimeras when they die? 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   6 June 2010   181094  
No, what I mean is, the government faked his execution, and used him
in experiments similar to what they did in the 5th lab. He escaped
however... and yeah. Or something like that, I don't really remember.
I only saw the series all the way through once. 
Kirti says:   6 June 2010   196368  
Woow. I hate it when animes create drama that doesn't help the plot. 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   6 June 2010   669755  
I know, it's stupid. That first series suffered from a lot of that.
That and fillers. It had a WHOLE lot of filler. The first part in
Liore alone took WAY longer then it needed to. (2 episodes as opposed
to 1 in Brotherhood.)
Also, what took Ed and Al 13 episodes to do the first time, took them
four episodes in Brotherhood.

Stupid filler content. =_= 
Kirti says:   6 June 2010   985004  
Fillers are good for two things. Character development; and making the
animators money. 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   7 June 2010   202004  
The thing is, there was so much useless filler content that what took
Brotherhood 4 episodes to get to took the first one... 13.

4 vs 13?

Tooooooo much filler. T_T'' 

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