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Marmite is having a bad day. >:[Category: (general)
Friday, 4 June 2010
01:42:06 PM (GMT)
I've been having such a bad day. Not been feeling happy at all. D;
It's mainly because there are people out there, that are just utter twats, and so
damn annoying, and you can't escape them.
Infact, I'm having to rant on kupika, instead of other sites I'm a member of, just to
try and keep out of trouble. -3-"

So, I was at P.E today. Me and my friends were joking around. She made a twilight
reference. So I said to her "Okay. You. Shutup. Turn around. You're not playing any
more." I was joking when I said it, of course. Me and my friends act like that around
twlight and stuff. So, I have no clue how, but this really dumb kid, (one of those
ones who have more on the outside than inside, with their fake-tan, really bad
backcombing, etc. The ones that will do anything to get popular. And go out drinking.
And have no respect. And GAAAAAAAAAAAARRR) anyway. She somehow thinks I'm talking to
her, goes on complaining to everyone really loudly, saying how she hates me, even
though she doesn't know me, calling me names, swearing, saying that I have an
attitude problem (hypocrite), and, the best part, that she'll get some of her friends
to come 'batter' me. Oh, how becoming of a young lady. <3
This set me up for a bad day. And everything made me angry. And I just wanted to go
into a corner and scream and cry, like you do when you're angry. ^^ However, in maths
things started to get brighter. I was messing around with my beloved friends, just
having a laugh, and one of them even made me a special hat. C: And oh, was it
special. Then, a bunch of those kids, that will make fun of other kids like me, to
seem popular noticed my hat. They made fun of my hat. It wasn't even a serious hat. I
was just joking with friends. I hate it when you can't joke around near these kids.
They don't understand it, you see, and it confuses them. So, one of them steals my
hat away, to see it. I turn around, and another one has crumpled it up into a ball
and thrown it into the bag. I've done nothing to anger these kids! Sure, there are
some rumours about how I called one of them a slapper (she is, but I do not recall
calling her one), and it really upset me that some people do that kind of thing for
fun! And I muttered "Oh, for God's sake!" I only say that when I'm really angry. I
usually say 'goodness'. Of course, they mocked that aswell.
One of them then comes up to me, asking me if I hate one of them. I have plenty of
reason to hate these people. They've been giving me endless reasons for the past
year, but, I said "No. But I hate humanity in general." Remember, I was having a bad
day. Obviously, he didn't understand that, and went over to her and told me that I
hate her. She then says in her very annoying, high pitched voice, "OH WELL. I HATE
HER TOO. STUPID COW." Or something along those lines. This really annoyed me, causing
me to curse all day, screaming a lot when I came home and what not. And the teacher
gave me into trouble for my swearing. 
And, the minor incidents helped my mood get worse:
A bunch of dumb first years keep mocking me for liking YuGiOh. And he keeps saying
GX, and I keep trying to correct him and tell him that I duel the new 5ds way. He's
obviously too dumb to understand. I usually stay happy and cheerful when dealing with
these people, but I don't think I can keep it up much longer. He's really starting to
bug me. But, how does he recognise YuGiOh, know the different shows, and lots of card
names if he hates it so much? He must have obviously been a fan.
Also, I can't beat that Riku guy in the race in Kingdom Hearts. So not helping.

But, yeah. The pattern that has emerged above is that people are willing to sell
themselves, and their beliefs to be popular. They act like proper dicks/cows, and
bully people, because others do. And I'm sick of it. I'm sick of these kids. They
should all be locked away on a far away island, and taught the proper way to behave.
Then, be released back into the wild.
Even on of my closest friends tells me to stop acting the way I do, and try to be
cool around the popular kids. The kids who are nasty, and just.. ickk. Because I
embarass her? Because she wants to fit in and I don't quite cut it? That really
annoys me. If she doesn't like me for who I am, and wants me to be more like them,
why doesn't she just go join them!? 

Well, my ranting has made me feel a lot better.
Still stuck at kindgdom hearts, though. D;

Breakthrough says:   4 June 2010   250695  
I learned a while ago that these kids aren't worth your time. If
someone asks if you hate them or not, even if it's clear she's going
to take any of your answers as a yes, remember - you don't even need
to be having that conversation. The kids who mock you for liking
YuGiOh, they're not a part of your future. No conversation you have
with them will help you in any way, it'll just anger you - same for
quite a few others you mentioned. Every time someone throws a mindless
insult, try to remember; these kids will be a vague memory one day. My
friends will be with me forever. These kids are not my friends,
they're not even aquaintances - not worth my time.
If this friend of your can't accept you, she's not worth your time
either. Fitting in SUCKS. Plastering yourself with fake tan and
killing yourself with those horrible knickers people call thongs is
NOT cool (that's the kind of popularity in my own school, not sure
about you). If God wanted us to be the same, he would have made us all
pure orange. But he didn't, did he? We're all different - tell your
friend that.

Hope that helped 
‹CaptainLlama~› says:   4 June 2010   724048  
Aww, thank you. C: It did help.
Still, doesn't change the fact that what they do annoys me. >:[ And
when they're physically doings stuff, like wrecking my special hat,
it's.. just... ARGH. You can't have fun when you're near them, and,
sadly, I'm near them far too often. I loved that hat. 
My friends doesn't really understand that she does that, and when I
tried to explain, she went all stroppy. She is very nice -I wouldn't
be her friend if she wasn't- it's just when she's near them.
Same with my school! xD But some thongs can be comfy. As long as you
don't give yourself a wedgie. 
Thanks, again. C; 
‹~Intellectual❤Badass~› says:   4 June 2010   175678  
I'm pretty sure that was Lauren Kelly! She hates Joanna because she
was talking to me!! Joanna wasn't even talking to her she was talking
to me! Than she said "She f*cking annoys me" She has no right to
automatically hate someone like that, at least get to know them first!
How someone can hate you?? Well I'll never know! :D x3
‹CaptainLlama~› says:   4 June 2010   574336  
Who is? O_e
That sucks! D: The first girl I mentioned said the same thing to me!
And we've never even had a conversation! Maybe they're related? xD
Aww, thank you. C; 
‹WeaponFace♥› says:   5 June 2010   498934  
Gahhhh. x___x I wasn't even there, and, I think I know who you
were talkin' about. Darlin, you gotta let it go right over your head.
They're not even worth it. All of those girls in that PE class are
fricken idiots. (Not our friends, Heather, Ellis, Jo, ect.) They
think they're cool. They're not. Just cause they hang around
with a bunch of people who drink and stuff. Dude, how is that even
cool? It's disgusting. And, about the last part with the 'stop acting
like you are' part, I also know who your talkin' about... -sigh- Don't
listen to her. Just ignore her, too. Don't change who you are just for
her. There's no point. But, IDK whut to say, really. I'm not really
good at stuff like this... I'm just good at listening to rants,
y'know? xD; But, if you ever wanna rant, y'know where I am. C:

Kingdom Hearts... I haven't got anywhere near that. I've not played it
in AGES. D:

Is Lauren Kelly even in her maths class, though?
I don't think she's smart enough. .__." 
‹CaptainLlama~› says:   5 June 2010   308355  
Orly? :O
I know they are, but, like I said, when they're physically annoying
you, it's hard to have fun. -_-"
I totally agree. D:<
You don't. ;3; It's not who you think.
I'm not going to. But it's quite insulting when one of your best
friends don't want you to be yourself. >:[
Yeah. Thank you. C:


Hah, no. xD
‹~Intellectual❤Badass~› says:   5 June 2010   435958  
Y'know you have a good point! But idk! 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   5 June 2010   378500  
Yoho. Just when I start to get firends IRL, my online friends get
bitch'd D;
‹CaptainLlama~› says:   5 June 2010   181310  
This kinda stuff happens to me a lot, because I'm not one of the
popular kids. ;3;
But, I wouldn't want to be one because they're all nasty just for the
sake of being nasty. D:< 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   5 June 2010   239222  
There are a lot of other epic peoples at our school, and we congregate
round one side :D
I was totally friendless till half a year ago. 
‹CaptainLlama~› says :   5 June 2010   808069  
There's lots of awesome people at my school, but we don't all meet
up. And they're outnumbered by twats. D:<
Errm.. I had, like, 1 or 2 friends at a time 'til about 3 years ago. I
didn't have a personality back then. -_-" Then, me, and some other
nerdy kids became friends. C:

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