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Cherry Blossom Snow {Ichi}Category: fan-fiction
Wednesday, 21 April 2010
11:45:13 PM (GMT)
As you know, I've decided not to do surveys or b.s. anymore. I want to put up
my already copy-righted fan-fictions. Just...more interesting. Hehe. ^\ I hope you
like them! [BTW, this is a Naruto fan-fiction!!! You have been warned. XD]
Keep in mind that the first-person POV is a girl and she is 6. Okay. Lol. Read now!

Chapter One

It was barely midday, the ever-brightening orange-yellow sun burning down on my
nearly bare shoulders as I ran through the hot red sand, chasing after another kid my
age. I couldn't resist the need to pant and breathe quickly, bolting after the kid.
Trying to follow closely whomever it was that I was trailing behind to reach the safe
zone [which was a small hill of reddish-brown sand], I felt two fingers jab into my
sun-burned shoulder. I winced. That hurt... like hell. Whipping around to face the
ass-hole of a tagger, I glared at him. Sandy brown hair. Dark brown eyes.
Ass-hole smile. He was a few years older...and obviously an ass-hole.And I
knew exactly who he was: Sabaku no Kankurou, eldest son of the
ass-hole-ish Kazekage.

Hissing out of frustration [it's not like I actually want to be it, you
know], growling and cursing under my breath, I spun sideways, scanning for an easy
victim as that ass-hole laughed like an ass-hole and walked away. But,
my attention was stolen from the idiots in the field of sand...By a flaming mess of
bloody-red hair and pretty sea-foam eyes that seemed to score the skin beside my
skinny black markings on my cheeks and arms. There was a kanji above his left eye,
yet I can't tell what it is...

He sat quietly and lonely-like in a swing hidden by the shade of an overhang
connected to an oddly shaped abode. His ashamed and angry stare at his black
sandle-clad feet was slightly...I guess, unnerving. And very familiar.
I've seen those reflective sea-foam eyes before; pained and completely alone. At the
academy, I sit right next to this boy, but I don't really know his name. I
just don't care enough to pay attention to my classmates' names. The worthless

I mean, I like keeping things to myself. I like having no friends. Well, no
real friends. Life's just less dramatic that way. Sure, they all play with me.
Invite me to a game of tag or soccer or kick-ball. Sure. I appreciate the
excess attention. But I don't want it.

'You know that's not true.'

Even then... I don't like attention. At least, not from these hateful idiots... If
they ever found out that I was a jinchuuriki, there would be rock-throwing and exhile
and exclusion and supposed-to-be hurtful comments. More irritations. Those black
markings on my cheeks {{like Naruto's whisker marks, only there's five and they're
like diamonds--fat-ish in the middle and pointed on each end}} were the obvious clues
to my being a container of a tailed beast. It amazes me how no one has found that out

But as I turned to get a full view of him, seeing him sort of struck me. Hard.
His sadness...Plus his being here baffled me. I knew about the hate everyone held
towards him just because he was a jinchuuriki. I can't wrap my head around why
he'd be here. Should I...?

'You should.'

Lifting my reddened arm, I waved away at the other children to continue without me,
my gaze firmly fixated on this boy. Disappointed and disgusted mutters followed me as
I stepped cautiously toward the boy that swung yards upon yards away. I knew what he
could do, having seen and heard about it; I wasn't the least bit scared. I could do
much worse than him... But I still had to be ready for a killer beat-down from
a thick tendril of sand.

The chains of the swing quietly clinked together as he lightly pushed himself to
move. I guess I must have cleared most of the distance because I was now three feet
awat from him. I padded closer, less tense, but he didn't even notice me. Quirking an
eyebrow, I stopped maybe six-inches away. And, this time, he glanced up.

His expression... Just...heart-breaking. He just...stared back at me, with those
beautifully broken eyes. I attempted to wonder if he really was as bad as they

He opened his mouth, and, in a horrifyingly depressed voice, he growled, "What do you

I stood there, shaking my head slowly from side to side, a little caught off guard by
that odd sound escaping his lips. Considering the way everyone acted when he was
nearby, I couldn't just ask him why he used that tone. 

"Keep staring and I'll kill you," he grumbled.

You know what?! I'll just leave then. Threatening MY life after I
decided to come over here and get to know him and...Uh-uh. No. So I turned, crossing
my arms over my chest, readying myself to walk off.

"Wait..." So small and hurt... That voice just made me wanna cry... Phucc. I
already hate this kid. Trying to get me to cry...

Glancing over my shoulder at him, I felt an expectant expression creeping across my
face. Scrutinizing his eyebrow-less face in return, sighing exasperatedly, I pivoted
my body untill I completely faced him. I dropped down to sit cross-legged, thinking
about what it would be like to be him.

What would it be like to be him?

'Idiot. You're exactly like him; save for phuccing dark purple hair, dark purple
eyes, and black markings.'

I scowled inwardly.

"You..." the boy began flatly, hesitating, probably debating on a good way to kill
me. >.>

"I what?" I snapped impatiently, getting irritated by the slowness. Spit it out
already! Damn. Tapping my fingers on my knee, drawing small circles in the cool sand
around me, I gazed up at him, quirking my eyebrow as I waited for him to finish.

"You're name's Amaya, ne?" Oh, he knew? There's a first. His expression seemed to
soften. I thought, nodding a reply to his question.

Leaning back on my hands, I glared back at the ones I left behind. They all glared at
me with disgust and contempt, all standing in a line that spread across the field.
"Whatta bunch of pretentious bastards..." I hissed quietly, believing that no one
could hear.

The truth is, I don't care about them. They hate and hurt this kid for no
goddamn reason. Besides, I'm just fine without them all, probably better
off too. They're all just so full of shitt... I've put up with the bullshitt for too

"If you talk to me, all they're gonna do is hate you and throw rocks at you, too."
That voice jerked me from the path of murderous intent. I glanced up at him with
slightly widened eyes. That totally surprised me. Does he care?

"As if I give a damn what they think anything. They're just a bunch of losers
anyway," I replied, monotone. But, with a small smile, I leapt up to my feet, holding
my right hand out to him. I've grown tired of the sadness and anger. And I've just
decided something.

He didn't take my hand right away, as I had expected. Instead, he glancd from my tiny
fingers to my face, confused as hell.

Funny, I think this one's different. Maybe he's just...misunderstood? Or maybe
he's... I dunno. But he doesn't seem so bad, even with the knowledge I have of him.
Although, his hesitance is starting to annoy me. "Go on. Take my hand."

Still he stared, utterly lost. But as he lifted his arm, reaching for my hand, I
could see his nearly unnoticable tremble. Poor kid... His skin was cold, almost
devoid of all warmth. Ooo, shocking. I blinked and yanked him up, my smile fading
into a flat line. I just noticed something. He's taller than me and
he's supposed to be the shortest kid at the academy. Not phuccing cool. Ugh...

"What?" he grumbled quietly, looking down at me with somewhat annoyed, black-rimmed

Realizing that my pool of irritated and/or envious thoughts were innevitably going to
drown me, I stared back at him. That questioning stare of his was a little...
unnerving. But I wasn't about to get freaked out over optical organs. 'What's your
name"? I asked, deciding to annoy him further with something so trivial.

He glared at me, puzzled by my sudden question. Perhaps even more puzzled by
how unbearably long it took for me to ask. His forehead creased before he
blurted out his answer. "Sabaku no Gaara."

Of course! Why couldn't I think of it before?! He was the youngest son of the
Kazekage. What the hell made me forget...? Oh well...

I sighed. "Well then, Dou itashimashite." Turning, I dragged him along, escaping from
the harsh glares the other kids threw us. The field eventually spat us out into a ver
crowded street. Very crowded. That and it was extremely hot already.
Body-heat+sun=...heat stroke. -_-

Little beads of sweat rolled down from my forehead, dripping onto my sunburnt
shoulders. My skin ached from being out in the sun for too long. It hurt even more,
what with the scorching glares from the crowd making way for us.

Ugh. Phucc it. I don't care.

"Friends?" I mumbled through the silence. Friends? Why'd I ask that? Watch something
horrible happen...

"Sure," Gaara replied in my ear. His voice had a certain edge to it. Was
it...uncertainty? Appreciation? Sarcasm?

'You over analyze everything. >.<'

I guess the stupid demon's right. It could just be nothing. I suppose that maybe this
friendship will be built on similarity, not on lies... Hmm.

'You think WAY too much, too.'

A slight roll of my eyes and someone decided that it would be a good idea to throw

Cliff hanger
Last edited: 22 April 2010

Chris567 says:   23 April 2010   214731  
Its awesome!
‹***そら***のあなたはだいき› says :   24 April 2010   150563  
Hehe. Thankies! I was hoping you'd like it. ^_^


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