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Leech. [Chapter Eight]Category: Leech.
Sunday, 18 April 2010
07:45:27 PM (GMT)
Note: I'm an old fashioned chick so I handwrite Leech instead of doing
the grand ol' typing it up. So, there is a week delay for it to be posted it up since
I have a medical condition in my thumb and another unklnown condition in my arms
which needs to be checked out.

 I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and my head was throbbing like if I hit my
head on a wooden table. I got out of bed, stumbling a bit. I saw Ophelia sitting,
staring at me with a soft kindhearted look in her sea green eyes; she smiled softly
as she wiped a tear away. 
"What the hell do you want?" I asked groggily.
"To say those three words again." She replied softly.
I chuckled softly then scoffed, "I've must been really drunk last night."
She looked at me with confusion and sadness then looked away, crying.
"I knew you were lying. I should've never fuckin' believe you, I'm such an idiot for
believing that a maniac  loves me." She stated, sobbing.
I laughed evilly then replied, "Yah, never believe the drunken Satanic psychopath.
Besides, there's more hate than love in tthis world, so who needs this 'love'?"
I grabbed a crowbar from under my bed then left my room, slamming the door behind me.
I walked into the guest bedroom and saw Carol laying flat on her back on the floor,
sleeping soundly. My heart was pounding as I sneaked up behind her then I took my
chance and started bashing her head over and over again. Blood started seeping out of
her wounds as I hit her one more time; her eyes shot open then her whole body started
I watched in amazement while smearing blood all over my chest and face; I started
laughing hysterically when she stopped moving and blood sluiced from her mouth. Blood
started to pool around her head whileI stuck the claws of the crowbar into her eye
socket and chiseled out her eye. After a minute, I took out her eye then put it in my
mouth and swallowed it whole. I left the room, not even bothering to move Carol's
body. I walked into the bathroom then stared at myself through the mirror.
"You're chickenshit." Beast taunted in a demonic voice.
"I'm not." I retorted, glaring at Beast.
"Your uncle was right. You're just a scared little pussy, you kill the others but
can't kill one cause you love her." He stated with a malicious grin.
"I'll show you who's the real beast." I scoffed.
"I see in your eyes that you're gonna wimp out. Fucking pussy." He replied, laughing
"I'm not afraid!" I roared, punching the mirror.
The mirror shattered into pieces but yet I still heard his salient laugh echoing in
the bathroom. A few shards got stuck in my knuckles and the pain shot up through my
hand then up into my arm but I ignored it. I left the bathroom with little blood
droplets trailing behind me; I walked into my room then looked at Ophelia with
twisted rage burning in my eyes. She looked at me then at the crowbar, she let out a
silent scream until I dropped the crowbar.
"Sorry babe, I have to get rid of you." I said, pulling out my bowie knife.
I walked up to the bed, twirling the knife in my hand while staring at my trembling
"Wait.. Beast, I'm pregnant with your child." She stated, her eyes welling up with
I glared at her and stabbed the knife into the wall while I replayed the situation in
my head. I growled and paced across my room then looked at Ophelia who already
started crying.
"Son of a bitch!" Why didn't you tell me this before!?" I snapped.
"I thought it was just a false alarm!" She cried, wiping her tears.
"How long?" I asked, trying to calm down.
"The first day you abducted me." She replied, sniffling.
"Good. It's already been three weeks, we could get rid of it my way." I explained,
picking her up.
I tossed her over my shoulder with her struggling for a bit while I walked out of the
room and headed towards the kitchen to get to the basement. She stopped struggling
but then clawed at my back since she knew what I was gonna do.
"Don't you even dare, you twisted bastard." She hissed through clenched teeth.
I chuckled maniacally then answered, "And you're acting like if you want my child."
I heard her growl softly when I opened the basement door, I tossed her down the
stairs and slammed the door. I smiled to myself then walked back to the bathroom,
whistling a little tune. I started to clean myself up then I grabbed some tweezers
and started plucking out glass shards, I flexed my fingers to get feeling back to
them. I went my room and plopped onto my bed, eventually falling asleep.

‹Wallflowers♥› says :   18 April 2010   770614  
Wow, that was violently interesting. x]

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