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Leech. [Chapter Four]Category: Leech.
Saturday, 17 April 2010
05:47:25 PM (GMT)
I got up at six AM and dressed. Ophelia was sleeping, maybe cried herself to
sleep. I called Viktor to let him know I needed more 'lab rats' then walked out of
the house after hanging up. Viktor's house was only three blocks away from me which
was good cause it makes our business quick. I walked up to a small dark gray one
story house and knocked on the door twice.
Viktor opened the door looking very groggy. He yawned and let me in then sat down on
the couch, stretching.
"Couldn't you wait till one in the afternoon?" He asked, yawning.
"Nah, I kinda disposed my 'lab rats' too quick." I told him, looking around.
"All three?" He asked curiously.
"Kept that Ophelia chick. Nice piece of ass, she is." I replied, smiling.
"Miska!" He called.
A short average sized mean wearing nothing but boxers walked out of Viktor's room,
"What?" Miska asked groggily.
"Go to the basement and bring out two chicks." Viktor instructed.
I watched Miska go to the kitchen and I heard the basement door slam shut. I chuckled
then asked teasingly, "Are you fucking Hungarian men now?"
"He needed a place to stay, so I let him stay here. No sexual relationship." He
replied, glaring at me.
"I just seen a half naked man walk out of your room. How are you gonna tell me
nothing sexual is going on?" I explained solomnly.
Miska appeared dragging two fully dressed women into the living room. They were both
pale and bleach blonde. They seemed like twins.
"Are they twins?" I asked, just to make sure.
"Yah." Miska replied yawning.
"Mhm, I'll take them." I said smirking.
Miska passed them to me while I opened the front door.
"Viktor, have fun with your boy toy." I said joking.
I heard a soft growl coming out of Viktor as I walked out the door. The twins
followed me, scared what I'll do if they run.
"What are your names?" I asked, walking in front.
"Hope." The tallest twin introduced.
"Carol." The shortest twin introduced.
"I hate those names but whatever." I replied walking up to my house.
I opened the door then walked inside with the girls following me. I closed the door
and locked it then looked at the two.
"Strip." I demanded.
They both looked at each other with fear in their eyes and then started undressing. I
checked their breasts to make sure they didn't have any breast cancer.
Then checked their arms for any cuts or bruises. Last, I checked their vaginas for
any sexually transmitted diseases.
"Hm, you two passed the inspection. Hope, you sit on the couch." I said, grabbing
Carol by her forearm.
Hope sat on the couch when I started walking Carol to the guest bedroom. I opened the
door then threw her inside, she fell to the floor with a loud thud as I closed
the door and locked it.
I walked back to the living room and sat next to Hope, looking at her from head to
"You have lovely breasts." I complimented.
She blushed then said, "Thank you."
I took out my bowie knife then used the tip of it to trace around her right nipple.
Until I sliced off her right breast and laughed evilly when she let out a
painful scream.
"You won't need your breasts anyways." I told her, holding the breast in my hand.
Blood was trailing down her stomach and she looked at me with anger in her eyes. She
scratched my cheek, leaving deep scratches that were bleeding. Her breast fell
to the floor as I winced in pain and touched the scratches.
I frowned then dragged her into the kitchen, opening the basement door and tossed her
down the stairs. I heard a soft scream then a loud thud. I slammed the door and
locked it, wiping blood off my cheek with a tissue. I looked out the kitchen window
till nightfall, wondering where I'll be at in this lifetime.

Decipher says :   18 April 2010   413089  
I still like this story a lot tiny tina. c: MORE

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