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101 Things To Do Before My Untimely DeathCategory: life <3
Monday, 5 April 2010
02:37:16 AM (GMT)
oo1 Fuck :3 oo2 Drugs - don't get hooked oo3 Speak fluent Japanese oo4 Speak fluent Italian oo5 Alcohol - get drunk, then treat in moderation oo6 Learn to play the drums oo7 Learn to play the bass oo8 Own skinny jeans that are not normal denim or black. oo9 Dye my hair o1o Finish a story o11 Get a book published o12 First kiss o13 First boyfriend o14 First break up o15 Meet Alicia fer legits o16 Graduate high school o17 Graduate college o18 SNAKE BITESSSS o19 Earn one hundred dollars o2o Don't blow said one hundred dollars on something stupid o21 Punch my little brother in the face o22 Scream without caring who hears o23 GIANT HEAD PHONES FOR TEH MUSIC PLZ o24 Scene glasses o25 Don't get pregnant o26 Don't get married o27 Europe <3 o28 Get a type writer o29 Meet Sophie - because I deserve to meet my wifey o3o World fame, good or bad o31 Somehow, I must talk directly to Alex Evans o32 Backstage, any band o33 Kiss a girl o34 Be a famous photographer o35 On second thought, get my tubes tied o36 Hold a red panda o37 Complete a game of sudoku without cheating o38 Sleep under the stars o39 Wake up on time five days in a row o4o Be confident in my choices o41 Do a backflip without harming myself o42 Beat Davey in a race on the ice o43 Color on my converse o44 Get more converse o45 Get some high tops o46 Don't wear pants at all during summer vacation o47 Lose some of my little pooch for summer vacation, haha o48 Redecorate my room - my plan is something rock star o49 Get new clothes (my wardrobe consists of clothes from the fifth grade) o5o Get the courage to walk up, and talk to, a cute boy at the mall (or anywhere really) o51 Shop until I drop o52 Enter a talent show with courage o53 Do not mumble for a full twenty four hours o54 Eat healthy o55 Scrapbook a year of my high school career o56 Meet a guido xD o57 Meet Ray William Johnson durhurr o58 Bikini wax haha o59 More sock monkeys o6o Philosophize o61 BANG! like that commercial, but at school o62 Let my family know that I am not religious o63 Set something on fire o64 "Wing it" o65 Dry hump o66 Stick something inspirational in a self-help book o67 Do the laundry o68 Beat one of my smart friends at chess or checkers o69 ...69 hurhurr o7o Find every Waldo in my Where's Waldo calender o71 Find all the extra things, too o72 Get more dresses <3 o73 Snowboard o74 Ski, and do not fall o75 Spend a summer with someone special o76 Go snowboarding with Zac o77 Visit somewhere cold for a summer o78 Visit somewhere warm for a winter o79 Be a good aunt o8o Be on Saturday Night Live o81 Speak fluent Esperanto o82 o83 o84 o85 o86 o87 o88 o89 o9o o91 o92 o93 o94 o95 o96 o97 o98 o99 1oo 1o1 Die C: i fill in the rest later. TIREDDD

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