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Friday, 26 March 2010
02:21:52 AM (GMT)

1.)Honestly, what color is your shirt right now?
Black and white

2.)Honestly whats on your mind right now?
Pretty much him

3.)Honestly, what are you doing right now?
Thinking of someone...Making plans...trying to figure out something...this random

4.)Honestly, do you think you are attractive?

5.)Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time?

6.)Honestly, do you bite your nails?
yes, why yes i do

7.)Honestly, what is your mood right now?

8.)Honestly, do you want to see someone this very minute? 
Yess..very much so..

9.)Honestly, who/what do you want to hug right now?
my sister

10.)Honestly, are you loyal?
You tell me.

11.)Honestly, do you like someone? 
Yess very much..

12.)Honestly, does anyone like you?
Idk...dont know

13.)Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now? 

14.)Do you get mad often.?

15.)How many important people are there in your life.
not many...

Apologiesarefortheweak says:   26 March 2010   564026  
i wanna be important!

text me fool!
YouYearnKeirasToxicKiss says:   26 March 2010   498058  
im important im your baby girl
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   27 March 2010   898500  
@YouYearnKeirasToxicKiss Yesss your Important love(: 
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   27 March 2010   349477  
Haha you are important!!

Hmm you text me!!! 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   27 March 2010   432741  
but i lost your number.....

i gotz  a new phone and it was on my old but the old one broke.....
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   28 March 2010   439363  
Tis okay dear friend(: lol I startedd texting you anywayz(: 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   28 March 2010   803739  
hahahaha i noticed!
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   28 March 2010   416785  
-Gasp- How in the world did ya notice?! ....Stalker!!!!!!(: 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   28 March 2010   737848  
you know me way to well O_O
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   28 March 2010   103767  
Cause I'm your wife lolz 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   28 March 2010   321413  
o yeah that makes sense!
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   28 March 2010   110828  
haha of course!!!! ...wait...your my husband and a stalker?? o.O 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   28 March 2010   615666  
your husband stalks you O_O
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   28 March 2010   720205  
...its because you don't trust me -sadface- -runs away to hide in
Nikki corner-

...Textethh meee Husband! 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   28 March 2010   560938  
o yeah i have to go findd my cellphone 

i think it may be hidden in my room somewhere
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   29 March 2010   287811  
haha niceee hurryyyzz and findd it!!!! :D 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   29 March 2010   825990  
maybe its in my sisters room...
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   29 March 2010   763767  
husband i ish speaking with a British accent!!!!!!
wanna hear?
and ahhh hurry run to get it. Meh life may depend on it hehehe 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   29 March 2010   678681  
im working on it lol
on to the kitchen i must search!
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   29 March 2010   504206  
-british accent- Yes, indeed you must searchh there!
lol will my accenttt annoy youz? 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   29 March 2010   984988  
hahahahahaha thats hilarious!
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   29 March 2010   608526  
lol perhaps....nah! it is hehe
have any luck? 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   29 March 2010   156397  
no im checking my parents  room!
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   29 March 2010   865387  
haha welll since im texting youz im guessing you found it 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   29 March 2010   289709  
hahahaha yuppz!
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   29 March 2010   879276  
Rawr XD 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   29 March 2010   588307  

wasnt me....
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   29 March 2010   228736  
-Gasp- YOU LIE!!!!
It twas you!! 
Apologiesarefortheweak says:   29 March 2010   180468  
i thought it was benny!
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says:   29 March 2010   757849  
...Who's benny? 
emo_ninja_assasin_zombie_killer says:   7 April 2010   231016  
im important...i think...i should be lol....i am your mommy for
pickle sake lol
‹Nikki;;I.Pinky.Promise</3☠› says :   7 April 2010   559564  
lmao yes Haley you are important(: 


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