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Wednesday, 3 March 2010
02:52:14 AM (GMT)
Saw this diary entry that just irked the hell out of me so I wrote a comment. The
diary was something along the lines of, "I'm an emo kid but i wasn't always emo and
now my not emo friends hate me because I'm not emo blah blah blah." But of course
with horrid spelling and inadequate grammar. I see crap like this all the time. There
are even forums out there that are separated by what clique you think you're in.
Seriously? Is that what we've come to? Ugh, anyway before I get into a rant about
that here's the comment I left. I figure it's too good to be limited to just a
comment that no one will see so I'm making it it's own little diary entry. 

"Hmmm, this is all a bit ridiculous. Who cares if people don't like
you? Not like there aren't a million other people in the world. And
why does everyone label themselves? I don't see a tag line above
everyone's head. We're not something you can just type into google. If
someone gives you a label and then doesn't like you because of it well
that just makes them idiots. And if you don't like that and try to
fight it then you're an even bigger idiot for fighting over a made up
word that someone slapped on you. Change your clothes your hair your
face whatever. People do that. You don't just toss every kid who wears
Hollister into a bucket and mark it PREP. We're not fish at market. We
don't need a label to broadcast to potential buyers what we are. You
can say, "Oh, I'm not really into sports so I usually don't hang out
with people who love them." instead of saying, "I'm a goth kid so I
don't hang out with jocks." Do you see how stupid that sounds? The
world's a melting pot full of a multitude of personalities and
physical traits but all in all people are people. You can label a cat
a cat even though they all have different physical features. So why
can't people just call each other people? Same basic principle isn't
it? No need to get huffy because someone doesn't like how you do your
hair or something. If a friend decides that they don't like you
anymore because of some stupid generalized organizational clique then
clearly, they were never worth the effort anyhow. The true key to
happiness is to just not give a shit. Or at least not about trivial
things. There are more important things to worry about rather than
what group society dropped you in. No person is just one thing so why
even bother with a singular label?"

And there you have it! Sometimes I think I'm part of a dying race of intelligence.
Got something to say about all of this? Well, that's why thy have that nifty little
comment box down at the bottom of this page. You click in the box and type (On those
little keys with the letters) what you want to say and then you click that pretty
little submit button. Hopefully that wasn't too difficult to understand. If you don't
get it I'd say send me a message but if you did that then I'd have to hit you with a

I know, I can be such a bitch when faced with the increasing stupidity of the world.
Oh well!!

‹zoë.› says:   31 May 2010   143489  
All I have to say to this is...
‹♣Allyson○Wonderland♣› says :   2 June 2010   587921  


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