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this was sadCategory: (general)
Friday, 19 February 2010
06:15:16 PM (GMT)
When you cry is it usually hard to breathe?  
yeah but that also happens with laughing.

What song can bring you down?  
lol most songs don't bring me down
i either laugh at it or switch to another song.

On rainy days what are you mostly doing?  
normal things? :U

Do you listen to sad music when your upset?  
nah, just anything loud.

Has anyone laughed in your face when your crying?  
i don't really cry infront of people in the first place
unless i like.. fell or somethin.

If you get the chance to kill your enemy, would you?  
i don't have enemies
jussst haters.

What color are your nails and toe nails?  

If your in a hurry how do you do your hair?  
straighten iiit

What's your current dream job? 
anything in photography, art, fashion, or possibly music.

What song is always playing on your iPod?  
Cherry Bomb or Of Birds Moons And Monsters ♥

When you cry can you talk clear?  
uuh idk

What would you do if your parent hit you?  
hit them back.
why not?

What's your most common mood?  

What's your grades in school/what were your grades?  
they used to be like.. 60's.

Do you like poems?  

Do you quote lyrics on your status often?  
meh, used to.
it's kinda mainstream now so it's not as fun

What band would you love to hangout with?  
or Vampire Weekennnndd.
they are so nice.

Who has your heart?
burger king

Have you ever felt so hurt you can't move?  
um. lol idk?

Do you wear your jammies all day on weekends?  

Have your parents ever caught you kissing somebody?   

Were they upset?  
she laughed and ran away

Take out the 2nd and 3rd letter of your name, how would it be spelled?  

Would your rather never hear or never see?
neither kthnx

Have you ever caught your ex cheating?  
no i've usually heard about it after we broke up

Ever see yourself going to jail?  
naaaaww man

Does your family look down on you?  
they look down on my religion

Last song you sang?  

Do you know all the words to your top three favorite songs? 
of courrrrse

When's the last time you went shopping?  
uuuh pssh idk

How many Sweet 16's have you been to?  
none lul

Pen or pencil?  

What's your favorite beverage?  
strawberry milk, chocolate milk, gingerale, and coke.

Have you ever played The Sims?  
bahah yes
used to be so addicted

Is your current hair color your natural hair color?  

Are any of your friends vegetarians?  
i think i've got a few

Can you run a mile in under 7 minutes?  

Do you know how to play any instruments?  
piano by ear

Are you a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series?  

Do you like the beach?  
hm hm yes

Do you have your license?  
no sir

Where's your cell phone right now?  

What was your best subject in school?  

And your worst?  
lol geography and religion

Would you ever have plastic surgery?  
hhhhhmm idk

Did you hate the book "The Lord of the Flies"?  
i watched the movie and it was SHIT

Do you consider yourself lazy?  
no just unmotivated C:

Do you or did you have a curfew at one point?  
i don't go out much so i don't really need a curfeeww

Is there someone on your mind right now?  
not re- k that austrian guuuyy

What's your favorite holiday?  
uuhh halloween is pretty nice

How many times have you felt betrayed?  
am i supposed to count?

What's your relationship status?  
single ladiee

Do you peel the wrappers off of plastic bottles?  

Have you ever sleep walked?  
yes lmfao

How about sleep talked?  
yeess my mom listens to me sometimes (lurk)
and she says im speakin some weird language.

When's the last time you showered?  
this mooornin

Are you watching TV right now?  
it's on but i'm not watching it

Name a country you can't wait to visit.  

Do you have any siblings?  

Have you ever earned a Varsity letter?  
is it possible to get one of those in grade 10? :U

Do you enjoy theater productions?  

Are you able to dance?

Are you shy or outgoing?  
uuhh depends on my mood

What type of personality do you have?

How much sleep do you get on average?  
usually 6 or 7

Have you ever moved?  

Love or money?  
money -jew-

What's your favorite type of food?  

How old were you when you had your first kiss?  
uuh like 15.
i had one when i was like, 9, 
but that does not count. :I

Have you ever been drunk?  
bahah a little bitt

Are you homophobic?  
they should seriously change 
the term "homophobic" to "immature little shit".

Jump in leaves or jump in the ocean?  
ocean is scary

What do you think is the youngest age someone should lose their virginity?  
people shouldn't be forced to think that they have
to lose their virginity at a certain age.
lose it whenever you want. :/

Do you wear glasses or contacts?  
glasses sometimesss

Where was your first job?  

Are you a MAC or a PC?  
PC, doin it oldschool.

Are you wearing shoes right now?  
do americans wear shoes indoors?
i always see american commercials and tv shows,
and they always have shoes on.
even laying on the couch.
wtf. D:

Have you ever straightened your hair?  
yes lol

When's the last time you spoke to your best friend?  

Do you like Vitamin Water?  

Have you ever played Super Smash Brothers?  
YES <3

How about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?  

If yes, what do you have to say to the Water Temple?  
the boss scared the shit out of me. :x

Are you the oldest child?  

Are you a fan of Twilight?  
i like the books. c:

Do you like the Jonas Brothers?  
ugh no

If you answered yes to either of those questions... WHY?!  
which ones?
the twilight and jofags?
i like the books because i'm a sucker for romance, and action helps.
jofags.. because they are jofags.

Did you ever collect Beanie Babies as a child?  

Do you remember your second grade teacher's name?  
Mrs.Maloney :D

Would you rather be a lead singer or play an instrument in a band?  
i'd like to be a singer, not lead, and play an instrument~

How many songs do you have in your music library?  

When's the last time you purchased a CD?  
bahah NEVER

What do you like on your sundaes?  

Have you been blessed with the ability to cook and/or bake?  
not at all

Have you done anything productive today?  
.. not really

How old will you be in 3 years?  
gosh that's old

Have you ever bought anything on eBay?  

How about sold anything?  

Do you know who Chris Crocker is?  

Have you ever watched the show Jackass? 

Have you gained more than 5 lbs within the past year?  

Pick a crazy color you wouldn't mind putting in your hair.  
none >:U
i like my brown.

What's the most over played song on the radio?  
ugh. everything.
stupid mainstream shit.

Are you lactose intolerant?  
kinndaa sorta.

Is there any jewelry you wear almost all of the time?  
not really

How do you feel about PDA?  
if chris and catelyn make out infront of our locker once more
i might have to start some shit

What time did you go to bed last night?  
around 11, methinks

Have you ever been in a hot tub?  
yes i hate i :{

Are you confident in yourself?  
but i won't be all whiney

How old is your current cell phone?  
pretty new :D

What is your sexual orientation?  
libido does not live here

Have you ever been to a tanning salon?  

What song is stuck in your head right now?  
alive and amplifieeeddd

Does anyone have any nick names for you?  
ugh yes

Do you have any nick names for someone else?  

Are you on a laptop right now?  
no sir

Can you speak in another language?  
not fluently

Have you ever told someone you loved them and actually meant it? 
hmmhm yes

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