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Wednesday, 10 February 2010
02:03:58 AM (GMT)
kso, at the moment? i am still awake, crying my eyes out.. been crying since
yesterday night. i think hes gunna leave me, like he promised he'd never do. i never
did anything this time, i just dont get what i did wrong to deserve this. this is the
whole story about what happened lastnight and todayy..

lastnights storyy,

kso, uhh.. started out where he showed up at my door with my other friend leon. i was
pissed off because my dad thought i was lying about stealing this girls pepsi thats
staying at our house, so then i opened the door for them and continued talking to my
dad online.. my dad continued yelling at me and telling me shit that aint true.. so
finally i said i hated him, he said i should just go to my moms, which i thought
meant he was actually sending me back there for good again, like he did before. so i
told nolan, my boyfriend, that i had to go back to my moms.. i was bawling my eyes
out because i love nolan with all my heart and i didnt wanna leave him, he was the
only reason i was staying in this shithole city. for once, i let him comfort me
instead of pushing me awayy. finally he cheered me up and i felt better, so i got up
and called my mom.. i was about to leave the room but i looks back at nolan.. he said
"come here" and i just said no and went into the kitchen. i saw him leaving but i
thought he was just going to the store with my sister and leon, so i went in the room
and i was crying to my mom about not wanting to leave nolan.. all of a sudden my
little brother comes into my room and says "uhh.. nolan was crying.. he said hes
never coming back here, what did you do to him abby?" i looked at seth stunned..
"nolan said that?" .. he nodded. i started crying even harder to my mom and told her
what had happened. we talked for about an hour, then my dad came home. i went up to
my dads room and apologized. right away he put his hands out to hug me and said
"thats all it took sweety, is an apology.." i looked at him and started bawling, i
said "nolan said that he never wants to come back here, i didnt do anything!" and my
dad looked at me, "nolan said that? i told you, your gunna get heartbroken.. that
kids flighty." he explained what flighty meant, and i went downstairs to my room,
cried myself too sleep thinking he was gunna show up tmr to apologize like usual..

todays storyy,

kso, i was cleaning up all dayy in a good mood thinking nolan was gunna come here
right after he got outta school.. next thing you know i found out he didnt even go to
school.. then he doesnt come and im wondering where he is the whole day, later on i
find out hes hanging out with some friends, im bawling again all day until i get
ahold on him really late at night, which was just a couple hours ago. he was acting
like nothing had happened, i was still bawling while talking to him.. trying my best
not to let him notice. so i ask.. did you mean what you said lastnight? and he
replied with "im not sure" my heart broke there and then, i cried even harder and
told my sister what he said. he said he had to go and i just hung up.. ive been
crying ever since i got off the phone with him and even before that i was crying
alot. then i came on the computer and found out that while he was with his friends he
told one of em', which is my friend too.. that he said he never wanted to see me
again.. i started crying harder. all this pain in two days! i can take anymore, if he
does this to me, if he breaks up with me and breaks my heart, i am moving back to my
moms.. far far away from here. the stupidest thing i did for him was.. give him my
virginity and wait seven months for him to ask me out.. to end up here.. ive been
inlove with him since i first met him.. i cant sleep at night now, i cant take this
pain.. i need help seriously, what should i do! goodday,

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