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Friday, 29 January 2010
05:40:03 PM (GMT)
I'm not Christian, but worry about violating these things a lot.

[ ]Sworn at your parents?
[ ]Hated them?
[ ]Been furious with a a friend?
[]Angry at someone for no reason?
[ ]Hated a friend?
[x]Held a grudge? <-- Nine years and still running. That Sean kid was a jerk in
daycare, and I don't like him anymore now that he's moved.
[ ]Sought revenge?
[ ]Yelled at a friend?
[ ]Hit a wall in rage?

[x]Had desire for excess money? 
[ ]Wanted more of something when you had enough?
[ ]Kept to yourself instead of sharing?
[x]Wanted more than you have?<-- I just... Wanted mom to stop worrying...

[x]Bragged to someone?
[x]Had an ego trip?
[x]Felt better than those around you?
[ ]Felt "too good" to do something?
[x]Felt like you didn't need offered help? <-- I usually don't! Not my fault if
people are condescending as heck!
[x]Talked about yourself too much?
[ ]Basked in your accomplishments?
[ ]Felt like nobody was as good as you?

[ ]Wanted something a friend owned? 
[ ]Felt jealous of a friends talents?
[ ]Felt envious of someones accomplishments?
[x]Or of their grades?
[ ]Or their salary and or amount of cash?
[ ]What about someone else's clothes?
[x]Appearance or looks? 

[ ]Ever liked a friends bf/gf? <-- Ewwww!
[ ]Had dirty thoughts of someone you werent dating? <-- Ewwww!
[ ]Been in a suggestive situation with a friend?<-- Ewwww!
[ ]Had dirty thoughts of your bf/gf?<-- Ewwww!
[ ]Been to 1st base?
[ ]2nd?
[ ]3rd?
[ ]4th?<-- Ewwww!

[x]Put off a huge project till the last day? <-- I did so today in fact.
[x]Planned your day but not acted upon it?
[x]Thought of something but didn't feel like doing it?
[ ]Ignored homework in a class your failing?
[x]Told yourself "I'll do it later"?
[x]Slept in past noon? 
[ ]Sat on the sofa for hours on a beautiful day?
[ ]Not wanted to do anything physical?

[x]Pigged out?
[x]Till your stomach hurt? 
[ ]Blown your paycheck in one day?
[ ]Wasted your money?
[ ]Spent a lot on yourself but not others?
[x]Hogged something?
[x]Kept doing something even though you told yourself to stop?

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   29 January 2010   276451  
I couldn't help but laugh at your side notes under "lust."
‹i love my boyfriend› says:   29 January 2010   476380  
haha wow im a horrible person if i took that thing id have 2 put an x
in every single box wow im a horrible bad person
Kirti says :   30 January 2010   879600  
Yeeeah... With all my faults, being "horny" isn't one of them  


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