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30 people!Category: (general)
Thursday, 28 January 2010
04:35:12 PM (GMT)
Can you name 30 people you can think of right off the top of your head? Dont read
the questions underneath until you write the names of all 30 people.

1. gaara
2. tenten
3. sasuke
4. sui
5. ash
6. ino
7. karin
8. heather
9. danzo
10. naruto
11. sakura
12. choji
13. matsuri
14. shikamaru
15. kiba
16. hinata
17. neji
18. lee
19. orochimaru
20. kabuto
21. kimimaru
22. Akamaru!!!!!
23. Kakashi
24. Asuma
25. Gai
26. Yamuto
27. Sai
28. Sora!!!
29. Jessica
30. Ashori



• How did you meet 10? 
During the Chunnin exams, he was to hyper for my likings

• What would you do if you had never met 6? 
I could be happier because she wouldn't be on Shika' Team... She' my rival

• What would you do if 20 and 15 dated? 
Lol, I feel sorry for kiba he would be playing 'operatio' all the time

• If you could marry between 6 and 14 who will it be? 
Shikamaru, over all

• Did you ever like 9? 
No! He hate little brother Gaara

• Have you ever seen 4 cry? 
No, but he is water, so I guess he 'cries' all the time

• Would 4 and 17 make a good couple?

• Would number 1 and 2 make a good couple? 
Maybe... I should set them up on a blind date

• Describe 8: 
She is the best aunt ever! She supports me in everything I do

• Do you like 12? 
As a friend

• Tell me something about 17: 
He looks blind, and he cares about having wings and you path is chosen, bla, bla,
bla, no wonder he is on Gai's team

• What’s 7’s favorite color? 
Purple!Right? Sasuke you should know!.

• What would you do if 1 just confessed they liked you? 
He's my brother! And he doesn't love anyone so I might die then and there

• When was the last time you talked to number 15?:
six months ago...maybe...He is pissed at me.

• How do you think 19 feels about you?
Probally want to use my body.

• What language does 13 speak? 
Sand Village....-nese... the same as my speak!

• Who is 2 going out with? 
I dont thing anyone...maybe Neji or Lee

• What grade is 16 in? 
She's a chunnin, so she doesn't go to school

• What is 5’s favorite music?
'I am goona be a mater of pokemonsss!!!'

• Would you ever date 13?
No she's like a sister to me

• Is 11 single?
I think.

• What is 10’s last name?

• Where does 18 live?
In the Hidden Leaf Village, In the same house as Gai, I guess

• What do you think about 20?
Geeky Pervert! I blame all the things wrong in this bloody world on him! 

• What is the best thing about 30?
She's my sis, so she's okay

• What would you like to tell 14 right now?
I know how you look at me, and I Like it.

• How did you meet 9?
The Kage's Summit

• What is the best and worst thing about 2? 
Se is super cool
She has little buns in her hair

• Are you going to know 3 forever? 

• How long have you known 26? 
Since... I don't know... when he came out of hiding in his tree house?

• Who is 24? 
Shikamaru's teacher, and a smoker

• Are you or did you ever date 2? 

• Do you have a crush on 27? 

• Would you kiss 25? 

• Would you hug/kiss 22? 
Hug, indeed, kiss? He would give me puppy kisses.

• Would you like to hug/kiss 21? 
He died at my brother's and lee's hand...

• Is 29 your bff? 
Used to be... But she is my other sis

• What do you hate about 23?
Pervert! When I am in the Leaf, he stalks me

• What’s your relationship with 28? 
Videogames... Teh Heh KH2

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