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Wednesday, 13 January 2010
12:21:29 AM (GMT)
i hate the beatles.
i hate p!atd.
i hate simple plan.
i hate blink 182.
i hate the colour orange.
i hate meat.
i hate dairy.
i hate T9 texting.
i hate no full keyboard phones.
i hate twitter.
i hate peace signs.
i hate neon.
i hate splatter paint.
i hate wet seal.
i hate camo.
i hate ponchos.
i hate airwalks. 
i hate gouchos.
i hate shutter shades.
i hate girls who take photos INSIDE without SUN wearing SUNglasses.
i hate it when people judge me by what they've heard.
i hate it when people read griffin's and my "wall to wall" on facebook.
i hate pooka shells.
i hate coontails.
i hate fake nails/acrylics.
i hate sheep.
i hate Kohl's.
i hate ghetto girls at cms.

the list goes on.
Last edited: 13 January 2010

liarliarpantsonfire says:   14 January 2010   541832  
How can you hate The Beatles and Blink 182?
My favorite color is orange.
Meat isn't murder, it's survival.
Twitter is a bestly website.
Ponchos are amazing.
I love Airwalks.
‹~WildBerri~› says:   14 January 2010   610899  
Yea and you need to get overy your bitchy attitude trying to start an
argument on  here. Just another plea for attention but with your small
mind you probably don't even know what plea means. Anyway I could bet
about fifty or sixty dollars that you don't hate that stuff and you
are just doing this to get attention from other but oh well I really
don't care you are just acting like an imbisile so go ahead and be
x_deviltown says:   14 January 2010   979188  
We all have diff opinions, Steeeveee.
Do I know you?
‹WHATASUBMARINE› says:   14 January 2010   809898  
ermf, hi.
i believe you live in america?
don't try to be british and spell
colour with ou.
‹WHATASUBMARINE› says:   14 January 2010   914432  

Scottieeeboy says:   14 January 2010   967726  
You know, I've always thought that people should be aloud to spell
how they want within reason.
Colour and color, is like Scottie and Scotty.
It's the same word, spelled differently. 
Our language came from British people so I'm not sure why we arn't
aloud to spell color with ou. I might not spell it that way, but
what's so wrong with an American spelling it colour? One reads it the
same way. Just as Scottie and Scotty. 
I'm just saying. 
We all have different likes, (:
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   14 January 2010   235979  
How could you hate wet seal and splatter paint!
those two rolled together into one =my happiness!
x_deviltown says:   14 January 2010   969641  
i believe you don't have any idea what nationality i am. or what
country i'm from. and english spelling has been the correct way of
spelling since old times.
thank you.
‹WHATASUBMARINE› says:   15 January 2010   471893  
yes, i do, actually. stop pretending that everyone doesn't know who
you are, gabby. 
america changed the spelling, mk. you people say elevator for lift,
and spell favourite and colour without a u. i'm sure that in your
schools, the u is not accepted as correct spelling. writing words the
british way when you do not live in europe, or another
british-speaking country, is like writing latin on a daily basis when
you live in italy. they're different. (:
at the end of the day, you spell words as you please, but it just
seems a bit desperate. 
x_deviltown says:   15 January 2010   269165  
ya becUz ii WanT teW iiMprEss u.
DaTs DeFF wHi ii SpEll Da WaIi ii Dew.

ou = impresses my teachers.
not gets marked as wrong.
my school isn't that low chart.

and no, you don't know who i am.
this is kupika,
get a grip. 
‹WHATASUBMARINE› says:   15 January 2010   691206  
0 d@t'z z0s gh3tt0 m@n l0l!!!!!!

your school is different from most, then. (:

you told me i don't know what nationality you are, what country you're
from. i do. you never told me i don't know you, and i never said i
x_deviltown says:   15 January 2010   593370  
yA mAnnN ii Kn0 iiM r3@llii kEwwL.

all private schools are different.

you don't know what nationality i am.
sorry sweetcheeks. 
‹WHATASUBMARINE› says:   16 January 2010   209307  

danish. :D 
‹"raiha";;GetOnWithLifeDontLookBack♥☮;;› says:   16 January 2010   340671  
"i hate girls who take photos INSIDE without SUN wearing
Agreed (Y)
x_deviltown says:   16 January 2010   609628  
is that the only nationality i am?
you wouldn't know,
would you?
amethyst21 says:   23 February 2010   351148  
 This is like really old. But I'm commenting anyway.
Spelling colour and favourit with ou impresses my teachers too. c;
and, Gabby's allowed to hate what she wants. 'cause it's her opinion.
RANTRANTRANT says:   23 February 2010   688715  
you can't be 5000000000 nationalities at the same time. lol, i bet
you're not even danish. 
x_deviltown says :   23 February 2010   801037  

i'm not? i'm five. and yeah, i am. but that's chill. believe what
you'd like. 


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