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LOLOL. I got it from Lexii. :UCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 6 October 2009
10:18:26 PM (GMT)
Name : Dawn. ♥
Status: SINGLE. xP
Age : 12.
Religion : ERM. I don't have one. .-. Don't believe in god. e___o
Eye Color: Hazel when born; Is know a green; that has some hazel and blue. <3
Hair Color: Brown; And has BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS. ;D
Partner: None. :U
Vehicle: PSH. I WALK. xDD
Overused Phrase: Cough/Bby come back/OHHALENO./ Blargh.
Sexual preference: Erm.. Sort of straight.. I guess I'm actually Bisexual. o___O


Food: Ramen/Nachos/Erm.. Any mexican food. xDD And chinese.. Japanese. LOL IM
Pub/Disc/Restaurant: Sapporo's/Elizabeth's/Mcdonalds(rare)/Carls Jr. GOSH LOL.
Candy: Twix/ Rock Candy/Jaw Breaker/Lollipop/anything Chocolate.
Number: 13. :D
Color: Neon Green/White/silver/Red;DarkRed/Black.
Animal: White Tiger/Shrew/Wolves/Fox's/Ferret's/Monkey's.
Drink: COCA COLA BBY. xD / Full Throttle Energy Drink<-Coke Product./Erm.... Pepsi.
Body Part on Opposite sex: Hair, Eyes, upper body.
Perfume: I usually wearrr; Cotton Candy Fantasy - Body Fantasies. LOL.
TV Show: Ohgod, Flippin Out./Ren and Stimpy/comedy Central(anything on
Movie: My Bloody Valentine/Jennifer's Body.
Symbol : Erm... Skullz. C:


Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
McDonalds or BurgerKing: BurgerKing.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Lol. both.
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: COFFEEE. <33333 well actually.. Both. LOL. But coffe more.
Kiss or Hug: Both. <3 But basically its a hug. :D EXCEPT WITH CLAREEEE. xDD
Dog or Cat: PSH. CATT. <333
Rap or Punk: Punk. I don't really listen to rap. ==
Summer or Winter: Both. (:
Scary Movies or Funny Movies: LOL. Trick question; Both. ;D
Love or Money: Psh.. I say too my mom, "this carpet in here is worth $800 right? Too
me, everything in this room is DOLLAR SIGNS." - Dawn C.H. A. ;D Lol. But.. Both. <3


Bedtime: 9:30 PM. But, I don't REALLY go to bed untilll, 11:30.
Best phyiscal feature: Eyes. xDD 
First Thought Waking Up: Ohgodschool. Tired..Tired..Tired.. Yup. :D
Ambition: Lol. Probably an Cartoonist;Artist/Writer/Poetic person/Singer/Dancer/or
Chef. :3
Best Friends: Alyssa/Samba/Nonie/Clare/Erika/Geia/Malcolm/Logan/Mornin;Stephen.
Weakness: Lol. Bugs. Anddddd; Learning. e.e
Fears: Spiders. Heights. o_o Except; some rides at the County Fair. xD 
Longest relationship: Never?


Cheated Your Partner: Lol Never had one.
Ever been beaten up: Yep.
Ever beaten someone up: Yepyepyep. <3
Ever Shoplifted: LOL. No. 
Ever Skinny Dipped: Nope.
Ever Kissed Opposite sex: Nope. :U
Ever Kissed Same sex: Yep.
Been Dumped Lately: Lol. No.

Favorite Eye Color: I loves Blue, Green, and Chocolate brown, cuz it has that hazel
color to it. <3
Favorite Hair Color: Black, brown, and blonde. Specially black with like blonde
streaks or red. 
Short or Long: Sort of in between. But more short. :3
Height: LOL. i'm talllll, so a guy that isn't shorter than me. About 2-3 inches
taller atleast. xP
Style: Goth, punk, skater. xP 
Looks or Personality: Erm. Not so much looks. Like half looks, and 75% personality.
Hot or Cute : More cute. <333 But, a little hottness is fine. x33
Muscular or Really Skinny: LOL. I don't like muscular guys. Like those big fackin'
jock dudes. I mean, some skinny, and some muscles but not much. Just average. <3


What country do you want to Visit : Sweden/France/Albania/Italy/Greece.
How do you want to Die: Lol. Get run over by a car is suitable enough for me. <3 
Been to the Mall Lately: Lol OhHaleno.
Get along with your Parents: PSH. Not my dad so much. :P I like irritating them xD
Health Freak: Not really.. xD
Do you think your Attractive: Oh. God. HALENOBITCH. Im UNAttractive. D8
Believe in Yourself: 50/50.
Want to go to College: Yepp.
Do you Smoke: Fuckno.
Do you Drink: .... SOMETIMES. I have to admit. But no like; OFTEN. Only on special
occasions xDD
Shower Daily: Everyday.
Been in Love: Lol.Dunno if its love yet. I like 2 guys. xDD
Do you Sing: Yep. Not when people are aorund though.. .-.
Want to get Married: Yep. Dun wanna be alone. D8
Do you want Children: Like 1-2.
Age you wanna lose your Virginity: 17-20 about. :T But; I wanna make sure its someone
I love. <3 Well; Thats what my mom tells me. xDD
Hate anyone: Yep.

‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   6 October 2009   656629  
i shall take this! MWAHAHAHAHA!
‹♥ Toumei ni, toumei ni ♥› says:   6 October 2009   156362  
LOL. x
‹F R E E F A L L› says:   7 October 2009   863768  

Expect another entry in a few hours time ;DDD
‹♥ Toumei ni, toumei ni ♥› says :   7 October 2009   224469  
Okay ;DDD

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